3 Ways Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Can Help Boost Your Sex Life

Full spectrum hemp oil is extracted from the hemp plant and works with the CB1 and CB2 receptors within the endocannabinoid system. The ECS assists with maintaining homeostasis or internal balance in various functions throughout the body. Some of these may include sleep patterns, mood, immunity, reducing inflammation. Full spectrum hemp oil may improve cardiovascular health in a few ways – it works as a vasodilator, aiding in opening blood vessels and allowing blood to flow more easily. It also assists in reducing cortisol, boosting calmness and relaxation. Promoting calmness and relaxation reduces pressure on the heart and can assist with lowering blood pressure. Vasodilation is also an important mechanism for lowering blood pressure and helping blood move through the body, powering the cells with nutrients and vital oxygen.

How does the endocannabinoid system help manage stress?

The ECS might also have interactions with metabolic functions like energy storage. Full spectrum hemp oil can help to reduce appetite and stress related eating which can help with weight loss. One of the big factors with weight gain and weight management is sleep quality. Full spectrum hemp oil has major benefits for relaxing and easing into sleep, helping with both sleep length and quality. We’ve personally heard anecdotes and accounts from many individuals and users citing the sleep benefits of Full spectrum hemp oil, even assisting with insomnia and sleep issues in many. Importantly it has anti-anxiolytic (or anxiety) properties which may relate to its capacity in helping people fall into a restful sleep.

With regards to mood enhancement, hemp oil is making a huge name for itself around the world. While it may be related to its stress reducing and sleep enhancing properties, its well known for boosting mood and creating a sense of balance. This can assist with a range of areas including relationships, work, and day to day energy. One of the other key benefits of the compound is its capacity for enhancing sexual function and improving user’s sex lives. By improving homeostatic balance, mood, sleep and reducing stress, hormone production and balance is improved, leading to boosted performance in the bedroom.

What causes sex issues in the bedroom?

Indeed, it can be so effective that many even use it to help with sex issues like premature or retarded ejaculation. These, amongst other sexual problems can be triggered or caused by a range of underlying, often related factors both physical and psychological. Physical issues might include inflammation, diabetes, thyroid issues, alcohol or drug issues, abnormal hormones, nerve damage or issues from surgeries and bodily stress. When it comes to psychological factors, problems like anxiety, depression, unresolved mental issues or previous traumas or abuse can lead to problems in arousal or sexual performance. These problems can be embarrassing, lead to issues in confidence, self esteem and may lead to reluctance in seeking resolutions. Often there are assumptions that doctors will not be able to solve the issue or that there aren’t any available solutions which is typically false.

Sex issues can have a range of negative impacts on the lives of those affected. Difficulty in reproduction, reduced sexual enjoyment, self esteem problems and more. There are usually four key stages involved in sex which are desire, arousal, orgasm, and post orgasm. Issues can occur at one or more of these stages, reducing ability to perform. For example, premature ejaculation typically occurs during the arousal or orgasm stages, while retarded ejaculation may occur in differing stages. Likewise, problems may occur in the first stage, potentially preventing arousal altogether. The reason Full spectrum hemp oil is so useful for these problems is it has both physical and neurobiological effects that mean its able to calm the mind and body, reducing the presence of underlying physical or mental conditions.

Many sexual issues result from ongoing behavioural or bodily patterns which can be hard to change. For example, conditions like premature ejaculation may be shameful, leading to individuals to hide their problem and avoid being discovered. Guilt and embarrassment may also reduce the tendency for people to change and can mean people are anxious in seeking out or maintaining a solution for their problem. Other factors that cause performance problems can be social issues or simply peoples thought patterns. For example, if a man is worried or anxious about their performance it can directly lead to issues with performance. Relationship problems can also reduce sexual performance and enjoyment. Interpersonal issues may or may not be related to psychological issues but can contribute to or exacerbate performance problems. Your partner may become irritated, stressed, or ashamed and not bothered due to sex problems. It can lead them to turn away from sex altogether in some cases. Its important that both partners support one another in reducing stressors, calming down and even seeking support like couple counselling or sex therapy in some cases. Leaving the problem unresolved can just make issues worse – leading to feelings of distance, hurt or mistrust. Fear and anxiety from sex problems is a major contributor to relationship breakdown.

Age is often thought of as a contributor to sexual problems and this is largely true. It can reduce ability to arouse and performance over time. For many seniors, resorting to supplements with aphrodisiac qualities, using Viagra or, as we prefer, full spectrum hemp oil, can be of huge benefit to the sexual health and activity in these demographic sectors. Doctors are usually the best and first port of call however for sex problems. A medical specialist will assess your individual conditions, underlying causes and help you get to the bottom of your problem – they’ll ask questions like how long you’ve had the issue, how often it occurs, whether it happens with all partners, what types of sexual activity you’re engaged in, checking on your mental, physical health as well as areas like relationship quality and alcohol or substance use.

What makes it helpful for the bedroom?

How does full spectrum hemp oil and similar hemp or plant-based health supplements fit in here? Let’s first cover a bit of background on this often misunderstood but highly useful compound. Many ailments or bodily issues relating to inflammation can be mitigated or even solved in some cases by this supplement. It is derived from hemp and contains an array of powerful Phyto cannabinoids, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and more, enhancing full body wellness. Importantly it doesn’t contain any THC or nasties, unlike many other cannabis products which can cause mental issues or psychosis in those with underlying problems. It’s perfect for those who need a sexual support supplement or anxiety reducing tool without having to resort to pharmaceutical drugs which can be full of inflammation causing chemicals. Hemp oil is usually contained within a carrier oil like coconut or MCT oil which also have benefits due to containing long chain fatty acids and healthy fats like GLA.

Both anecdotal testimonies and increasingly promising research is highlighting the benefits of hemp oil across a broad range of ailments. Due to this it sees much higher uptake than ever before, with the health and wellness world taking it up at-speed. But what is the catch? Are there dangers to using it? The answer is no – it is a naturally produced product from plants. Particularly when extracted using high quality methods like CO2 extraction and organically produced crops, there is minimal risk and side effects to using hemp oil products. The risks that can occur are due to contamination in the production or extraction process from chemical solvents or other compounds that can be toxic or have side effects of their own.

Nevertheless, due to being natural and plant based, the body can readily metabolise it and its useful bioactive components. Much of the research on this supplement is still nascent but there is already a huge and promising body of scientific studies which speak to its huge potential and existing benefits. A note that most of these studies were on animals as opposed to humans however the effects and abundance of anecdotes from users is clear. So, what are its other benefits and how can these also help support your sexual performance?

Firstly, as we mentioned, hemp oil is anti-anxiolytic which means it can assist you with stress and anxiety. These disorders affect a huge number of people globally and have a massive impact on their wellbeing, health, and overall lives. The World Health Organisation found that depression and anxiety were the leading causes of disability and mental issues worldwide, having impacts at the economic level to societies. These issues are often treated by modern western medicine through pharmaceuticals like ibuprofen, anti-depressants or other compounds which can tax the liver and body. These often result in inflammation and metabolic issues, creating internal damage if used intensely particularly over long periods. Side effects can also be abundant – from agitation and mood problems, drowsiness, insomnia, hormonal issue, and sexual dysfunction. They can also be addictive. Take benzodiazepine for instance – while helpful to some, it is highly addictive when misused and is often over prescribed. This can develop into substance abuse for many.

Full spectrum hemp oil completely avoids all these problems and offers a natural, non-synthetic alternative. In one trial with those suffering from social anxiety, subjects were given 600mg of full spectrum hemp oil before a public speaking test – this group showed much lower anxiety, stress and discomfort which enhanced their speech performance compared to the placebo group. Similar results have been seen in assisting those with sleep or stress disorders, helping people develop higher quality of life, improved mood, and behavioural outcomes. By acting on the endocannabinoid system, hemp oil may also provide neuroprotective benefits. It’s antioxidative nature and ability to reduce inflammation can help to mitigate neurodegeneration and long term protect neurons. Some studies are also indicating potential circulatory or cardiovascular system benefits through vasodilation and improved blood pressure when compared to placebo. While these benefits may not directly relate to sexual health, they can indirectly benefit your sex life through improvements in overall wellbeing. Most diseases in the body are fundamentally caused by oxidative stress. This is when free radicals damage and decay your cells and DNA over time through exposure to factors like sunlight, smoke, pollution, and chemicals. Taking in supplements like hemp oil helps to reduce and reverse this damage, improving overall life quality, body resilience and mitigating diseases.

Why couples are turning to hemp oil for their relationship

Full spectrum hemp oil can reduce the ‘worry’ factor that is associated with adequate sexual performance. Resultingly you’ll see less tension, restlessness, and an improved ability to experience or be in the ‘moment’ of sexual intimacy. With the elimination of this emotional barrier, one is better able to relax and enjoy the flush of ‘tingling’ emotions experienced with orgasm. Performance anxiety is reduced or removed which helps erections be maintained longer and reduced presence of issues like premature or retarded ejaculation. With fast paced modern lifestyles, its no surprise we rarely stop and enjoy the pleasures of life or relationships, both big and small. With the endless life stressors and deadlines at work, it can be hard to get quality time with our romantic partners or even intimacy. These life stresses and hardships can spill over into the bedroom and affect our libidos. Over time men and women are seeing higher levels of cortisol and reduces libidos or sex drives due to modern lifestyles – this is leaving many couples scratching their heads for a solution. Luckily incorporating full spectrum hemp oil into your bedroom routine could help rekindle your sex life. Here’s how.

Firstly, it can upgrade your love-making tension – it is a stress reliver and can help many reduce the worry around sex particularly if they have had past issues, assisting them to get in the mood. Sex overall is a great stress reliever, inducing the endorphin hormone release (feel good hormone) and helping release pent up frustration and helping partners connect more deeply. Stress can be an obstacle to having sex in the first place. Hemp oil’s stress reducing effects can help people relax, release tension and ease into being present with your partner. It can also help remove feeling of self-consciousness during intercourse which can reduce pleasure. People can often feel insecure about their bodies, how they look naked, how they smell and many other factors. Regular usage of full spectrum hemp oil helps many to simply feel more relaxed in the bedroom. For men, many cite longer performance and improved erectile function when supplementing with hemp oil. Some couples even use it as an all-natural and organic lubricant, instead of synthetic or manmade lubricants. It can also help reduce irritation many get from latex in condoms which many are allergic too.

How to use hemp oil for your sex life? We recommend dosing frequently and building up a protocol to build up the compound in the body. This means that you can get both preventative mitigation of sex issues and ongoingly manage your stress or anxiety levels. You can think of hemp oil as a dietary supplement like many others in helping you reduce your stress, anxiety, and performance issues. Side effects are very rare but may include dry mouth, changes in appetite or drowsiness at very high doses. The higher risk is mixing the product with other pharmaceuticals which can react badly – always confirm with your physician prior to supplementing.


To sum it all up – full spectrum hemp oil is an extremely useful tool that many couples and individuals are adding to their toolkit to rekindle their bedroom spark and enhance performance. By boosting your overall wellbeing and reducing stress, it helps you manage your sex life and is an all-natural remedy. With very limited side effect potential and risk, particularly due to containing no THC or psychoactive properties, it’s a great – not to mention, affordable and convenient – option to look at adding into your routine and help get you in the mood.