How Long Does it Take for Full Spectrum Hemp Oil to Work?

Those who were once sceptical of cannabis-derived products are now acknowledging this natural, helpful and high-impact plant product to their health and wellbeing. Full spectrum hemp oil is an exceedingly useful plant supplement, packed with compounds that have wellness enhancing benefits backed by scientific data. Over the short span of few years, the popularity of full spectrum hemp oil has grown at an exponential rate due to its exciting health benefits to both the mind and body. The hype and popularity growth can be attributed to the incredible wellbeing benefits of full spectrum hemp oil via the endocannabinoid system. Full spectrum hemp oil is referred to as an effective and safe preventative measure for a broad set of ailments by supporting and aiding the body’s immunity and metabolic function or homeostasis.

What’s more exciting is the scientific evidence suggesting that full spectrum hemp oil (derived from cannabis) can be instrumental in the management and mitigation of several neurological pressures like anxiety and stress. Moreover, full spectrum hemp oil, as an organic and natural supplement may prove very helpful in improving mood, reducing inflammation and its associated pains, as well as providing the body with powerful anti-oxidants and whole plant nutrients. In this article we’ll address the frequently asked question: how long does full spectrum hemp oil take to work? Our quick guide here will take a look at both initial dosage as well as longer term body loading of hemp oil for the best and most full effects, benefits and outcomes.

How does full spectrum hemp oil work?

Full spectrum hemp oil, when ingested, is firstly absorbed by the stomach into the blood (or straight to the blood if using sublingual ingestion). From here the compounds such as Phyto cannabinoids in full spectrum hemp oil are delivered to receptors in the endocannabinoid system known as the CB1 and CB2 receptors. These receptors interact with the compounds present in the cannabinoids of hemp. The benefits which can be derived from full spectrum hemp oil are a result of this interaction.

Full spectrum hemp oil is very beneficial for our health and very readily absorbed by the body due to its high bioavailability. Bypassing of metabolism and the digestive system in the liver by using the drops sublingually improves bioavailability. This is a key point – depending on your consumption method, the rate of absorption or take up will be altered significantly. Sublingual use will lead to the fastest and most direct take up in the body. But on the other hand digesting it or mixing it with food means you can avoid the oft bitter and earthy taste! Ingestion methods come mostly down to your preference and tastes.

How long does it take for full spectrum hemp oil to work?

To answer this question, you need to know and understand the effect of different variables that can impact either the absorption and availability or effects of full spectrum hemp oil. Usually, full spectrum hemp oil requires 20 minutes to two hours to work. Variables such as quality, dosage, and consistency can affect the performance of this organic and natural supplement. These variables define how much time it will take for full spectrum hemp oil to work in your body. However, it also depends on your body and daily activities. Some people will just get faster results and others might have to wait a little longer. It might be that their body or metabolism simply absorbs and takes in food or compounds more quickly. That’s why you will have to show patience and consistency for results. Full spectrum hemp oil typically works faster when used for mild discomfort rather than when it is used for serious problems. When loading the body, it can take 3-5 days typically to achieve body load – you may want to use ‘load dosages’ at first to accelerate the body’s uptake and loaded state more quickly. This type of dosing means you will use much higher doses to start with for the first few days, before shifting back to a more ‘standard’ daily dosage protocol to maximise the body’s take up and usage of the oil and its beneficial compounds. For more info on the best way to take hemp oil – check out our article here.

Factors that affect rate of absorption

All of the full spectrum hemp oil you ingest does not necessarily make it into your bloodstream. Its possible that even less truly reaches your body’s endocannabinoid system. Why is this? Well, let’s suppose you have taken full spectrum hemp oil. It will be first processed by the liver (the organ responsible for detoxifying substances our body takes in) before making its way to the gut and intestines where the final absorption will take place. Both usable (ie bioactive or bioavailable) and unusable substances are extracted from the oil.

The full spectrum hemp oil that gets infused into the bloodstream and later used by the endocannabinoid system or ECS are known as bioavailable full spectrum hemp oil. The rate at which full spectrum hemp oil gets dissolved into the bloodstream is known as bioavailability. Bioavailability is also referred to as the degree or measure to which the cannabinoids and phytocannabinoid compounds used by the ECS is present in different products. Any products containing cannabinoids you use will store these cannabinoids in the body within the lipids or fat cells.

Wanting to know how long it will take for hemp oil to work for you? There are a few factors at play here for you to consider:

  1. Your body mass or weight

Full spectrum hemp oil does not affect all people in the same way. One of the main reasons for this is genetics and physiology. Factors which affect the health, metabolism, and circulation in the body will also impact absorption rate and effectiveness for hemp oil. There are typically either more, and/or larger fat cells in the body for those who have higher weight. Similarly to other supplements and pharmaceuticals, larger individuals usually need higher dosages of substrates to achieve equivalent effects. Particularly for hemp or cannabis products – the body can easily store and absorb a lot of the cannabinoid and Phyto cannabinoid compounds of hemp. A person weighing between 150-240 pounds can typically  take 15-20mg daily (more for those on the larger side) for better results.

2. Potency and dosage

It’s a no-brainer that a higher concentration or dosage of full spectrum hemp oil will aid the body in absorbing more cannabinoids and Phyto cannabinoids for better health. The purity or potency of the product affects the results you can achieve. Products with higher levels of cannabinoids and Phyto cannabinoids have shown to be more bioavailable. This factor comes down to the liver and other organs filtering out and discarding some of the compounds that are taken in – resultingly, the more of the compounds you ingest the higher the rate and probability of their successful uptake and usage by the ECS.

3. Purity and quality of your product

Not all products containing full spectrum hemp oil are created equally. Those having a low level of cannabinoids also have lower-level Phyto cannabinoid content which will mean less results for your body. Some are also made with reduced bioavailability. People try to judge the absorption of full spectrum hemp oil with the size of the compound they are consuming. However, high-quality full spectrum hemp oils are manufactured through microencapsulation which converts full spectrum hemp oil into smaller particles. It is done to increase absorption. You will see very similar techniques used in a range of areas like health supplements leveraging ionization to reduce the compound particle size and enhance uptake for optimized health outcomes.

4. The Individual (genetics)

The most important factor to note amongst human beings and their physiology is we all are different. If two people are taking full spectrum hemp oil of the same quality, type, and dose at the same hour of the day, it can even then affect them differently. It depends entirely on your metabolism that is responsible for the breakdown and synthesis of compounds. The composition of your body also plays an important role in the absorption of cannabinoids in hemp oil. Those with impaired livers, digestive systems or existing diseases may experience slower (or sometimes more rapid) absorption and take up than those without these factors at play.

5. Medical Conditions

As mentioned above, people having any sort of organ impairment or disease such as severe or chronic medical problems will typically need a higher dose of full spectrum hemp oil. Doses of the supplement can vary from patient to patient and may be adjusted depending on what the issue and its implications are. In any case, always start with a small amount of full spectrum hemp oil to assess your body’s response and gauge future dosage protocol. Always consult with your physician prior to taking up any kind of new supplement or dosage regime.

Methods of taking hemp oil (your dosage approach)

The method you take full spectrum hemp oil can affect both the length of time it takes for the product to work and start providing results, as well as its efficacy in your system. Cannabinoids and antioxidative compounds present in full spectrum hemp oil only work when absorbed in the body. Because of this, the compounds must make their way through the gut and to the CB1 and CB2 receptors to interact with non-cannabinoid and cannabinoid receptors. The way you consume your hemp oil affects the level and speed of absorption in your blood. Typically research in the past has shown that the faster the compounds are able to get into your blood the higher the level of bioavailability with the substance

  1. Oral products

As you can guess from the name, oral or sublingual hemp products means consuming full spectrum hemp compounds directly through your mouth in the form of edibles, capsules, sublingual’s or other oral forms. It will take much less time to absorb into the bloodstream when taken orally as the compounds move straight to the blood via the gums. Absorption will involve salivary glands at first then the digestive system will break down and absorb the full spectrum hemp oil in the liver, pancreas, and stomach. You will feel it’s effects within 30 minutes, although longer term benefits and reduction of symptoms can take more time to develop.

2. Inhalation

This technique involves the direct inhalation of full spectrum hemp compounds via vapors into your lungs. You can easily find a vaporizer that heats up and vaporizes full spectrum hemp products in a few seconds. Once you have inhaled the full spectrum hemp product, the cannabinoids and Phyto cannabinoids will reach your bloodstream through the lungs. It takes a few minutes for full absorption via the lungs to the bloodstream. You will feel the effects within a few minutes. Inhalation is the fastest method and one of the most direct in terms of bioavailability, with a higher level of bioavailable substances than digestion. Typically vaping cannabinoids has around 56% bioavailability.

3. Sublinguals

Another method of taking full spectrum hemp oil is sublingually. The full spectrum hemp oil drops are placed under the tongue. Keep them there for 60 seconds to maximize rate of absorption and ensure you take in the entire dosage. The mucous membrane present in the inner lining of the mouth has blood vessels that allow oil absorption in the blood at a fast rate. It works in 5- 25 minutes. The bioavailability of hemp products taken sublingually rates between the range of 12% to 35% absorption.

4. Transdermal or topical application

This method involves the absorption of full spectrum hemp products via the skin. The common products to achieve this method of absorption are creams, patches, balms, and gels. It is the slowest method of absorption of cannabinoids and phyto cannabinoids. You will feel its effect after 45 minutes or even longer depending on where you apply the product. It’s great for targeting a specific area of the body for pain reduction and relief. Topicals typically have fewer side effects as they require more time to absorb and have lower bioavailability – you can always wash off the topical if you feel any irritation.

How much time is needed for hemp oil’s cannabinoids to metabolise out of your body?

As mentioned above that the body will store cannabinoids in the fat cells or lipids due to these compounds being water insoluble. The performance of full spectrum hemp oil depends on the rate of absorption but the length of time the compound stays in your body depends completely on the fat you have. More fat cells your body has, the more absorption into lipids you’ll experience and as a result, the cannabinoid compounds will stay longer in the body. Scientists have observed that it takes 2-5 days for half of the cannabinoids in full spectrum hemp oil to be cleared out of the body. It is then estimated that it takes about one week to get completely metabolized by the body – although this can be longer or shorter depending on how much you ingest and your usage pattern.

Final thoughts

There is not a single answer to the question ‘ how long does it take for full spectrum hemp oil to work?’. The duration and time depend on various factors like quality and purity of the product, your body composition and genetics, your physical size, and other physiological conditions. A significant phenomenon impacting the time of absorption is the method used to take your full spectrum hemp oil product – this varies in absorption rate and efficacy from inhaling to applying on skin. To get the absorption and effects faster – use sublingual or inhalation, for more targeted relief and rejuvenation, apply topically using creams or balms. Whatever your chosen method of absorption, our high quality products at Bondi Hemp Oil can assist you in achieving your wellness and health goal.