CBD Oil and Gummies Brisbane: Top CBD Stores (Buy Now)

CBD oil and gummies Brisbane

Situated on the Brisbane River in southeastern Queensland, Brisbane is a state capital with many attractive qualities. Like much of Queensland, Brisbane is warm and offers many outdoor activities amongst its beautiful parks, rivers and natural scenery. This complements the city’s economic and cultural diversity, which sets it apart as one of Australia’s premier lifestyle and tourism destinations. With so many active residents who enjoy fitness and sporting pursuits, it is no wonder people in Brisbane are looking to buy CBD for the health-enriching properties it provides them. Athletic activities like running through South Bank Parklands or rowing on the river are commonplace, alongside AFL, soccer and cricket. Using CBD for the benefits it has in sleep enhancement, reducing stress, aiding with inflammation and lowering anxiety all help with these activities. Many in Brisbane use it as a daily health support, bolstering mood and energy for work during the day. Let’s look at how to buy CBD in Brisbane, plus why people in Queensland use CBD for their health.

Why is CBD Popular in Brisbane?

People in Brisbane and Queensland are familiar with vitamins and supplements. Most already take products like Vitamin D, Fish Oil, Magnesium or Whey to help them with their daily nutrient needs. CBD has a similar place in supporting the well-being needs of those in Brisbane but has unique properties that make it even more potent in assisting with issues like anxiety or arthritis. That’s because CBD interacts with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system, which helps regulate sleep, mood, energy, and digestion. By modulating this system’s activity, CBD stimulates various beneficial effects for holistic well-being. It can help to lower stress during the day, aid with improving sleep quality, reduce anxiety, bolster immunity, plus minimise some forms of pain. Its variety of potential applications is extensive, so it’s popular with many people in Brisbane.

In addition, it’s completely natural, non-addictive and entirely safe to use daily. The versatility of CBD is a huge draw for it. Add it to smoothies, mix it with your coffee, or take a few drops in the morning or night. Different people take it for varying purposes, too. For example, stressed or tired office workers enjoy CBD for its concentration-promoting benefits and ability to aid with relaxation. It can counteract stress symptoms, preventing the nervous system from becoming overworked. Many take it at night time for similar reasons. In those who are anxious, it significantly helps get to sleep, preventing insomnia while bolstering REM-stage sleep recovery. For Athletes in Brisbane, recovery is where CBD offers substantial support. It can help lower the aches, pain and inflammation after intensive games or exercise. Rubbing it onto bruises or sore knees can aid localised soreness, promoting healing. Over time, CBD oil and gummies have become hugely popular in Brisbane for these reasons, with many now swearing it for their day-to-day health goals.

Can I Buy CBD in Brisbane and Queensland?

It’s possible to purchase CBD legally in Brisbane in a few different ways. Whether in Fortitude Valley, New Farm, Indooroopilly or other areas, shopping for CBD can be done in multiple locations. However, a few rules and constraints will apply based on the CBD product you seek. While these products were made legal for over-the-counter purchases in 2021, you still need a prescription for some kinds of CBD oil.

In particular, if you want high-dose products for a specific condition, speaking to your doctor will be necessary. Only a GP or licensed medical practitioner can prescribe potent CBD that contains more than 150mg of CBD per day. In many cases, people in Queensland will need this type of product to help treat conditions such as arthritis or anxiety. But because they are more potent, their control is tighter and medical approval must be made. A doctor will assess your need to obtain high-strength CBD and ensure you meet the criteria for access, including having an approved condition and exhausting other treatment options before they can prescribe.

Within Queensland, low-dose CBD products are much easier to obtain. You simply need to visit a pharmacy that offers CBD oil and provide them with your identification so they can sell it to you over the counter. Not all chemists will enable you to buy CBD, as a large portion don’t stock it, so checking in beforehand with your local store may be necessary. 

You can also shop for CBD both online and in cannabis dispensaries in Brisbane. Each has advantages and drawbacks. For instance, shopping online enables you to access a more extensive range of potential products like CBD gummies, plus lets you tap into CBD sellers from overseas, which can be advantageous. In all cases, when buying CBD without a prescription, you can’t purchase anything containing THC. Cannabis medications with THC are heavily controlled and prescription-only, with more significant side effect risks because of their strength.

Is CBD Legal in Queensland?

Queensland is subject to national regulations in Australia that govern CBD and medical cannabis. These products have been legal in the state since 2016 for medical purposes. More recently, access was expanded for the purchase of low-dose CBD without a medical prescription in certain places. This means you can shop for CBD without needing any sign-off from your doctor. But you’ll be restricted to lower-strength products until you obtain a GP prescription. Depending on your personal health needs, low-dose products may be perfectly adequate. But they aren’t for everyone. For more potent CBD oil, speak to your GP, as you’ll need to get assessed for suitability. There are a few steps involved in obtaining high potency CBD legally or any product containing THC because of their more significant side effect risks. But once you’ve received a script, you can quickly fill it out in any CBD pharmacy.

Where to Buy CBD in Brisbane

Although CBD is legal in Brisbane now, shopping for it is still challenging for a few reasons. Not all pharmacies will stock CBD or participate in Australia’s Special Access Scheme, which is required to do so. Finding a local pharmacy in Queensland offering CBD can be challenging, and you will need to research to locate one that does. On the other hand, pharmacies are a good option due to supplying high-quality, medical-grade CBD sourced from reputable suppliers and will abide by regulations. It won’t contain THC or contaminants, and you can get peace of mind that the product is guaranteed to be of good quality. In addition, pharmacists themselves can be a good source of information and help guide you on product selection, plus trade-offs between different options.

You can also explore purchasing CBD online, which has a few significant benefits. It allows you to find an extensive range of CBD options and compare prices more quickly and easily. Always check for a certificate of analysis that confirms the product’s quality if shopping online. Many CBD stores sell low-quality or fake products online, which can be a problem, mainly due to their cost. Furthermore, if you purchase overseas and ship your product to Brisbane, it could be confiscated if you don’t have a prescription. 

Instead, consider buying CBD in a hemp shop or dispensary in Brisbane. Often, these stores will sell CBD oil or other products like gummies, offering a more tangible in-person experience for you to compare offerings. Many are experts in hemp products, so they can give helpful advice when choosing what to buy. They often stock a more extensive variety of hemp-derived products like hemp oil, hemp gummies, balms, hemp protein and hemp hearts. For example, Happy Herbs in Brisbane or PlantMed are good options to look at when buying hemp products and CBD oil. There’s no best option to buy CBD in Queensland. Each avenue will have different benefits and drawbacks. Shop around and find a store that best meets your needs. But keep in mind that high-strength CBD can only be acquired through a doctor and pharmacy.


Where to buy CBD in Brisbane?

In Brisbane, CBD is available at many pharmacies, hemp shops and dispensaries. Depending on the location, they may be able to provide both low and high-strength CBD oil. Low-dose CBD can be purchased over the counter, while higher-strength products require a prescription to buy in Queensland. Shopping for CBD online in Brisbane is also possible but more risky without the right prescription. Many products online are low in quality or not regulated if purchased overseas. Buying domestically at a local pharmacy or store is usually a better choice despite being more expensive.

Is CBD oil available over the counter in Brisbane?

Pharmacies in Brisbane can supply you with CBD over the counter, provided it is a low-strength product and you’re over 18. You only need a valid identification to buy these products, which are now fully legal. If you want high-potency CBD oil, speak to your doctor, as a prescription is needed. Low-strength products are capped at 150mg of CBD per day in oil form, with up to 30 days of supply allowed per product. Remember that not all pharmacies will supply or stock these products, so calling beforehand to confirm is advisable.


More individuals in Brisbane are taking advantage of CBD today to bolster their overall health. It’s excellent as a natural method to help with daily stress, mitigate anxiety, boost sleep health, and counteract inflammation in the body. Many use it for conditions like arthritis or topically to help with inflammatory psoriasis. But others in Queensland, such as athletes, enjoy it for its recovery benefits and ability to soothe muscle aches. Buying CBD in Brisbane is straightforward now that it’s legal in Australia. You can shop for low-strength CBD in pharmacies, hemp shops or online as an over-the-counter product, which has some limitations in dose amounts. Otherwise, finding a doctor in Brisbane to source a high-dose CBD oil prescription is the other main path you might explore.


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