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CBD Cream Byron Bay

More people than ever are seeking CBD oil and other products in Byron Bay, plus its surrounds, such as the Nimbin area. Located on the coast of Northern NSW, Byron Bay is a beach town renowned for its beautiful beaches, surf culture, and ideal subtropical climate. Nearby to Byron is the North Coast NSW hinterland, which contains a multitude of rich forests and ideal farmlands for high-quality crop production. This region is well-known for its very high-quality Byron Bay CBD oil, which is extracted from cannabis grown in the organic, volcanic soils of the Nimbin area. CBD is a natural health product that has become hugely popular in Australia because of its anxiety and stress-relieving effects, plus its ability to lower inflammation, help improve sleep and aid with some forms of pain. Let’s look at where and how to buy CBD oil in Byron Bay and why the regulation was recently changed in Australia to enable public access.

Why is CBD popular in Byron Bay and Nimbin?

Nimbin and Byron Bay

Northern NSW, particularly Byron Bay and Nimbin, has a long history of being health conscious and wellness and embracing alternative and natural well-being products. Byron is famous for its mindfulness, yoga and meditation centres, natural tourism attractions, vegan and hippy culture, plus outdoor-centric lifestyles. Residents of Byron love surfing, beach yoga and hiking in the hinterlands. These activities promote physical health and a connection with nature. CBD’s growth in popularity around the Byron Bay region originates from its potent health benefits and the area’s affinity for natural healing products. Many Australians use CBD for their pain, anxiety, sleep, and immunity. But it’s even used for daily energy, focus and calmness. The legal changes and rescheduling of CBD to improve availability have also contributed to its growing demand in NSW.

Can I Buy CBD in Byron Bay and Nimbin?

Pharmacies with CBD Oil in Byron Bay

Buying CBD legally in Australia, including Byron Bay, is possible. Shopping for CBD in Nimbin and the Byron Bay area is straightforward and can be purchased in various locations. These include retail stores, chemists, online shops, plus dispensaries. Byron has a variety of vegan, health supplement and wellness shops that sell high-quality CBD products. In addition, pharmacies may stock CBD for over-the-counter purchases. You might even find local cannabis dispensaries in Byron Bay offering CBD plus other cannabis medications to suit your needs.

Is CBD legal in NSW?

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In NSW, the legal status of CBD changed after the TGA rescheduled it in late 2021. Low-strength CBD (150mg of dose per day) is now available over the counter in chemists like Chemist Warehouse and can be provided by other licensed retailers. You may need to check if the chemist or retailer carries CBD oil or similar products, as this isn’t always true. Fortunately, CBD is already widely adopted and prevalent in areas like Byron Bay, making finding and purchasing it much more straightforward than in other locations.

Where to Buy CBD in Byron Bay

CBD in Byron Bay

Retailers in Byron offer CBD oil, gummies, balms, and other CBD products. You can find these in many pharmacies in low- and high-strength formulas over the counter or via prescription. In addition, many wellness and health shops, vegan or hippy stores, plus cannabis dispensaries in the region will offer CBD products to suit your needs, tastes and preferences. Some examples include the Hemp Embassy in Nimbin, which has a comprehensive selection of hemp products, including CBD, plus Byron Bay Happy Herbs, which specializes in high-quality hemp oil. Buying CBD online in Byron is also a good option for many. It tends to be lower cost and enables buyers to get CBD shipped to their door without hassle, but it has more significant risks in low product quality. You’ll need to research to find the best possible CBD extract. Finding a retailer that offers you quality-assured, organic, free from THC and lab-tested by a 3rd party is critical.


Can you get CBD in Byron Bay?

Yes, you can purchase CBD products in Byron Bay. Many retailers offer comprehensive selections of CBD oils, tinctures, capsules, and edibles. These products are already popular in Nimbin, Byron and the Northern NSW region for their natural health-promoting plus calming properties. Many health food shops, vegan or wellness stores, and pharmacies in Byron Bay offer a robust range of CBD products to meet your needs.

Can you buy CBD from a chemist in Byron?

Since Australian laws changed in 2021, CBD has become available to many chemists in NSW and Byron Bay, like Chemist Warehouse. You can purchase high-strength CBD products with a prescription, while low-potency products can be bought over the counter without needing one. Not every pharmacy will offer CBD, and you’ll need to request it.

Is CBD from Byron Bay better?

Byron Bay is renowned for the quality and purity of its CBD oil. Why is this? It has a unique sub-tropical climate, ideal for farming. Combine this with rich volcanic soils, resulting in some of the best organic cannabis plants you can find in Australia. The CBD oil produced from these plants has much higher strength and purity because of the soil’s nutrient content.
In addition, most growers in the Nimbin region use organic, permaculture farming techniques to avoid pesticide and herbicide use. This results in a more pure extract with reduced contamination risks. It may also improve the antioxidant and minor cannabinoid content of the final product.

What is the price of a bottle of Byron Bay CBD oil?

CBD produced in Nimbin or Byron Bay tends to be of higher quality because of the organic status, rich soils and favourable climate of the region, promoting better nutrient and cannabinoid content. Because of this, the CBD products from the area tend to be higher priced to reflect its better potency. You can expect to pay up to $200 for a higher-strength 30mL dropper bottle in Byron, but prices vary substantially by product and retailer.

Why use Byron Bay Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil and CBD products are rich in several helpful cannabinoids and antioxidants. These include lignans, beta-carotene, Polyphenols, Zinc and more. These nutrients help to capture oxygen-free radicals. In the body, free radicals cause problems. They damage cells and their makeup. Damage caused shows itself in the body as inflammation. It’s linked to many chronic illnesses like arthritis, gut diseases and fatigue. Many scientists are now citing it as one of the top causes of cancer and similar lifestyle-related illnesses.
Many use CBD or Hemp Oil, which is high in anti-inflammatory compounds, to prevent and reverse inflammation. CBD works to de-stress and protect the body down at the cellular level. Hemp is also considered a superfood because it contains omega-3 and GLA. These complex fatty acid molecules provide further support and protection for the brain, heart and cardiovascular system.

Should I buy a full-spectrum or isolate CBD oil?

Full-spectrum and isolate CBD are entirely different. An isolate strips away all the ‘extras’ contained in the CBD extract. These include terpenes, vitamins, plant fibre, cannabinoids and minor cannabinoids like CBN, CBG and CBA. What you’re left with is a pure CBD oil, which is typically combined with a carrier like olive oil. There are downsides to isolates despite them being higher strength. Terpenes trigger the entourage effect. This helps improve the potency and bioavailability of CBD and other cannabinoids in the body by promoting their absorption. Similarly, many of the minor cannabinoids like CBC help with absorption and have many health-promoting properties. Removing them dampens the overall health benefits of isolate CBD.


Byron Bay and Nimbin are seeing an increase in demand for CBD. The region is known for its high-quality CBD extracted from cannabis grown in the organic, volcanic soils in the Nimbin area. CBD is popular in the area due to its potent health benefits and the region’s affinity for natural well-being products. Buying it legally in Australia, including Byron Bay, can be purchased in various locations such as retail stores, chemists, online shops, and dispensaries. Low-strength CBD (150mg of dose per day) is now available over the counter in chemists like Chemist Warehouse and can be provided by other licensed retailers. Retailers in Byron offer CBD oil, gummies, balms, and other CBD products.