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Byron Bay is renowned for the quality and variety of its hemp oil. There are a huge number of different brands and products that can be sourced from this Northern NSW town. Why is this? It has a unique sub-tropical climate, ideal for farming. Combine this with rich volcanic soils and it results in some of the best organic plants you can find in Australia. Not only this, the CBD oil produced from these plants has much higher strength and purity because of the soil’s nutrient content.

But what is so special about this region? The secret sauce might be its culture. Look at Nimbin for instance. It has a rich creative culture that places emphasis on open society plus sustainability. Cannabis has come to form a part of this unique culture in Australia. Even to the point of local festivals, events and markets all dedicated to hemp. You can find every product under the sun here – from skin products, creams, tinctures, hemp oil and protein powder. Your imagination is the limit.

The quantity and popularity of products from Byron isn’t unique. But what is might be the sustainably and ethically farmed hemp that originates here. Many use organic, permaculture techniques to avoid pesticide and herbicide use. This results in a more pure extract with reduced contamination. It may also improve the antioxidant content plus bioavailability of the final product. A number of providers in the area like Nimbin Hemp Embassy promote and abide by the organic, sustainable philosophy.

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Where to buy CBD oil in Byron Bay

Many search for CBD oil in Byron Bay. It’s a renowned formula known for being organic and broad spectrum. Those in the Northern Rivers region know it well. But where do you find it? Not walking down Jonson Street or Bangalow road that much is clear. To find the best possible hemp extract you’ll need to do your research. It’s critical to find a retailer who offers you something that is quality assured, organic, sustainable and tested. Always try to find a lab tested product. Find reviews too if you can for the oil you’re looking to buy.

You don’t need to source from Byron or Nimbin however. While these places will likely have some top organic products, they may be lower strength. It might also be difficult to get a proper ‘full spectrum’ hemp oil. These are entirely different from isolated oil products. An isolate strips away all the ‘extras’ contained in the oil. These include terpenes, vitamins, plant fibre, phytocannabinoids and minor cannabinoids like CBN, CBG and CBA. What you’re left with is a pure CBD liquid. There are downsides to this. Terpenes trigger the entourage effect. It helps improve the potency and bioavailability of the compounds in the oil. Similarly many of the minor cannabinoids like CBC help with absorption and have many health promoting properties.

No matter your choice, you can shop around for yourself. But why travel to Northern NSW? We offer you amazing hemp oil right here. Our essential extract comes with the complete full spectrum profile of nutrients. We process our unique and high quality hemp plants with maximum care. Each stage of our production process is quality assured. Our oils are all whole plants. This means we leverage each part of the plant from leaves, seeds, stems, buds and flowers to get an optimal blend and full body extract. Experience our proprietary formula today.

How does it help me?

Hemp is rich in a huge number of helpful phytocannabinoids and antioxidants. Just a few of these include lignans, beta-carotene, Polyphenols, Zinc and more. These nutrients help to capture oxygen free radicals. In the body free radicals cause problems. They damage cells and their make up. Damage caused shows itself in the body as inflammation. It’s linked to many chronic illnesses like arthritis, gut diseases and fatigue. Many scientists are now citing it as one of the top causes for cancer and similar lifestyle related illnesses.

To prevent and reverse inflammation the most straightforward method is to consume more fruit and vegetables. These are abundant in antioxidants. Get as much as you can in your diet. However you might also look at supplementation. Hemp oil is high in the most important and powerful anti-inflammatories. CBD in the oil works to de-stress and protect the body down to the cellular level. Like other plants hemp has a high concentration of anti-inflammatory micronutrients. However, it’s really considered a superfood. It’s due to also containing a huge level of Omega 3 and 6 plus GLA and ALA. These are complex fatty acid molecules that provide further support and protection of the brain, heart and cardiovascular system.