Boost Your Pup’s Health – Why Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is Great for Dogs!

When it comes to making sure that your beloved pooch is healthy, there are a huge number of different supplements that you could consider giving him or her. One such supplement is full spectrum hemp oil for dogs, which can provide a huge number of benefits for your dog!

But how could your best friend benefit from having hemp oil supplements, and should you be feeding your dog hemp oil supplements for his health?

What is Hemp?

Before we look at how full spectrum hemp oil can be of benefit for your dog, it is first important that we understand what hemp oil itself actually is. Indeed, understanding this is imperative if you are to have success with your dog’s health care routine.

At its simplest, hemp is a strain of cannabis. Yes, you read that right – however, there is a notable difference between strains of hemp and those of other cannabis strains. And that major difference is in terms of the THC content in hemp plants compared to in normal strains of cannabis.

Now, THC is the compound that is primarily responsible for causing the high that so many people associate with cannabis consumption. Many strains of cannabis are selectively bred to have a higher concentration of this cannabinoid compound, as doing so should in theory increase the intensity of the high which they experience as a result.

However, this is not the case with the hemp strain. Indeed, unlike other strains of cannabis which are selectively bred to create a more powerful high for users, the hemp strain is instead bred to not produce the symptoms of being high at all. Instead of this, hemp is bred with a focus on increasing the concentration of phyto-cannabinoids in the plant – and this has all of the health benefits, but without causing you to feel high.

Though individual hemp plants will vary ever so slightly, the majority of hemp plants are bred to contain either no THC at all, or otherwise to have only a very marginal amount – we’re talking in the nought point something percentage levels, here!

This is a notable trait of hemp, as it is what makes hemp and its derivatives so useful for health reasons without having to worry about getting high as a result of taking the supplement! Because it has no THC hemp is completely legal in Australia nationally – from NSW to VIC and beyond, which means you don’t need to worry about trouble or quality problems!

Can My Dog Have Hemp?

But what does this mean for your dog? Well, dog’s don’t really get ‘high’ when they consume THC (on purpose or not!) like we humans do – in fact, THC can be incredibly toxic for many dogs and so it is absolutely imperative that you keep your canine friend away from any products that could contain even a small amount of THC.

However, full spectrum hemp oil is a different story. Rich in phytocannabinoids, it does not cause the same high symptoms as THC but does provide a wide variety of different health benefits, and for many people, this makes it an incredibly popular health supplement. And the same can be said for your dog, too, so long as you find a full spectrum hemp supplement that is pure and high quality and doesn’t contain any THC!

The Health Benefits of Hemp For Your Dog!

So, we’ve already clarified then that your dog can absolutely have full spectrum hemp oil as a supplement for his or her health, provided that you are buying a high quality hemp oil that has been tested for purity. However, what health benefits can your dog actually benefit from if you provide him with full spectrum hemp oil as a supplement to his normal diet?

Anxiety Control

A huge number of dogs can struggle with anxiety, especially when it comes to taking them to somewhere that is new or when they are around people who they have not met before. Of course, every dog is different so not every dog will struggle with anxiety, but for owners of dogs which do struggle with this, then finding a solution to the issue is something that is important!

Plant phytocannabinoids and compounds, which are some of the primary constituents of full spectrum hemp oil, is well known for being effective in humans for helping to control stress and anxiety – in fact, this is arguably one of the most common reasons for it to be taken as a supplement! And the same is also believed to be the case in dogs, too!

For dogs who struggle with excitability and anxiety, then, offering them full spectrum hemp oil could be a good way for helping them to calm their nerves and settle down. This could be a great way for you to help your dog find relief from his anxiety!

Control Pain

There are a huge number of different reasons as to why your dog might experience pain on a regular basis, and as with people, this can seriously reduce his quality of life and overall well being. As such, you might be wondering about ways in which you can control the pain that he is experiencing so that he can go about his life in as normal a manner as possible.

Full spectrum hemp oil has been shown in some trials to be effective in controlling the severity of pain in humans, and the same is also the case for dogs and our animal friends too. As a result of this, if your dog is struggling with pain, you may want to look into the benefits of giving him hemp oil supplements.

Now, full spectrum hemp oil can be used to manage pain in your dog for a number of reasons. Perhaps he suffers from arthritis, in which case, hemp is well known to be effective at providing relief. Alternatively, it could be that he has recently undergone surgery, or has a health condition which causes him pain.

For all of these scenarios and more, full spectrum hemp oil is well known to be effective at controlling pain – and so your dog could potentially benefit from having full spectrum hemp oil supplements to help with pain management.

As well as simply reducing the severity of pain, full spectrum hemp oil can also be effective for general inflammation and the like too. This could be hugely useful if your dog suffers from symptoms which are related to inflammation, so considering this could be a good option for you if you think your dog could benefit from a form of alternative, holistic treatment.

It is also worth noting that many pain medications are not effective, and this is not only the case for people but also for dogs. Therefore, if you have been trying numerous pain control medications for your pooch but are not finding that they are offering great success, giving your dog hemp oil supplements to help control his pain might be a good alternative option to consider.

Bone strength for dogs

Like people, pets can suffer from bone loss, or osteoporosis, with age, and broken bones are all too common. Full spectrum hemp oil may assist in both preventing osteoporosis and helping heal fractures. Cannabinoid receptors as well as endogenous cannabinoids are found throughout the skeletal system. The CB2 receptor stimulates bone formation and inhibits bone loss. Full spectrum hemp oil has been shown to prevent bone loss in aged rodents and to promote healing after fractures. In fact, the bones in treated animals were 35–50% stronger than those in untreated ones. CBD, CBG, CBC and THC are all cannabinoids that have been found to be holistically beneficial to both bone and overall body health.

Manage Seizures and Epilepsy

When we talk about seizures and epilepsy, we generally think immediately of people – however, your dog can also struggle with these conditions, and medicine may only be able to do so much to help him. In fact, it is estimated that somewhere in the region of 5% of dogs could actually suffer from epilepsy or seizures, either on a regular basis or sporadically.

But how can hemp oil help if this is the case for your dog? Full spectrum hemp oil is well known for being highly effective in controlling the symptoms of seizures and epilepsy in people and the same might be true for dogs, too (although this effect needs more research and data).

In fact, in a study which was carried out regarding drug resistant epilepsy, 7 out of 8 patients reported a notable improvement in their symptoms within 4 to 5 months of beginning treatment with full spectrum hemp oil – and the same might be the case for your dog.

Another study was carried out into the topic with children who struggled with drug resistant epilepsy, and the results of that study found that for almost 9 in 10 children, the frequency of their seizures was reduced as well.

Clearly, then, if your dog struggles with seizures and epilepsy, he could derive benefit from being given full spectrum hemp oil as a supplement – either as a standalone supplement or in conjunction with his current veterinary care and medicine.

Encouraging a Healthy Appetite

If your dog is a fussy eater then it might simply be that his appetite isn’t quite what it ought to be. This is the case for many dogs, especially as they grow older, and can be a real source of stress and frustration for you as his owner too. However, full spectrum hemp oil supplementation might be able to help with this.

It has been proven numerous times over that hemp oil can be highly effective for helping to control appetite and increase appetite in your dog, and so if your beloved pet is not eating much, hemp oil might be a worthwhile supplement to consider.

However, we do recommend that you get veterinary advice on this matter, in case your dog’s lack of appetite is caused by something other than him being a fussy eater. Your vet may be able to provide more insight into the specific causes so that the appropriate steps can be taken to get his appetite back to normal and keep him eating a healthy and nutritious diet.

Help with Autoimmune Disease

Dogs are prone to several autoimmune disorders, notably autoimmune thyroiditis, immune-mediated hemolytic anemia and/or thrombocytopenia, pemphigus, lupus, some arthritis and possibly sudden acquired retinal degeneration syndrome, among others. In autoimmune disorders, the body’s immune system attacks normal cells in the body as though they were invaders. It may target cells in the thyroid, blood, joints, eye, skin, and even some internal organs. 

Cannabinoids affect almost every component of the immune system, leading researchers to investigate their effect in preventing autoimmune disease. It’s believed that inflammation may set off an immune response, which then either misidentifies the target or fails to turn off. Because cannabinoids decrease inflammation, they may be the first step in preventing autoimmune disease. 

Warnings for Buying Full Spectrum Hemp Oil For Dogs

Full spectrum hemp oil for dogs can have a huge number of potential benefits, but the importance of making sure that you are getting the right product cannot be stressed highly enough. Indeed, while full spectrum hemp oil can be highly effective for helping with a number of different conditions in your dog, it is important that you are aware of the danger, too.

Now, there are very few risk factors associated with full spectrum hemp oil supplementation for your dog, however, the problems can arise if you don’t choose a pure hemp product as this could be contaminated with THC – and THC could be deadly for your dog, resulting in fitting, weakness, coma, and potentially even death.

Don’t risk it – always do your research and buy a high quality full spectrum hemp supplement for your dog!

Final Thoughts

Full spectrum hemp oil for dogs can offer a huge number of different benefits, and being aware of this could allow you and your dog to have a happier life together. However, it is imperative that you buy a pure product that is free from THC contamination, so always do your research before investing in hemp oil for dogs. Find reputable sellers which offer organic, GMO and pesticide free products, ideally from whole plant sources for the full phytocannabinoid profile. In Australia it can be difficult to find high quality retailers like this but rest assured you can trust Bondi Hemp Oil to deliver you the gold standard in hemp oil extracts.