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Purposefully extracted and distilled to maximise efficacy. Alcohol free CO2 extracted.

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Rejuvenate and recover - buy Hemp Oil from the shop Australians trust. We bring you the gold standard in rich, premium grade, 0% THC Oils and Tinctures that will leave you with complete balance and rejuvenation. Inspired by Bondi Beach, our golden blend with MCT is quality controlled to ensure you get the maximum in high quality nourishing nutrients like phyto-compounds, flavonoids, terpenes, minerals and vitamins. Experience the difference today and enrich your wellbeing with a supplement designed with your comprehensive health in mind. Carefully designed with precision in Australia. Explore our range of fully organic, biodynamic, balanced and completely pure extracts - all sourced from nourishing plant sources.

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Why Use Hemp Oil?


Reduce the impact of inflammatory markers. Antioxidants to aid with free radical damage.

Training Recovery

Recover better from exercise and training soreness.

Pets & Dogs

Hemp Oil is great for cats & dogs. With ALA and GLA for coat sheen.

Skin Health

Boost your skin's vitality and moisture with Hemp Oil's moisturising & enriching effects.

What Do Our Customers Think?

"Using it daily in my coffee - absolutely delicious and such a boost to the day."
Jacob - Melbourne

"My dogs are lapping it up - add to their feed daily!"
Regina - Mullumbimby

"Great after a surf. Definitely helping with recovery."

Rejuvenate, Recover & Find Balance

Organic & BioDynamic

Sourced from organic, whole plant, biodynamic and ethical farming.

Gold Standard Formula

Unique, proprietary blend with MCT Oil for triglycerides.

Terpenes and Flavonoids

Enhanced flavonoid and phytonutrient profile to maximise antioxidative effects.

Full Spectrum

Broad array of phytonutrients & cannaflavins

ALA, GLA and Omegas

Support cardiovascular health with Omega 3 & 6, plus linoleic acids.

All Natural, Whole Plant Source

We use the whole plant to get full nutrient coverage.

What is Hemp Oil and Why Use It?

Hemp is a natural plant that contains 0% THC but delivers a swathe of helpful phytonutrients, chlorophyll and vitamins to the body. When extracted and distilled, its oil becomes a rich and concentrated form of the most beneficial parts of the plant. Many of the natural plant compounds within hemp and hempseed deliver helpful effects in the body through antioxidation and nutritional support. Flavonoids, phytonutrients, GLA, ALA and other nutrients comprising the plant can all help you maximise recovery and get the most out of each day - we use it daily with bulletproof coffee.

Containing hundreds of molecules, vitamins and minerals such as flavonoids, ketones, linoleic acid, chlorophyll and glycosides, getting the natural and full bodied version of hemp oil for all round wellbeing is the best option in terms of deriving the most benefit from your use. Loved by users from Melbourne to Sydney, Brisbane and around Australia - it's great for daily or nightly use. Between its nourishing replenishment and moisturising benefits for the skin, its the ideal addition to any balanced diet and training. After long hikes or intense boxing, its perfect for recovery from exercise and the joint or muscle stress it can result in. With antioxidants to assist with free radicals, its whole plant origins makes it great for the body. No matter how you personally use hemp oil in Australia, we offer a holistic and balanced blend that may be able to support you for your fitness aims.

How Do I Take Hemp Oil?

As a dietary supplement, it can be used at any time of the day to provide you with the natural wellness benefits it delivers throughout the body. We love using it in a variety of foods, from smoothies, yoghurt and acai bowls to salads - its a hugely versatile addition to your diet. You can adjust your intake to suit your and needs, and achieve the optimal wellbeing for you.

What makes our carefully crafted formula different

Our all-Australian proprietary formulation uses 100% pure, organic, biodynamic hemp with no artificial colours or pesticides. We strive to ensure the highest quality and standards or production are maintained for each and every drop. Rich in antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular supporting effects. Australians love it for training recovery and a daily healthy fats boost. Rejuvenate and optimise whether you’re in Perth, Hobart or Adelaide - we have you covered with our all-organic range.

Where can I buy Hemp Oil in Australia?

Right here - we're Australia-based and deliver nationally. We believe in being generous to our customers and offer free express delivery on all orders. If you’re looking to buy hemp oil online, look no further - just pick one of our amazing products, purchase and get it delivered to your door fast and with no hassle - no overseas shipping wait times. Our hemp extract is shipped from the CBD.

What are the benefits to me?

Through its nutritional and health benefits it can assist with mood, appetite, dietary quality and energy. By activating two receptor types called CB1 and CB2 which are located throughout the body, from your organs like the stomach through to the skin, hemp oil provides replenishment along the metabolic pathway.