CBD Oil for Dogs in Australia: Benefits & Best Products

CBD oil for dogs in Australia

More pet owners than ever are now using CBD oil for dogs in Australia. This product contains the CBD cannabinoid from hemp, renowned for its anti-inflammatory, pain-alleviating, and anxiety-alleviating effects.

CBD oil for dogs

Most people know about CBD oil in Australia from its use among humans. Yet it has equally beneficial properties for dogs, young and old.

It’s excellent at helping dogs improve behaviour, sleep better, alleviate stress, and boost skin health. Most dog owners report that their dog becomes more obedient, less anxious, and easier to manage within weeks of trying it.

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Let’s explore the best CBD oil for dogs in Australia and its benefits for your pup. We’ll also explain why it’s good for dogs so you can gauge whether it’s worth trying with your pet.

Top Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

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CBD oil’s primary benefits for dogs include reducing stress and anxiety, helping with pain management, improving behaviour, and reducing inflammation. It’s also great if your dog suffers from fears of loud noises or other dogs or has issues with barking and biting. Let’s take a look at where it helps.

Reducing Anxiety

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A key benefit of CBD oil in dogs is reducing anxiety. Like humans, CBD works in dogs to promote calmness, reduce stress sensitivity and alleviate nervousness. It’s beneficial for dogs who suffer from separation anxiety, noise phobias (such as thunderstorms or fireworks), or social anxiety. By soothing the nervous system, CBD reduces sensitivity to these anxiety sources and improves the quality of life of anxious dogs.

Pure Australian CBD Oil for Dogs

When ingested, CBD oil causes anandamide and other endocannabinoids to be produced from a dog’s endocannabinoid system. These compounds are strongly anxiety-reducing. Many dog owners report that their dogs become much calmer, more well-behaved, and less erratic after using CBD.

CBD Drops for Dogs

A study on the effects of CBD on anxiety in dogs administered 16 dogs with CBD-infused dog treats for several weeks. The study aimed to gauge whether CBD could help dogs with acute anxiety disorders. Fireworks and loud noises were triggered to stimulate a fear response and measure how much stress was induced in each dog. 

Dogs given CBD treats showed markedly lower stress and anxiety levels from loud noises compared to a placebo group. Researchers also noted that none of the dogs displayed symptoms of adverse reactions to CBD. All dogs involved tolerated it, indicating a successful result.

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This study is significant because of how common anxiety problems are in dogs today. For example, a study from Finland on over 13,000 dogs found up to 32% showed signs of at least one anxiety-related behaviour. Anxious dogs often behave erratically. Many will dig holes, bark, and become hyperactive or compulsive. They can frequently bite objects, other dogs, or people when anxious. It’s a significant reason why more dog owners are using CBD oil for their dog’s anxiety in Australia.

Reducing Inflammation

Giving dog CBD oil in Australia

CBD oil has anti-inflammatory benefits in dogs. As such, owners often use it to help with chronic inflammatory conditions. For instance, arthritis, colitis, IBS and Crohn’s are common health problems resulting from excessive inflammation. An example of where CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory effects are significant in dogs is osteoarthritis. 

This painful condition causes chronic joint degradation over time in canines. While pharmaceutical treatments are available to help, CBD offers an all-natural alternative with potentially fewer side effects. Studies have indicated that CBD works for osteoarthritis in dogs, but they noted that it does raise liver enzymes.

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Despite this, it may still be less taxing on the kidneys and liver versus pharmaceuticals for arthritis, like NSAIDs. Many human-formulated NSAIDs are toxic to dogs, such as ibuprofen. Very few are even usable for canines. However, those must only be used with immense care and precaution because of the potential risks. In such cases, CBD might be a good alternative for longer-term inflammation. It tends to have fewer side effect risks, provided it is not combined with other medications. Wait to give your dog any new product (natural or not) until you’ve cleared this with your veterinarian.

Promoting Neuroprotection

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A significant benefit of CBD oil use in dogs is mitigating epilepsy and seizures. Like humans, dogs can suffer from epilepsy and conditions which trigger seizures. It is estimated that approximately 1% of dogs suffer from these conditions. Cases of seizures can vary in severity, length and frequency. Some dogs experience mild, infrequent seizures. Others may suffer from more severe, lengthy seizure problems. 

New research is now indicating that CBD oil helps with seizures in dogs as it does for humans. A 2021 study on this topic revealed that the use of CBD in dogs suffering from epilepsy disorders reduced seizure frequency by around 24%. However, a key downside was that it increased liver enzymes. This indicates that CBD is effective for reducing the impact of seizures, but caution must be used due to its liver load. Many dog owners report similar outcomes when using CBD products with their dogs for epilepsy. Speaking with your veterinarian about treatment options is always advisable if your dog suffers from seizures.

Fighting Allergies

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There are indicators that CBD reduces allergies in dogs. Many factors can trigger canine allergic reactions, including food allergies, certain plants, insects, dust or grass. CBD can help minimise allergic reactions by facilitating better immune cell signalling. Specifically, it acts on receptors in the immune system that help regulate immune cell activity.

Through these mechanisms, your dog’s body will avoid misfiring and reacting to allergens when they’re encountered to prevent an overreactive inflammatory response from occurring. For instance, a 2022 study showed CBD and certain other cannabinoids reduce the incidence of dermatitis in canines. This condition causes allergic reactions in the skin, irritating a dog and causing scratching. CBD use in dogs helped normalise the immune response in the skin, preventing redness or itchiness.

Improved Behaviour

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Another benefit of CBD oil for dogs is calming them down and reducing stress. This has clear advantages in reducing aggression, promoting obedience, and encouraging good behaviour. Many cases of aggression in dogs are the result of stress or anxiety. This could be because of poor treatment or training, their genes, or their natural predispositions. Reducing their stress with CBD helps to prevent this type of aggression.

Evidence of these benefits was displayed in a 2021 study on dogs from the University of Western Australia. It dosed 12 dogs with CBD over 45 days to gauge changes in their temperament compared with a placebo group. This study found that dogs given CBD displayed less aggression towards humans and had calmer behaviour.

Dog sleeping with CBD oil

Such studies further indicate that CBD oil helps to improve mood in dogs and prevents aggressive behaviours like biting. It calms canines, promotes mood stability and improves obedience by mitigating stress.

Better Sleep

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Many dog owners in Australia use CBD oil with their dogs to improve sleep. CBD helps to calm dogs, promoting a restful state that leads to enhanced sleep quality. It has been shown to boost sleep quality, length, and the depth of REM cycles in humans. Similar effects are thought to occur in dogs who struggle to sleep or have insomnia. 

These effects were demonstrated in a 2021 study on CBD in dogs. It suggested that 2-40mg per kg of CBD in dogs daily was valuable in lowering stress and improving sleep. Overall sleep length and rest were increased through CBD’s sedative effects. How these effects occur in dogs still needs to be fully understood. Like humans, the answer may lie in CBD’s action on the brain’s CB1 cannabinoid receptors. Using CBD oil may help your dog sleep better more regularly and stay asleep throughout the night.

Best CBD Oil for Dogs in Australia

Organic CBD oil for dogs in Australia

When choosing the best CBD oil in Australia for your dog, a few things are essential to take note of to ensure a great and safe experience. The most crucial factor in buying CBD oil for canines is ensuring a product contains no THC. It must be formulated for dogs, with extremely high purity and 0% THC level. This is critical. THC is poisonous to dogs, even in tiny amounts. If they consume it, a veterinarian visit will be needed. It underscores the importance of verifying that the CBD oil you’re buying for your dog is legitimate, lab-tested, and from a trusted seller.

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To ensure this, a helpful tip is vying for organic, CO2-extracted CBD oils for dogs, which are isolate-formulated (for pets). Let’s detail why this is:

  • Organic CBD oil is less risky for dogs as it is far less likely to contain toxins, pesticides or chemicals that are often used to farm GMO or non-organic hemp. Cultivating hemp organically means CBD oil extracted from it will be unadulterated, pure and pesticide-free. Pesticides are frequently toxic to dogs and can harm your furry friend.
  • CO2-Extracted products don’t use toxic solvents to create CBD oil. They’re better for pets because they’re more pure. Many pets, including dogs, can be susceptible to solvents or other additives added during chemical-based extraction. Stick to gas-extracted CBD oil for your pet.
  • Pet-formulated (CBD Isolate) products won’t not contain any THC. Extra care is taken to eliminate all THC traces in CBD products designed for dogs. These will be gas-extracted isolate CBD oils with 0% THC in almost all cases. We recommend avoiding any product that says ‘full-spectrum’ on the label, as it will contain trace amounts of THC.
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A quality CBD oil for dogs in Australia should additionally have a Certificate of Analysis (COA) available. These are usually provided by batch, which you can match to your CBD oil by its batch number. Each will be supplied by a third-party lab, which validates the cannabis content and ensures the product is free of impurities.

For instance, it will validate that the CBD oil for your dog doesn’t have any heavy metals, THC, dirt or additives. Additionally, the product should be clearly labelled. Look for recommended dosage guidelines for your dog. You can follow these instructions when using CBD oil with your pet.

CBD product for dogs

It’s also a good idea to speak with your veterinarian about CBD oil for your dog. They can help determine the appropriate dosage for your furry friend’s needs. We suggest Black Sheep Farms, Alternaleaf, or Neurogan in Australia for some brand recommendations. Each has excellent organic, high-purity CBD oil for dogs that won’t risk adverse effects from THC or contaminants. They’re also trustworthy and have many customer reviews behind them.

How Does CBD Work in Dogs?

Calm dog after using CBD

Because dogs have an endocannabinoid system like humans, they can use cannabinoids like CBD. This is how CBD works in dogs. It binds with cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system to activate endogenous cannabinoid release. Studies have proven this mechanism in canines. Dogs can benefit from CBD oil and other CBD products. 

Many anecdotes from dog owners in Australia back up this evidence. Today, you can find countless testimonials and stories about how CBD has helped dogs online. This is also why you can find many CBD products for dogs in Australia today—for example, CBD-infused dog food, chews, toys, or treats.


Doberman dog

It could be worth it if you’re considering using CBD oil for your dog in Australia. CBD is great for dogs and can help them in many ways. This is why it’s now so popular amongst dog owners in Australia. It can help with mood and behaviour, lowering anxiety, calming inflammation and improving behaviour. Clinical research into these effects has already been fruitful. With more time, the complex ways that cannabinoids like CBD help dogs may be better understood. Do your research to find the best CBD oil for dogs in Australia. It’s vital to source CBD products that are formulated for dogs or pets, as they won’t contain THC. They should also be pure, authentic and CO2 extracted. Never give THC to your dog, even in trace amounts, as it’s toxic. Before trying CBD oil, you should also confirm with your vet that it is safe for your dog.


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