CBD Oil for Arthritis Australia: Benefits & Best Products

CBD Oil for arthritis in Australia

It’s become commonplace for people to use CBD oil for arthritis in Australia today. This natural hemp extract has natural anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing effects for the joints. It helps soothe the irritating aches, strains, and soreness from arthritis symptoms.

CBD Oil products for arthritis pain

A significant advantage it has over pharmaceutical pain treatments for arthritis is its comparative lack of side effects and non-addictive nature. 

Several clinical studies have demonstrated CBD is safe, well tolerated and effective for lowering joint inflammation.

Senior woman taking CBD oil for joint pain

More individuals use CBD oil to help calm arthritis symptoms like joint stiffness. Remember, it won’t treat arthritis and shouldn’t replace a doctor’s assessment.

Some people see little noticeable difference in their joint problems from taking CBD oil. But it helps support many with arthritis and improves their quality of life.

Organic CBD oil for joint inflammation

Let’s take a look at the best CBD oil for arthritis in Australia, plus its benefits for combatting this frustrating condition. 

Top Benefits of CBD Oil for Arthritis

CBD Oil product in Australia

Using CBD oil for arthritis helps with symptoms in multiple ways. It works to combat pain from the joint friction that arthritis causes while mitigating joint inflammation. Let’s take a look at how it helps.

Reducing Arthritis Pain

Arthritis pain in knee

Arthritis triggers pain in the body’s joints because of the increased friction between joint sheaths. Using CBD oil for arthritis pain is one way to help reduce symptoms naturally. CBD has analgesic or pain-relieving qualities that help to lower joint pain.

It does this by altering nociception or the perception of pain. Arthritis pain occurs due to nerve signals from peripheral nerves in the joints. Activating CB2 cannabinoid receptors in the joints dulls the sensitivity of these nerves. When activated by CBD, these receptors can modulate the pain response through endocannabinoids, helping us perceive less pain. 

CBD Drops for joint aches

Moreover, CBD’s interaction with neurotransmitters and pain receptors in the brain can also help reduce pain perception. For those with arthritis, this is incredibly helpful. It enables reduced stress and discomfort from joint pain, better sleep, greater mobility, and better quality of life. Aiding with sleep is a side benefit of CBD, contributing to better recovery and reduced arthritis symptoms. 

Anti-Inflammatory for Joints

Achy joint from arthritis

Another application of CBD oil for arthritis is reducing inflammation. CBD works as an immune modulator. It alters the body’s inflammatory response, helping to decrease inflammatory cytokines and the joint inflammation associated with chronic arthritis. When CBD binds to the joint’s CB2 receptors, it activates and releases endocannabinoids.

Senior man with no arthritis pain

These soothe inflammation by reducing the production of inflammatory proteins like prostaglandins. This, in turn, helps to lower joint redness, swelling, and irritation. Some people even use CBD cream today to effectively calm achy inflammation in their joint sheath from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. Its natural ability to help block inflammation is another mechanism by which it reduces overall pain levels.

Immune Response

Joint inflammation in shoulder

There are various forms of arthritis. Some are autoimmune joint conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis. This results from the immune system mistakenly attacking joint tissues. TT cells mistake the joint cells as irritants, causing a response to eliminate them. Over time, this immune activity causes damage and degradation. CBD oil can offer some ability to reverse these immune dysfunction problems.

Endocannabinoids triggered by CBD help normalise immune regulation and promote homeostatic balance in the inflammatory response. This is vital for conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, where the autoimmune response is abnormally activated. CBD can help normalise the underlying autoimmune condition by supporting better immune signalling and T cell regulation, thus preventing the body from attacking the joint.

Full-spectrum CBD oil for arthritis in Australia

Certain endocannabinoid compounds, like 2-AG, improve immune system signalling and prevent it from misfiring. They also assist in downregulating immune activity where it is overactive, helping to prevent T cells from incorrectly attacking the body. By normalising immune system function, CBD can slow down the progression of rheumatoid arthritis in particular. It won’t cure the problem, but it can help relieve some symptoms.

Improved Joint Mobility

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Another way CBD oil helps with arthritis is by boosting the ability of joints to move. It possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that aid in reinforcing joint health. Using it often helps those with joint problems regain movement and range of motion and lower joint stiffness. Joint decay from arthritis damaging cartilage is usually the culprit of these stiff, achy sensations mainly seen with osteoarthritis. 

Arthritis can’t be cured. However, it can be slowed using natural anti-inflammatory products like CBD oil. Compounds in hemp oil also offer antioxidative effects. These help to defend joint cells from further damage and prevent oxidative stress. Better joint mobility helps with overall health through more significant daily movement and exercise, lowering discomfort. Smoother joint function leads to better overall health outcomes. It’s an excellent reason to consider using CBD oil for arthritis today.

What’s the Best CBD Oil in Australia for Arthritis?

Best CBD oil in Australia for arthritis

Finding the best CBD oil in Australia for arthritis can take time, research and experimentation. No two people are the same regarding their particular arthritis symptoms. Additionally, everyone has differing results and responses to CBD. Some people see much better effects from full-spectrum CBD oil, while others may see isolate or broad-spectrum products work best. These individual differences make it difficult to recommend a single ‘best’ CBD oil in Australia for arthritis in all people. But there are certain things you can look for that will help you find the highest quality products.

Verifying Quality

CBD oil quality

Firstly, always get a lab certificate for your CBD oil. A third-party lab produces it and provides details on purity and cannabinoid content. This is the best way to verify a product’s authenticity and understand potency. It will list cannabinoids like CBD in an extract with a high-accuracy ng/mL reading. Obtaining this gives you peace of mind that your product doesn’t contain contaminants, heavy metals, toxins, or THC.

In addition, seeking out products with extensive testimonials, customer reviews, and ratings can help lower the risk of buying poor-quality CBD oil. Many fake products are on the market, particularly online. Checking authentic buyer’s comments from prior customers and their experiences helps you find the best CBD oils.

Organic and CO2 Extraction 

Organic CBD Extraction

Additionally, you should seek out organic and CO2-extracted CBD oil. Sourcing organic is a good rule of thumb as it helps avoid potential pesticide or herbicide toxification. Organic hemp isn’t treated with these chemicals, which are often found in CBD oil from treated plants. Additionally, providers that only source organic will usually avoid including additives, flavouring, or preservatives in their CBD oil.

Dropper of CBD oil for joint pain

CO2-extracted oils are preferential because they have higher purity and strength. Products extracted with solvents or other chemicals are of lower quality and are more likely to contain traces of these chemicals. Solvents like ethanol are toxic but can be hard to remove after extraction. To prioritise quality, ensure your CBD oil for arthritis is made from supercritical gas extraction only.

We’d recommend exploring providers like Naturecan, Premium Jane or Black Sheep Farms for some of the best CBD oils for arthritis in Australia. These sellers are all well-known, popular and verifiable CBD stores. Each has excellent offerings for organic, CO2-extracted, premium CBD that is lab-tested. Shop around and find a store that aligns with your preferences.

Type of CBD for Arthritis

CBD products for rheumatoid arthritis

Understanding the different types of CBD oil for arthritis is a significant factor in finding the best product for your needs. These products have three main types (or ‘formulations’).

  • Full-spectrum CBD Oil is great for arthritis because it contains a range of minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and antioxidants. This blend of anti-inflammatory compounds creates a synergistic cocktail of effects that works best for arthritis. Terpenes improving the strength of cannabinoids like CBD is known as the “entourage effect.” This synergy enhances the therapeutic benefits of CBD oil for arthritis, making it more effective at reducing joint inflammation and pain.
  • If you’re worried about THC (different to CBD) but still want to obtain terpenes and minor cannabinoids, consider Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil. This type of CBD oil removes traces of THC yet still contains most of hemp’s terpenes and cannabinoids. It will offer a similar degree of relief from arthritis symptoms but isn’t as effective as full-spectrum formulations.
  • CBD Isolate Oil is generally the best choice for those who want pure CBD alone, without other plant compounds. This type of CBD oil is made by isolating the CBD compound from the plant. Extracts made this way are extremely strong and pure but will lack the advantages offered by the entourage effect. They also won’t contain beneficial, anti-inflammatory minor cannabinoids like CBG, CBN or THCV.
Which Type to Choose
Old man with healthy joints

We recommend sticking to full-spectrum CBD oil types for arthritis symptoms. They’re generally the best suited for targeting and alleviating rheumatoid joint inflammation. Not only do they provide more significant inflammation reduction via the entourage effect, but the terpenes they contain are also beneficial in themselves.

Terpenes like myrcene have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Consuming them alongside cannabinoids like CBD is often advantageous to get more excellent coverage of hemp’s phytocompounds. Many terpenes interact with the endocannabinoid system similarly to CBD. This means they can help block pain and defend the joints by activating cannabinoid receptors in the region. Keep this in mind when you’re buying CBD oil for arthritis in Australia.

How Does CBD Work for Arthritis?

Senior man taking CBD tincture for joint pain

CBD oil works for arthritis by triggering the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS, in turn, stimulates anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and immunomodulatory benefits for the joints through endocannabinoids. This system alters the regulation of pain, inflammation, and immune function by changing how these systems signal. 

CBD interacts with this system, albeit not by directly binding to the cannabinoid receptors like THC does. Instead, CBD indirectly influences the ECS, enhancing the effects of endocannabinoids and modulating cannabinoid receptor activity. Its action on cannabinoid receptors in the joints is particularly potent for arthritis relief. Over time, more is being discovered about the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids for arthritis.


Organic CBD Tincture in Australia

Does CBD oil work for arthritis? Let’s review some evidence for its application in mitigating joint pain.

Multiple studies have explored how CBD might reduce or treat pain and inflammation caused by different arthritis types. For example, a 2018 study investigated how CBD oil might help to reduce chronic pain, such as arthritis pain. This trial compared CBD doses in a placebo test group versus a subject group of adults. It found that overall pain symptoms were lowered by 43% on average compared to the placebo. This result was statistically significant and measured from a 0-10 pain rating scale.

A separate 2022 trial explored the use of CBD as a treatment for osteoarthritis pain. More than 400 adults with osteoarthritis were recruited and given treatment with CBD oil for arthritis. The results were incredibly successful. On average, subjects reported their pain reduced by 44%. Most of the subjects also cited better joint mobility, reduced joint aches, and better sleep after being dosed with CBD. The researchers also found that subjects relied less on other medications like opioids or entirely ceased their use when taking CBD. 

Old man knee joints

Another 2020 study examined how CBD could reduce inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis by reducing rheumatoid arthritis’ fibroblasts’. This experiment used in-vitro testing of CBD doses directly on joint cartilage tissue displaying rheumatoid arthritis. CBD’s interactions with joint cells were monitored to understand its mechanisms of action.

Researchers discovered it activated particular joint receptors and cells that altered the production of fibroblast tissue. Fibroblasts are collagen proteins in the joints. They become inflamed, damaged and painful when rheumatoid arthritis occurs. CBD counteracted this inflammation in-vitro in the experiment, indicating it has anti-arthritic properties.

These studies indicate CBD not only reduces the pain and inflammation that occurs with arthritis but actively prevents arthritis at a cellular level in joint cartilage. Scientists still aren’t fully aware of how the cannabinoid stimulates these effects. Further research will eventually elucidate its actual mechanisms of action.

How to Use CBD Oil for Arthritis

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Here are some pointers to remember when using CBD oil for arthritis.

Product Type

CBD Drops for osteoarthritis

Choosing the right CBD oil for arthritis is the first step in using it. Various CBD products are now available for arthritis purposes. Each caters to different usage preferences, flavour choices and medium of ingestion. 

CBD Edibles
Young woman using CBD product

Products consumed orally, such as edibles, capsules, oils, or tinctures, are easy to use and provide sustained, long-release relief. Each is absorbed slowly through gut digestion. As such, they will provide a steady stream of CBD into the blood, helping calm arthritis for longer. They’re less effective for instant relief but valuable for ongoing joint pain alleviation. 

CBD capsules can be used to avoid the taste of CBD oil, as they bypass the tastebuds. You can also find products like CBD gummies or chocolates that mask the flavour of CBD and make dosing easier. However, like CBD edibles, they’re less effective if you need fast-acting relief from arthritis inflammation. Absorption can take several hours and can be further slowed down if CBD is consumed with food. 

Middle aged woman with knee arthritis

In such cases, sprays or vapes provide fast-acting arthritis relief. It is the most rapidly absorbed method of consuming CBD. Vaping releases atomised CBD into the lungs, which are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream via the lung’s membrane. However, vape cartridges often contain additives like glycol, artificial flavours, nicotine, or other chemicals that could damage one’s lungs over time. Balancing the risks with the benefits of CBD vapes and exploring different options to avoid compromising cardiovascular health is essential. Often, the damage caused isn’t worth relieving arthritis pain in the joints.

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Topicals, such as balms, creams, and ointments, can be applied to the affected joint for targeted relief. They are excellent for arthritis, allowing concentrated CBD absorption into the joint’s cannabinoid receptors. These products provide quick calming and anti-inflammatory effects. Unlike oral products, they do not need to be digested. Applying them to the skin enables rapid and localised absorption into inflamed joint tissues, improving the concentration of cannabinoids in the region. Many topicals contain nutrients and moisturising agents that help calm the skin’s layers. Some of these agents can aid with boosting blood flow to the area, which assists in joint recovery. 


Dosing CBD for arthritis

When consuming CBD oil for arthritis, it’s vital to plan out dosing. Since CBD extract is mixed with a carrier oil, the amount of liquid you need for your arthritis symptoms is measured in millilitres. Each mL contains a specific amount of CBD in mg.

You can calculate liquid doses based on the CBD quantity displayed on the product’s packaging. Most packages denote strength by total volume, such as 3000mg or 5000mg of CBD. Follow the product’s dosing guidelines for recommendations. This will help you determine the amount of CBD oil for arthritis symptoms. 

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When you’re starting, only use a small quantity per day. You only need a few drops sublingually a couple of times a day, equating to a few milligrams daily. Over time, look at increasing the dose. If you aren’t seeing results after a few weeks, you may need a more potent CBD oil. Always look to use the least amount of CBD possible for relief. Doing so helps prevent tolerance from building up or adverse effects from occurring.

Note that some people do get better results for arthritis pain when they combine CBD and THC. If this applies to you, you’ll need to consider getting a doctor’s prescription for medical cannabis. This can be done in Australia by consulting a licensed doctor in the Special Access Scheme.

Can CBD Replace NSAIDs for Arthritis?

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CBD won’t substitute prescription pharmaceutical interventions for arthritis, such as NSAIDs or corticosteroids. These compounds are usually more powerful and effective in managing arthritis inflammation. They work more directly to reduce inflammatory prostaglandin compounds at a fast rate. CBD can’t offer the same degree of anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects. It has fewer side effects and can be used long-term, its main advantage over pharmaceuticals.

NSAIDs, for instance, can only be used as a short-term treatment. Taking them over long periods can cause kidney, liver or cardiovascular damage. We recommend always listening to your doctor and taking their advice. Often, CBD oil isn’t the best remedy for arthritis, and more potent medications are needed. Speak to them to see what suits your personal symptoms and health needs. Never start taking CBD products without clearing it with your doctor first.

Safety and Other Medications

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CBD has a few side effects and risks to be aware of before using it for your arthritis.

Side Effects

On its own, pure CBD is highly safe, well tolerated and has low side effect risks. CBD oil can typically be used for arthritis daily without issues occurring from dependence or side effects. Numerous reviews on its safety have shown that the cannabinoid is non-addictive and has infrequent side effects, even at high doses.

Pure CBD extract for arthritis pain in Australia

Side effects, such as dry mouth, lethargy or an upset stomach, are generally mild. Most side effects pass quickly if they do occur. However, persistent side effects may need medical attention. If side effects continue for more than a day or two, stop using CBD oil. Your product could be contaminated, or you may have an allergy to the carrier oil it contains. Some people don’t tolerate  

Medication Interactions

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The most considerable risk in using CBD oil for arthritis is combining it with other medications. It can cause adverse reactions if combined with NSAIDs, such as corticosteroids or DMARDs. Consult with your doctor if you are using any existing medication. They will guide you on appropriate usage. In some cases, CBD may be suitable alongside existing medications as supplementary anti-inflammatory support. However, this must be assessed and considered individually, as everyone is different and has unique arthritis symptoms.

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If your doctor thinks that CBD can be used alongside your prescribed medication and can be helpful for your condition, then it’s worth considering. However, it’s crucial to remember that cannabinoids like CBD may not be as potent as prescription medications in reducing inflammation or pain. Although they have fewer side effects, avoiding mixing medications is essential unless you’ve cleared it with your doctor. Doing so can strain your liver, leading to liver harm. So, always consult your doctor before trying new medications or supplements.


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It’s easy to see why more people in Australia use CBD oil for arthritis. CBD’s properties are excellent at mitigating many of the painful, frustrating symptoms that rheumatoid and osteoarthritis cause. CBD works for arthritis by working on cannabinoid receptors in joint cartilage and altering joint cell signalling. These effects enable it to minimise joint inflammation, improve mobility, dampen arthritis pain, and assist with immune function. All the while, CBD is non-addictive and safe to use, being a natural extract from hemp. 

Remember that it isn’t a cure for arthritis and won’t replace a doctor’s recommendations. Often, NSAIDs, corticosteroids or painkillers are needed for arthritis. Frequently, CBD isn’t the best choice in helping with symptoms. That said, it is undoubtedly helping more people than ever to rebuild joint health, confidence, and daily movement. Trying it could be worth a shot, particularly for rheumatoid arthritis types. Its low risk of adverse effects and strong tolerability means there are low downsides for most.


Where can I buy CBD oil for arthritis in Australia?

Most people in Australia now buy CBD oil for arthritis online. Shopping for CBD products online has a few advantages. It tends to be found at a much lower cost versus obtaining a prescription for higher-strength CBD oils. Online providers have less retail overheads, so they can discount their products more. Most will also have a much more excellent CBD product selection. Many providers offer CBD creams for arthritis alongside oils, CBD gummies, sprays, capsules, and more. 
You can also purchase CBD oil for arthritis over the counter in Australia today. Visit a pharmacy that sells CBD products and provide your ID to buy something. It’s an easy option, but pharmacies are limited in the strengths and types of CBD oil they can provide. Dosages are capped at 150mg of CBD daily in Australia for pharmacy or dispensary-sold CBD. For higher-strength CBD oil, speak to your doctor.
Your doctor will examine your medical history, symptoms, and health needs to determine whether CBD oil suits your arthritis. Depending on your needs, they might prescribe low—or high-dose CBD oil. Keep in mind that the doctor must be licensed in cannabis medications to offer these products. Once you have a prescription, you must buy your product at a participating pharmacy.

Can I use CBD for rheumatoid arthritis?

CBD can be an excellent remedy for rheumatoid arthritis due to its anti-inflammatory properties that can help alleviate joint inflammation. If you’re considering using CBD for arthritis, plan out your dosage approach ahead of time. Most people don’t need much CBD daily to see solid benefits for joint health. Start with a few drops a couple times a day, or 10-20mg of CBD. Place the drops under your tongue to help them absorb rapidly. Stay consistent with your daily dosing. Only explore increasing dosages after you’ve used CBD for several weeks. Tolerance can build, so taking breaks is also a good practice. 
If you don’t like CBD oil, try a topical CBD cream for your joint inflammation. These topicals can be rubbed directly onto the inflamed area to diffuse CBD. Many find this most effective in delivering targeted, soothing effects for joint pain caused by arthritis.

Is CBD good for osteoarthritis?

Most studies suggest CBD oil is better suited to mitigate rheumatoid arthritis versus osteoarthritis. This is because rheumatoid arthritis stems from inflammation and immune dysfunction, which cannabinoids like CBD can more effectively target. In contrast, osteoarthritis results from direct wear and degeneration of joint cartilage. CBD offers less relief because it isn’t an inflammatory condition. However, it may still help lower overall pain sensations and help boost joint mobility from osteoarthritis.


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