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A very common query people are asking online is where can I find the best hemp oil in Adelaide? But it's not only those from South Australia asking. Individuals from all around Australia are buying CBD oil online. It's no wonder - the benefits are huge. It can help with a variety of problems. Having issues getting to sleep? This simple yet effective tool may provide some relief. We use it daily for our insomnia and to help with arthritis pains. But don’t take our word for it. You can check online for a variety of glowing testimonies regarding this new but often underestimated health product.

Those who swear by it use it for a number of different problems. It can help with anxiety, stress, nutrition quality, mood, energy and help us maintain metabolic balance. How? Well firstly, let’s take a look at what the oil contains. Hemp is a plant derived from cannabis. It differs from marijuana however due to containing no THC. It still contains many phytocannabinoids including CBG, CBN and CBA. These are anti-inflammatory compounds that assist the body in its day to day functions. Importantly they may also help with immunity, hormone balance and homeostasis. Full spectrum CBD oil is allopathic and looks to assist with many conditions like eczema, reducing stress, helping with pain and soothing aches. It does so by acting on our endocannabinoid system.

It also has phytonutrients and naturally occurring plant antioxidants. Many of these are common to other vegetables like capsicum or leafy greens. Some of the best are lignans, cannaflavins, beta carotene and carotenoids. There are also high levels of chlorophyll in hemp which gives the plant its characteristic green colouration. When consumed regularly, these phytonutrients are extremely healthy. The body is supported and protected by them. They assist in cell repair, metabolic function and energy production. All the while defending us from pollutants, contaminants and other molecules that can damage our DNA and longevity.

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What’s more - hemp is filled with vitamins and minerals. A major one of note is vitamin E. This potent nutrient helps with skin complexion, reduces blood pressure and can reduce inflammation plus improve eye health. Extracts from hemp also are typically rich in vitamin K which helps with bone density, blood circulation and cardiovascular health. Potassium and magnesium can also be found naturally in it. Well known as electrolytes, they help our nervous and muscle system contract and run at their best. In sum, these compounds are excellent for performance and recovery.

How is it made? It’s extracted from high quality hemp plants. Our oil is a whole plant ‘full spectrum’ extract meaning we use the leaves, stems, buds and more to get a balanced end-product. The raw oil can be transformed into tinctures, capsules and more. We’ve discussed finding a good full spectrum extract with many of our customers in Australia. It's hard to find a seller who will be able to provide you with a high quality product containing all the phytonutrients. Australian CBD Oil is legal for over the counter purchases in pharmacies. Yet many of the products available are still highly priced for a low strength.

Those from Adelaide are an active bunch. Many play cricket and AFL in their spare time. Engaging in these pursuits in Australia is an age old tradition. But it requires calories and energy to perform at a high level and get the most out of each game. Hemp seed oil is great for this. As a pre game or workout booster, it has a strong level of polyunsaturated fatty acids. In addition it's packed with completely natural plant proteins and fiber. All of these macros are ideal for the active sportsperson. Use them for advanced performance during your game, or post game recovery. It will nourish your muscles, joints and support energy recuperation. It’s been known to have therapeutic effects due to containing phenolic substances that are anti-analgesic and anti-inflammatory. Similar in pain reduction to ibuprofen but without any of the harmful effects to the liver.

What are the benefits?

Another big question we get asked a lot is - can I use it on my hair and skin? Well great news - you definitely can. With Omega 6 and Omega 3, it's almost as if hemp oil is purpose built to help with our skin. As complex fatty acids, the omega group is able to protect and support both our hair cells and skin layers. These may also have anti-microbial and longevity improving effects. Studies are showing those who consume Salmon, seeds and other foods rich in Omegas enjoy longer lifespans and better heart health. From the deep layers to our surface skin, it also helps to reverse the aging and damage occurring from sun exposure. Day to day wear is also reduced. Keratin in our hair keeps it shiny and strong. Alpha linoleic acid in hemp extract can assist the body in producing and maintaining its natural keratin. It may also be key to a strong heart and vibrant brain. It's a building block for healthy cholesterol, keeping our arteries clear.

An important point is that hemp oil is also completely safe and non addictive to use. It's been legal in Australia for many years. Yet only in recent times have people from South Australia discovered it alongside its powerful wellness benefits. It has no psychoactive effects. This is important as it reduces the risk of harm, particularly for those with mental issues. It also means improved safety for those who need to drive or operate machines. We don’t recommend using hemp oil however before working with any tools or machinery as it can make you drowsy. It’s safety stems from containing no THC, responsible for the ‘high’ associated with cannabis use. As a supplement, it has been cleared for safety and risk by the World Health Organisation in an in depth review.