Where to Buy CBD in Melbourne: Hemp Oil & Gummies in VIC

CBD Gummies in Melbourne

Located in the southeastern state of Victoria, Melbourne is a major capital city in Australia and has a reputation as the country’s cultural capital. The multi-cultural city hosts a vibrant range of diverse ethnicities, cuisines and cultural areas. This cultural diversity extends to its high-quality galleries, museums, comedy venues and exhibition spaces. Like other Australian cities, Melbourne is also active and sports-focussed. People in the city enjoy playing sports such as AFL, cricket and fitness activities like yoga or running. It’s no wonder they’re also increasingly buying CBD to help with recovery, well-being and performance. CBD is a natural extract from hemp that helps with inflammation, stress and sleep. Today, Melburnians and people around Victoria use it for daily health or to treat many conditions like arthritis or anxiety. Let’s look at where to buy CBD in Melbourne and Victoria.

Why Are Melburnians Using CBD?

Melbourne and Victoria

CBD products are a great addition to someone’s repertoire for daily health. As Melburnians value their health plus look for better ways to recover and rejuvenate, they’ve gravitated towards CBD as a natural support for their well-being. You’ll find countless stories online about CBD from people who have significantly boosted their energy and reduced inflammation. It’s also helped many with arthritis or eczema. The compound works via the body’s natural endocannabinoid system to offer numerous health benefits and stress-alleviating properties.

Life in big cities like Melbourne can be stressful or even lead to anxiety in many people. CBD has anxiolytic qualities that enable it to soothe mental distress and boost resilience in mood. It has become an attractive choice for those with high-stress lifestyles to minimise the stress they experience each day and help them calm down to sleep more easily. Melburnians are also an active bunch. They doing bike rides on the Yarra River, jogging through parks or playing volleyball at St Kilda beach. Australian football is the main sport in the city and an obsession for many. With so much sport and activity, many in Victoria look to CBD for better performance and recovery between games. Soothing aches, alleviating pain and reducing inflammation from athletic pursuits is a major draw for CBD amongst sportspeople in Melbourne.

Can I Buy CBD in Melbourne and Victoria?

CBD Oil in Melbourne

If you’re looking to shop for CBD in Melbourne, the good news is it’s easy today, and there are a few ways to buy it. In Victoria, you can now buy CBD from chemists, online or in various retail shops. Whether you’re located in Richmond or Geelong, it’s now possible to buy CBD across Australia after it was legalised in 2021. There are some caveats and rules around the types of products you can buy. They must contain 0% THC, which is the psychoactive cannabinoid from cannabis.

Additionally, CBD products have a cap on their strength or cannabinoid content when purchased without a prescription. Products containing more than 150mg of CBD dose per day can’t be sold yet without getting approval and a prescription from a doctor. You can buy CBD products of various types today, including capsules, tinctures, balms, and even CBD gummies.

Is CBD Legal in Victoria?

In Australia, the TGA regulates CBD plus other cannabinoid products as medications. They shifted the classification of CBD in 2021 to open up availability to more people. In particular, they enabled CBD to be purchased in pharmacies and other stores as low-dose formulations, which have caps around the amount of CBD that can be purchased in a single product. Higher potency products are still controlled more strictly and need a GP’s sign-off to buy from pharmacies or dispensaries. It’s important to note that CBD isn’t always available in every pharmacy or shop. Whether it’s stocked will vary based on the individual business’ decision to participate in the Special Access Scheme in Australia. Shopping for CBD online is less regulated and can mean risks around the quality and trustworthiness of products.

Where to Buy CBD in Melbourne

Shopping for CBD Products in Melbourne

Locations where you can buy CBD oil or hemp products in Melbourne include pharmacies, certain health and supplement stores, many vegan or wellness shops, plus cannabis dispensaries. Hemp products are widely sold and available in Australia plus are growing substantially in their use and popularity because of their powerful well-being benefits. However, finding the specific product you need might take some investigation and shopping around. For instance, not all stores or pharmacies stock high-strength CBD oil. Others might only offer a subset or narrower range of CBD products. For instance, gummies, edibles, or CBD vapes might be unavailable. In Melbourne, a few examples of stores to shop for CBD include the Hemp Superstore and Astrid Dispensary in South Yarra. Wellness and supplement shops frequently offer CB2 oil, hemp oil and CBD products. Alternatively, buy CBD online from one of the many e-commerce CBD stores in the US or Australia. It’s a more convenient, low-cost way to buy today and quickly ship your product to your door.


How does CBD work?

CBD works with your endocannabinoid system throughout the body. It stimulates stress-relieving, inflammation-fighting and sleep-enhancing benefits via this system. Endocannabinoids are released by the body when CBD is absorbed and interacts with this system. These are the primary reason cannabinoids like CBD have potent health benefits. Anandamide and other endocannabinoids are highly therapeutic and help with sleep plus anxiety. Outside of cannabinoids, hemp oil contains a variety of helpful nutrients. The omega 6 and omega 3 help support healthy brain function, heart health and immune function in the body. These healthy fats are key to supporting and enhancing the neurons that make up our brain’s neurons. They’re also critical if you’re active or lead a busy, energy-expending lifestyle and must ensure your body is in top condition.

How do I get CBD in Melbourne?

There are a few ways to get CBD products in Melbourne. Firstly, you can buy online from a CBD shop, which enables you to get it delivered right to your door. It’s a good option for many who want products quickly and don’t need help from a retail attendant. Shopping online means better product selection and the ability to buy from overseas, plus a greater variety of suppliers. However, it is less regulated, and product quality can be low. Always look for reviews and lab certificates if buying online.
In pharmacies, you can buy high-strength CBD using a doctor’s prescription in Australia, but only CBD oil is supplied, and strengths are tightly controlled to your prescribed dosages. Low-strength CBD, which is 150mg per day or less, can also be purchased but doesn’t need a prescription. Both product types from pharmacies must be 0% THC typically and produced strictly from industrial hemp in Australia, which has no psychoactivity. Your doctor should be the first port of call for you if you’re considering starting with CBD oil. They can guide you to the best CBD product for your needs, strength and dosage, plus a treatment plan based on your medical conditions.

Does Chemist Warehouse dispense CBD oil in Victoria?

In Australia, Chemist Warehouse is a popular chain of chemists. Not all Chemist Warehouse locations supply CBD products or will dispense them. Each is an individual franchise, which means they decide on a location basis as to whether they support offering cannabis-based medications or hemp products. To confirm availability, you need to check with your local pharmacy or chemist if you’re seeking to buy CBD over the counter. Note that most won’t supply CBD vapes, CBD gummies or balms. Tinctures and oils are generally the only available regulated products. For high-strength CBD products, a prescription from your GP will be needed.

Is CBD available in Victoria?

CBD can be bought in Victoria, including in regional towns like Geelong or Bendigo. You can shop for it online or in a pharmacy. To access high-strength CBD legally, you typically need a prescription from a registered GP. This prescription allows you to obtain more potent CBD from authorised sources, which will be high quality but at a higher cost. Many individuals can’t afford prescription products due to their prices, which is why shopping online has become more attractive, but buying CBD online has more risks of fake products or those that contain little CBD.

Can I order CBD products to Victoria?

Buying CBD from the US, UK or other countries and shipping it to Australia is possible but has risks. It’s not allowed to be imported, so it can be seized when it’s delivered from overseas. Shopping locally in Australia for CBD is a better option to prevent losing your product. It’ll mean you can comply with Australian CBD regulations and benefit from higher-quality products.

Is CBD legal in Victoria in 2023?

CBD has been legal in Victoria and Australia since it was rescheduled in 2021 by the TGA. It’s widely used for medical purposes with a prescription plus for well-being, recovery and supplementary health effects as a non-prescription product. CBD laws and regulations are changing over time, and there are positive signals that it will become more widely available due to its safety and immense scientific research support for its therapeutic effects.

Will CBD help anxiety and depression?

Many cannabinoids like CBG and CBD have demonstrated anti-depressant and anxiolytic properties in clinical studies. CBD, in particular, is potent for improving mood and lowering anxiety because of its serotonergic effects and calming effects via the brain’s CB1 cannabinoid receptors. Most users report substantially lower stress and anxiety after starting with CBD. It also displays similar properties to SSRIs and other anti-depressants but tends to be more mild and shouldn’t be treated as a replacement for these treatments. If you want to try CBD for mental illnesses, it’s always advisable to confirm with your psychiatrist first what the best treatment path is for your situation. CBD’s effectiveness can vary between individuals for these conditions, and in some people, it either won’t work or can even worsen anxiety.
CBD is best used with other self-care routines and a healthy lifestyle. Key to this is nutrition, exercise and a good sleep schedule. Improving your levels of movement, getting enough rest and eating the right food is foundational to your energy and health quality. Hemp products can fit in as an added boost. Research shows these can assist with calming the mind to enhance sleep and recovery. They help to lower stress and inflammation from intense training while also being rich in the nutrients your body needs to function at its peak, like omega 3 and vitamin E.

What’s the best way to take CBD?

Taking CBD the ‘best’ way depends on your preferences, tastes and needs. You can use CBD with food, in coffee, as part of drinks or by itself. Try it in tinctures, oils, capsules, CBD gummies, and edibles to see what works best for you. We love mixing CBD into our bulletproof coffee for a healthy caffeine hit. Why not add it into smoothies to pack in some added nutritional punch? Using healthy fats with CBD is recommended as they help your body with the absorption of cannabinoids. The most popular and common way to take CBD is via a dropper, either onto the tongue or sublingually. Droppers are great because the drop can tightly and accurately control them. Topical creams are often also used on the skin to target inflamed regions or for psoriasis and eczema. They can additionally be applied to help with arthritis or overall skin health. When using gummies or edible products, note that they take longer to absorb because of digestion but will be slower to release and last longer, so they can be helpful during the day.

What nutrients does hemp oil have?

Hemp oil contains a broad array of healthy plant nutrients due to being extracted from the hemp plant. Like other plants, hemp contains some beneficial phytonutrients like antioxidants, often found in fruits like blueberries and many vegetables. In addition, it has Omega 6, which is found only in certain seeds like flax and chia. It can also be found in fatty fish, enhancing brain and heart health and cardiovascular performance. Vitamin E, terpenes, chlorophyll, and flavonoids complement this nutrient profile. When combined into a single source, you have the ideal recovery tool that can be added to coffee, food, or on its own.
Hemp oil is rich in healthy fats used by the body for hormone function, homeostasis, and metabolic regulation. It can be used in various topical agents for the hair and skin, which helps promote moisture and sebum balance. It’s a powerful nutritional hit with alpha and gamma linoleic acid in the oil. These plant nutrients promote rejuvenation, helping to mitigate inflammatory markers. Hemp oil comes directly from the plant’s seeds, with an incredible range of healthy fats like polyunsaturated acids and long-chain triglycerides.

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CBD is a natural extract from hemp that helps with inflammation, stress and sleep and is increasingly being used in Melbourne and Victoria for daily health or to treat many conditions like arthritis or anxiety. It has anxiolytic qualities that enable it to soothe mental distress and boost resilience in mood, making it an attractive choice for those with high-stress lifestyles to manage their stress each day plus calm down to get to sleep more easily. CBD is also used by sportspeople in Melbourne to soothe aches, alleviate pain and reduce inflammation that comes from athletic pursuits like AFL. It can be bought in Melbourne and Victoria from chemists, online or in various retail shops. CBD products must contain 0% THC and have a cap on their strength or cannabinoid content when purchased without a prescription. Higher potency products are still controlled more strictly and need a GP’s sign-off to buy from pharmacies or dispensaries.