What to Look Out for When Buying Hemp Oil in Australia

Hemp-based products especially oils like Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is seeing immense rises in popularity around the globe. This trend has also reached Australia – and for good reason. You can look at the stats yourself in Google Trends – you’ll see a tremendous increase, for example up to 400% increase in Google searches on hemp and CBD products in the short period of just a few years. It’s left many shocked and excited with what the industry and its hugely promising products have in-store. There is a plethora of research and articles shedding light upon the incredible health and therapeutic benefits that full spectrum hemp has on offer. The list of benefits stretches from helping with sleep, reducing anxiety and stress to even boosting the body’s immune response and homeostatic balance through its potent array of antioxidants.

These health benefits of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil are seeing greater focus and visibility in the scientific literature and have impressed the Australian market and government and as a result. Full Spectrum Hemp Oil and other products are now available throughout the country. Due to the increased focus on mental and physical wellbeing, people are increasingly seeking out supplements that can take their wellbeing to new heights – particularly those from organic and plant-based sources. If you don’t know what to look out for when buying Full Spectrum Hemp Oil in Australia, this article is a perfect read for you. So, let’s dive into it.

What is Full Spectrum Hemp Oil?

It’s an oil formed from the extraction (via solvents or CO2) of compounds from the hemp plant (a strain of the cannabis cultivar). There are several types of hemp oils, each with differing cannabinoid profiles and bioactive ingredients. Depending on the method of extraction and formula used to produce the oil, different end-products can be created, from full spectrum to hemp oil isolates and many other hybrid forms of hemp oil.

Full spectrum hemp oil is a non-intoxicating and non-psychoactive organic plant compound with health benefits that is usually found in the Cannabis plant. Isolated hemp oil contains only CBD compounds with no other cannabis compounds. It is also extracted from hemp that contains less than 0.3% THC typically (although this can vary depending on the producer). The oil that is extracted from the whole hemp plant will also contain other substances like vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, healthy fats (like Gamma Linoleic Acid) and terpenes. However, full spectrum hemp oil won’t contain THC and as such is much safer and more beneficial for use – particularly for those with underlying mental conditions or risk of complications from psychoactive substances.

What are the Benefits of It?

Research and clinical trials have shown that Full Spectrum Hemp oil when used in low doses can help with a lot of issues such as insomnia, anxiety, or inflammation in the body and its joints. Scientists also say that it can often be helpful in maintaining and restoring homeostatic balance in the body – ensuring inflammation is kept in check in cells and immune system function is strong. The supplement is known for helping users feel more relaxed. However, the results may be different from person to person depending upon their dosage and their physiology. Doctors may prescribe its use at low dosages at first and then gradually increase the dose over time for improved results and effectiveness.

Legal Status of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil in Australia

Since 2016, the use of CBD oil has been legalized in Australia. It is classified as a schedule 4 drug that means that you can use it only with a doctor’s prescription, and since early 2021 it has become available OTC (over the counter) in pharmacies. Most of the products containing cannabidiol are not registered in Australian Therapeutic Goods that doctors need to apply for TGA through the Special Access Scheme (SAS) for every single patient. This approval is only valid for a year. However, some doctors don’t need it to prescribe through TGA, they can directly prescribe via the Authorized Prescriber scheme. But it requires more time so usually, doctors use SAS for prescribing CBD to the patients. From 1st February 2021, it is legal to purchase CBD oil in Australia even if without any prescription from the doctor. But it can only be used at low doses of 150mg daily.

The price of Full Spectrum Hemp oil depends on the dosage that is different for everyone. Doctors suggest that you must start it with a low amount and then slowly increase the intake to know the appropriate dosage for your body. However, on average the appropriate dosage for most individuals costs $4-10 daily.

Full Spectrum Hemp oil is not cheap in the market. You will have to pay $30-200 for 1 ounce to a 30-milliliter bottle Full Spectrum Hemp oil. You can decide on the fair price of Full Spectrum Hemp oil as a lab-tested product costs $50-60 for 1,000 milligrams.

Buying Full Spectrum Hemp Oil in Australia

Being an Australian you have two options when it comes to buying Full Spectrum Hemp oil. One is a legal way that includes the doctor’s prescription and the second one is an illegal way i.e., via the green market.  The medical and legal path is very difficult but possible. On the other hand, buying from the black market is dangerous and risky as you have no guarantee that you will get a quality product.

If you are suffering from different health problems including sleep issues, , anxieties, or inflammation then you can try out full spectrum hemp oil – it isn’t guaranteed to work for everyone but can assist with many cases. All you need to do is to find a clinic and a doctor who is a specialist in cannabis medicine. You can get help from your local GP to go to a cannabis clinic. The doctor will first assess your medical condition before prescribing medicinal cannabis. If the doctor deems it appropriate and the best remedy for your health issue, he will then prescribe you specific doses of CBD oil to improve your ailment. You must have all of your previous medical reports before going to a consultant. This will help the doctor to easily examine your present condition. Only Australian registered medical practitioners can prescribe CBD oil.

Buying From the Green Market

If you are not willing to buy CBD oil through the medical pathway, then you should find a Green Market in Australia. You can easily find pure and tested products from the green markets. But you should be very careful while doing it. Because there is a chance you might get the product with no cannabidiol content at all. It can be worse when you buy CBD oil from the green market and get a product containing harmful chemicals. You much do complete and comprehensive research before stepping into the green market and then decide if you want to spend your money and time there or not. You can easily find information through Facebook groups or from the internet or the local community.

What to Look Out for When Buying

Buying online from other countries has several risks attached to it in Australia. The risks in buying from online platforms or overseas countries range from wastage of money on a low-quality product to receiving a harmful product containing heavy metals or toxins. Purchasing full spectrum hemp oil worth millions from an anonymous overseas company is nothing but stupidity. The companies with a good reputation and quality products would not take the risk of shipping their products directly to Australia because of the legal backlash. Therefore, the chances to fall prey to scams and fake products are reasonably high. Moreover, there are also high chances of money loss as your product will be seized by border forces or customs.

If you know what is written on the label of your product and its specific ingredient levels, then you can easily find a product having high-quality CBD. The FDA regulates and monitors the claims of medical efficacy which is related to unapproved products or substances. Companies selling CBD products with labels claiming that the contents could prevent, cure, or treat serious diseases, have received a warning letter from FDA. However, most of the companies are following the instructions given by FDA and they prohibited using words such as reduce, cure, and treat from their products. Products that claim to be having hemp seed oil are not the same as CBD oil. They typically don’t contain what they purport to at all so, try not to buy them.

Warnings and Watch Outs

There are a few tips that will help you to buy the best quality products containing Full Spectrum Hemp oil in Australia. If a product says it contains 99.9% Full Spectrum Hemp oil, then it doesn’t have THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). A product having 99.5% or lower can have some traces of THC. THC is not good for most people – it shows up in drug tests and can be damaging to those with mental issues, so you should aim to avoid it. As studies from 2015 have shown that few traces of THC present in full spectrum hemp oil may however be effective in the treatment of inflammation.

Whenever you must buy Full Spectrum Hemp oil, you must consider the various indicators of the quality of Full Spectrum Hemp oil. The quality of Full Spectrum Hemp oil is very crucial as only a high-quality product will effectively relieve issues with inflammation, anxiety, or other sleep type problems. The key indicators of quality are typically lab purity reports, high accuracy ingredient and compound lists and whether the product contains the full array of full spectrum Phyto cannabinoid and plant compounds like terpenes, GLA (gamma linoleic acid) and chlorophyll.

Final Thoughts

Health products derived from hemp are no longer the domain of Rastafarians and hippies. Mainstream adoption is rapidly accelerating with the advent of new scientific research and focus on hemp and its many beneficial compounds from cannabinoids to antioxidative phyto compounds. Huge numbers of proponents and advocates are coming forward with their stories of relief from anxiety, inflammation, and other health issues. Case studies can be found everywhere online and in social media. The challenge for most in Australia is how to access this new super supplement. We’ve covered off the key risks, challenges, things to look out for and methods involved in getting your hands on a full spectrum hemp product in our review today. For more learnings and insights check out the Bondi Hemp Oil blog.