Simple Guide On How to Buy Full Spectrum Hemp Oil in Australia

Want to buy full spectrum hemp oil in Australia? We break down the key info you need to know on how to buy full spectrum hemp products in Australia including across state laws for NSW, Victoria and Queensland.  

Get the right info on sourcing your next amazing natural health supplement. Find out the right way to buy full spectrum hemp oil in Australia here.

Why would you want to buy full spectrum hemp oil in Australia?

So you’re looking to find out about where you can buy full spectrum hemp oil in Australia. But why would you be looking for it in the first place? You’ve probably seen the huge increase in interest, popularity and research into full spectrum hemp oil. Rightfully so – there is a huge amount of promise emanating from both human and animal research trials of the compound, revealing a host of potential health benefits for both the mind, body and mood.

We’ve covered a whole lot of the amazing and real benefits that full spectrum hemp oil delivers in a separate write up here, but to summarise the key takeaways:

  1. Key Mental Health benefits of full spectrum hemp oil:
    • Anxiolytic effects: full spectrum hemp oil has been shown to reduce the expression and markers of anxiety in the mind and body
    • Stress reduction: noted decreases in cortisol and raised heart rate as a result of calmed stress response
    • Epilepsy and neuroprotection: CBD oil has been shown in clinical studies to greatest reduce the frequency and effects of epilepsy in some individuals and provide neuroprotective (cognition benefitting) effects.
  2. Physical health and body benefits:
    • Reduced inflammation: reduces marks and symptoms associated with inflammation including from chronic illnesses like arthritis. 
    • Pain management: can help some individuals in managing their pain symptoms particularly at higher doses.
  3. Full Spectrum Hemp Oil’s Wellbeing and mood benefits:
    • Improved mood: anecdotal and subjective reports of mood enhancing effects and calmness improvements
    • Non addictive: full spectrum hemp and products derived from it are shown to be non addictive and effective at managing dosage with the right equipment.

This is just a quick summary of the key benefits, its important to note research into the substance is ongoing and new benefits are being continually discovered.

What makes full spectrum hemp oil so compelling is that all of these benefits can be obtained easily via oral or topical consumption. Its also very safe for people with underlying mental issues as there are no addictive, psychotropic or psychoactive effects related to CBD. Only trouble is its hard to find in Australia. Here’s why.

Why is it so hard to buy full spectrum hemp extract in Australia?

The big issue in buying most hemp extracts – whether from an Australian or overseas retailer is that CBD or Cannabidiol is a controlled substance in Australia under the controlled drug register – note though that not all these extracts contain CBD or similar cannabinoids. As such the direct supply of the product is greatly limited without permits. We’re here to say there are methods however. Many individuals have found workarounds and ways to acquire the product for its renowned therapeutic benefits with no downside or side effects. Understand how this can be done and what the risks involved are.

Whether you’re looking for full spectrum hemp oil in NSW, Victoria or Queensland (and the rest of Australia) we have got you covered with the best step by step guides on sourcing, the do’s and don’ts. Why trust us? We’re experts in the industry and have seen all the traps and pitfalls for new buyers that are interested in CBD variants and non-CBD variants of hemp oil. We want you to succeed and learn where we failed after detailed investigation and analysis involving multiple primary and secondary sources over years.

Please note the information in this article is our opinion (based on anecdotal experience), before buying or using any kind of supplemental health product please consult with your medical practitioner. We’ll help you understand the legal, ethical pathways and less known or explored methods used by the unruly.

What types of full spectrum hemp products can I buy in Australia?

When buying full spectrum hemp oil in Australia there are a few products which people typically seek out and tend to be the most popular. This is because these products are effective and work as well as being convenient and easily shippable.

There are four key categories of hemp extract product that people typically buy in Australia, but vary in popularity in the different states like New South Wales and Victoria:

  1. Pure CBD Oil – full spectrum or isolate

Why is pure CBD hemp oil so popular and sought out? The answer may be more simple than you realise. Its because it works effectively and is convenient. There’s not much of a secret to the product’s success. People enjoy being able to get high purity CBD oil in a bottle that can be easily carried, sent or taken through the day.

The oil mixes beautifully with food, coffee or even via directly eating it and having the dropper lid ensures dosages can be managed carefully. Note not all hemp oil contains CBD and this variant can’t be bought typically in retail in Australia.

Whats the difference between full spectrum and isolate when buying in Australia?

They’re basically on opposite spectrums of the hemp extract oil formula. On one side, full spectrum oils contain a broad range of phytocannabinoid, terpene and nutrient blends that combine into a potent health cocktail of oil. You can think of full spectrum being more ‘raw’ and unrefined, containing the beneficial elements that are later filtered out in a purer isolate oil.

When it comes to CBD oil, both isolates and full spectrum is not legal in Australia without a medical approval. Isolates are more pure and can even be found as crystals or powder. There is still a debate as to which format is better and enables the body to absorb and take use of the highly beneficial hemp compounds that deliver their mental and physical benefits.

Some proponents of full spectrum in Australia highlight the other vitamins and nutrients it contains which may help activate and ensure the absorption of the main compounds.

Others believe the pure chemical itself in isolated form with no other added elements is optimal, we’ll let you decide.

  1. Full Spectrum Hemp Oil tinctures in Australia

The second common way people are buying and using hemp oil in NSW particularly is via full spectrum hemp tinctures. A tincture is just a fancy word to say suspension or carrier liquid. Essentially the CBD compounds are combined with a carrier oil like MCT, coconut, olive oil or similar to dilute the hemp and ensure the correct dosages can be obtained (alongside other great health benefits).

What’s also great about tinctures across Australia is they usually come flavoured which really helps in taking them in or mixing with coffee. Another key benefit is they act and have the same effect as other hemp extract products when dosed correctly. Tinctures can typically be used in the mouth such as under the tongue or cheeks to allow helpful therapeutic compounds to enter the bloodstream and body faster.

  1. Topical full spectrum hemp creams

When it comes to reducing pain and inflammation, full spectrum hemp oil is a heavy hitter. But did you know it can be used topically on the skin or muscle and will absorb to provide benefits?

A really great and particularly growing form of purchasing full spectrum hemp extract is as a topical cream. In Victoria all hemp products are illegal but many in the senior community have found this product to be highly beneficial in managing chronic pain issues, arthritis and joint inflammation.

We’ve done a really big write up on all the huge benefits of full spectrum hemp oil here including physical inflammation and pain reduction so we won’t go too into the details. Topicals can come in creams, waxes or oils. As oppose to dosing directly through an edible oil, the topical helps to target pain or inflammatory issues in a certain area of tissue with greater efficacy.

  1. Full spectrum hemp edibles and pills in Australia

Finally our favourite novelty method of consumption and one which many in Australia still view as the best way to take and dose hemp oil. Eating it. As either oil or powder full spectrum hemp can be added into gel capsules and digested to absorb in the stomach. It looks very similar to fish oil in Australia that can help make the experience more palatable to many. As a powder the CBD compound is still delivered very effectively into the body and there is little difference compared to oil.

This physical flexibility – particularly with hemp isolates, means it can be easily added into food and drinks. Whether you’re baking, just need a bit of extra seasoning on your dinner or want to make idyllic health shakes or hemp infused coffees. The sky’s the limit to the number of full spectrum hemp oil recipes you can find or invent in Australia and this trend is gaining popularity and development rapidly as people adopt this method.

How can I buy CBD products in Australia?

Ok let’s get to the real tricky question. We know hemp oil is amazing and great for you but how do we actually get our hands on it in Australia? Well there are three key ways, but definitely not all of these are advised or recommended.

  1. Seek out a local retailer in Australia for CBD products

There are actually merchants who will sell hemp extract products in Australia, whether you’re in Queensland or Western Australia. It may be difficult to hunt them down as you won’t find any advertising for their products around. Google and Facebook have banned all adverts for CBD products online in Australia. Similarly they can’t be legally advertised for sale in Australia as they’re controlled substances. The only way to really find a supplier via this method is through personal connections or secretive forums or facebook communities which isn’t secure or safe.

  1. Import from overseas – typically the US

With hemp and hemp products being either decriminalised or completely legalised in some US states, its natural that it has become a massive exporter of hemp and CBD products globally. Renowned for strong 

Cultivation and refinement processes and ideal growing conditions in many states like Colorado, the US has been a key importer from many US online CBD stores to Australian customers.

Issues with this is that the method of shipping in CBD is still illegal in addition to potential for seizures or worse to happen with your purchased product, risking your money and the promised health benefits.

There is only one other way in Australia to purchase CBD – the legitimate way!

  1. Finding a medical practitioner and getting legal CBD prescription

If you’re serious about getting your hands on CBD hemp oil in Australia, you better have a good medical reason for obtaining it. This is what’s needed for your physician to apply for and secure you a quality legal hemp extract supply. Now the medical reason could be varied for this – whether its a mental or neurological issue like PTSD, anxiety or depression; or a physical pain or inflammatory issue, the doctor must prescribe CBD oil as a medicine for therapeutic application in solving your medical issue. The oil or hemp product can then typically be acquired from a legal cannabis clinic.

Where to buy CBD oil in Victoria, NSW or Queensland

We’ve outlined where you can acquire or purchase hemp products now throughout Australia on a national level. But what about the individual states and major cities? In Sydney and New South Wales, the laws for CBD explain that it can’t be purchased or held legally as per the national legislation. Victoria and Queensland have identical legal situations and can’t permit individual access.

Benefits vs. Risks of buying CBD oil in Australia – What You Should Know

The benefits are clear and real. We’ve highlighted them here. What you should also be aware of on your journey here is the risks you may be exposing yourself to in sourcing hemp in Australia. But be aware no matter how you source, without a medical certification to use medical hemp oil obtaining or using the products in Australia are not allowed by law. Buying online means products can be tainted with other compounds or contaminants, be much weaker than their advertised strength or completely different substances all together. We prefer to use full spectrum hemp oil to avoid the issues associated with CBD oil.

This is the risk you run in purchasing a product which is not yet protected in quality through legal gates and checks – your quality and risk for purchasing is much higher. Beware also that many of the importers particularly from China may accidentally add toxins to their batches by reusing vats or not cleaning enough.

Additionally the supplier may be deceptive or not actually ship the product, particularly if from an international seller. Your order may also be confiscated at the border by customers which means you lose your money and order entirely. 

Conclusion – Easiest Way to Buy Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Its important to be aware of the risks and trade offs of looking to buy full spectrum hemp oil in Australia. Whether you’re from Sydney, Melbourne, or anywhere else in Australia from Tasmania to Western Australia, you have a few options to buy full spectrum oil. As we detailed above you can find a local retailer from online forums or community groups, look to import from US suppliers or buy legitimately from a medical professional with a medical certification. Whichever you choose there are different trade offs and risks.

The least risky but challenging path for many is the medical option but you must have a valid condition or issue. Risking the other methods may result in lost goods, scams or worse so know what you’re buying when it comes to hemp extracts. Because of this the easiest and legal method is to buy through your doctor, we only recommend this way and to avoid other options. So to answer the question – how do I buy CBD oil in Australia? the answer is primarily through a doctor. For full spectrum hemp oil however you can shop with us today.

Note – do not use full spectrum hemp oil or hemp extract without consulting your doctor, this article is not intended as medical advice.