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Carefully Formulated Hemp Oil - Distilled in Bondi.

We bring you the pure, unadulterated full spectrum hemp oil Australians love and trust. We nourish your wellbeing and health through wholly natural, completely organic, and perfectly pure whole plant extracted vegan friendly products like oils, hemp and more that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and energised.

We were inspired by the sunburnt, sweeping plains of the great land that is Australia. Our story is one of respect - for the bounty and richness of the plants, seas and abundant golden soils of its environment. But like all Australians we’re optimists - above all we always bring you a product that works and you can trust.

We’ll always bring you the distinctly unique oils you need that provide a holistic balance of wellness, enhancing your mood, lowering inflammation and giving you the recovery and rejuvenation you deserve. You’ll feel enriched and energised by our high purity, gold standard oils.

100% Pure & Organic - Inspired by Australia's golden Beaches

The bush across Australia from Tasmania to Western Australia provides us a stunning tapestry of Nature and its purity and rawness of this essence that we strive to capture in all of our products. At Bondi Hemp Oil, we want to transform the pristine power of this landscape and the natural, organic biosphere it has produced into a concentrated form, to bring the clear, essential nourishment we all deserve.

But even more fundamental to this belief is creating a product that works. Practicality and quality are the core pillars of our product design, production and delivery process. We’ve had two clear goals from day one: Firstly, quite simply - does our product work? and secondly, is it something adore and want all our friends and family to use? Well we can now confidently answer a resounding ‘Yes’ to both of these questions. We’ve hand crafted and purposefully designed a the oil you’ve been hunting for.

Because of our unrelenting focus on quality and rawness, our hemp oils come from organic, bioactive soils with no adulterants or pesticides used. We put care and stringent controls into every step of our production process to guarantee the product you get is premium, gold standard and contains only the best extract in each droplet.

We know how difficult it can be to find a great product you trust in Australia. We’ve tried buying oil in Perth and Western Australia, seeking out the best tinctures from around the state. Yet while we were surrounded by stunning landscapes of ochre soils, golden plains, untamed beaches and blazing fiery sunsets, the oils and tinctures we found were lacking. They lacked the clean, unadulterated quality that is so critical to the core of the product.

Taking our search east we hunted through Darwin and the Northern Territory, looking as well to buy hemp oil in Adelaide and South Australia. But finding the right products in this region was tough, with the few aon offer having limited quality and spectrum. They lacked the phytonutrients and cannaflavins makes our formula the premium choice. Through our search in Melbourne, we looked throughout Victoria for the right item that could catch our eye. Yet the beauty of the Grampians and pristine fields around gippsland and the valleys of the Victorian High Country were a great contrast to the missing excitement and care the other oils we discovered were.

Indeed even in Tasmania and New South Wales, where products can be found in Hobart or Sydney with great providers and farms delivering their great Australian soil enriched products were lacking. We walked the Blue Mountains near Sydney, and many other walks across Australia from Brisbane to Perth. We can safely say that the beauty of Australia’s scenery is unparalleled. This was the inspiration for our approach as a pesticide free, GMO free and raw, full spectrum hemp oil. We extract and distil from only the best plants, cultivated and selected by experts. Experience the relief and therapeutic effects of a product raised in pristine Australian soil. Get the highest quality oil that nature can make, that you won’t have to scour the whole country finding - we’re an online store and deliver domestically.

Our incredible products are sustainable, comprehensively natural and ethically sourced from the lands. We take a farm to bottle approach, extracting our oils via advanced supercritical extract methods. Pesticides and any potential contaminants are tested to ensure 100% distillation purity is maintained. All stages of production and manufacturing are quality assured to maximise the phytocompounds and potency of our oils so you get a complete blend of nutrients for your health. Leveraging a primary method and farm to bottle process means all elements of collection, development, formulation and extraction to the bottle are diligently coordinated. Our formulation is the gold standard in the Australian market, uniquely formulated via proprietary recipes to deliver you the greatest payload of effective health boosters. Don’t believe it? Try for yourself today - explore our online store and get free, fast shipping for your next purchase.