Where to Buy CBD Oil and CBD Gummies in Perth WA

CBD gummies in Perth

Looking to buy CBD oil in Perth? You’re not alone. 

This natural, plant-derived hemp product has developed widespread renown in WA for its health-promoting benefits. 

It’s now a household name around Perth. Countless Aussies already take it for mitigating anxiety, lowering inflammation, combatting pain and boosting recovery.

Today, you can shop for CBD oil in Perth as it is legal in Australia. The growing evidence for the product’s safety and therapeutic benefits led to its legalisation in 2021.

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For people in Perth, it’s taken for many health purposes.

  • Many use CBD gummies or oil as a daily promoter of overall health. It can bolster concentration, aid mental clarity, and improve stress management.
  • Sportspeople love it for recovery. It’s a great addition to protocols for sleep and enhanced athletic performance. Athletes use CBD Oil to calm muscle aches, for instance.
  • The product is excellent for older people. Many take it to keep arthritis and back pain in check. It mitigates pain by lowering its sensations in the nervous system.

CBD oil’s flexibility, range of applications and ease of use has made it immensely popular in Western Australia.

A major daw it has is the sheer number of different CBD product types it comes in.

If CBD oil isn’t your thing, try capsules, tinctures, CBD gummies, sprays, drinks or creams. There are so many choices. You’re sure to find something that suits your tastes.

Where can you shop for CBD oil in Perth? There are a few places to look. 

  • Local cannabis dispensaries in Perth will usually stock various types of products like full-spectrum and isolate CBD oil. Due to their deep expertise in this space, these brick-and-mortar stores are well-equipped to deal with your product questions.
  • Shopping for CBD oil in Pharmacies around Perth might also prove fruitful. But while pharmacies offer products that are certified for quality and safety, they can be dearer than other locations.
  • Purchasing CBD oil online via an eCommerce store offering these products is a third way you can shop in Perth. It typically enables you to buy lower-cost products to save money. Additionally, online stores stock a more comprehensive range of products like vapes or CBD gummies.

A few risks can be involved when purchasing CBD Oil in Perth. Despite being legal, this category of products has unique rules and restrictions on what consumers may buy. 

CBD Gummies at Perth Beach

Knowing these rules is essential to avoid breaking them and getting into trouble. Being well-versed in the legality of CBD products in Western Australia is vital before your purchase. 

It also pays to know where the best CBD oil stores in Perth are if you’re looking for the highest quality products.

Our guide here will give you all the knowledge you need to buy CBD Oil in Perth while avoiding legal risks. We’ve done the legwork for you and summarised what you need to know in this handy write-up about where to shop for CBD gummies in WA. Find out how in this guide. Shop the right way to avoid any risks.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Perth

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To shop for CBD oil in Perth, you have a few different methods on the table to consider.

But before you start researching ‘where to buy CBD oil in Perth,’ it’s best to pause for a moment and think about what you need. Decide on the product type you want and set your budget. It’ll save you a ton of confusion and headaches when you shop.

CBD oil comes in several formulations, including isolate, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum. While all formulations contain cannabidiol, each also offers some distinct advantages.

  • CBD isolate, for instance, is suitable for those who are drug tested because it won’t contain any THC. THC is entirely removed from this formulation.
  • Full-spectrum CBD products contain unique phytonutrients from hemp. An example is terpenes, which help improve the strength of cannabinoids like CBD.
Organic CBD Product

Similarly, with product strength, it’s wise to assess your requirements. Not everyone needs high-strength CBD products. These are more expensive and often overkill. Low-dose CBD oil can work great for many. But product strength is an individual question. If you require more significant amounts of CBD to get results, high-strength offerings will get you more cannabinoid concentration per dollar, helping you save money over time.

Best Retail Shops

Cannabis Dispensary

Going into a physical retail store in Perth to buy CBD oil has a few advantages.

For one, you can see products yourself and view their packaging. This can help with gauging product quality and understanding a product’s ingredients more efficiently. Most products will list their CBD concentrations and the content of other cannabinoids on their labels. But speaking to a store person can often be a good reference point for greater insight if you’re in doubt. Many workers in cannabis dispensaries, for instance, are often experts in CBD products and will have solid product knowledge. They’ll be able to help you with the pros and cons of differing CBD oils and give advice in person.

However, finding a suitable store in Perth offering CBD gummies or oils has its challenges. There are many shops around, but not all are of good quality. Many lack product selection, are overpriced or don’t have a good range of CBD formulations. For instance, some stores only sell full-spectrum CBD oil or low-strength formulas. We’ve compiled a quick list of some of the top stores for CBD in Perth to help guide you.

CBD Oil Store in Perth

Top CBD oil stores in Perth include:

  • Hemponics in Malaga
  • Cannabis Access Clinics in Subiaco
  • The Hemp Dispensary in Perth City
  • CBD Natural Medicine in Perth
  • Gary’s Hemp Oil in Rockingham

Many pharmacies in Perth, like Chemist Warehouse, will also sell CBD oil over the counter or via prescription. A separate choice to explore is supplement or wellness stores that sell hemp products. These are often useful as they will sell many natural health products you can explore. For example, they might sell ashwagandha, lion’s mane, nootropic formulas or ginseng supplements. Each has its effects and naturally beneficial properties for the mind or body, similar to CBD gummies.

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It’s good practice to call ahead to a retail store if you’re seeking a particular CBD product due to its varying availability. Some shops might even provide you with samples or free trial products in some cases if you check ahead. Remember, you can only purchase low-strength formulated CBD oil in retail. You must shop online for other products in Perth, like CBD gummies or creams. 

Buying CBD Oil Online in WA

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Not everyone enjoys retail experiences. For some, they’re frustrating, inefficient, costly and even stress-inducing. Retail stores for CBD oil have the added challenges of a complex, often difficult-to-understand product category. Staff might not provide the correct information or unintentionally misguide you. Not to mention, the markups in retail are substantial. These stores have to cover their shop rent and overheads. More costs are involved in running them than with online CBD oil shops, which can operate more efficiently. The prices you see in each of these store types reflect these factors. CBD oil offered in retail tends to be much more costly, which pushes people to buy online.

The most significant disadvantage of buying CBD oil in Perth at retail shops is the lack of product choice. Going online means you can access listings from many stores in Australia and overseas. You’ll find more valuable, compelling promotional offers and broader product ranges. It’s also possible to buy CBD gummies, tablets, sprays, tinctures, edibles and more from these shops. You can’t do so retail stores in WA.

Advantages of eCommerce
eCommerce CBD Oil Western Australia

Besides price and product selection advantages, purchasing CBD oil online saves you time and effort.

It means you don’t need to drive into your local store whenever you need a refill. This is more convenient and lets you get CBD oil at home without wasting your valuable time.

There’s much more transparency and information available for online CBD products today. Finding CBD oil reviews, understanding usage guidelines, obtaining cannabinoid analysis, and detailed testimonials improve the buying experience. It’s much easier to vet product quality when you have all the correct information instead of relying on the word of a store attendant. Most good online CBD oil stores in Perth also provide third-party lab testing analysis for their products. These tell you how much CBD concentration a product has. It’s an easy way to get objective product quality information and helps you avoid fakes.

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These measures also help you avoid low-quality products that are often sold online. Many providers cut costs on producing their CBD oil. They might use extraction or refinement methods that aren’t up to standard. It can cause these products to become exposed to contaminants, moulds, pesticides or fungus. In the worst cases, this could poison you. But typically, it just results in products that are impure and weak.

Getting diluted CBD oil is also a key concern when you buy online. Many online suppliers will dilute their formulas. Adding fillers like olive oil means they can increase their product volume with reduced strength. Avoiding such suppliers is vital. Shopping from them means you’ll pay more for less overall CBD. When you shop online in WA, look for a store that provides you with a certificate of analysis. It’ll accurately indicate how much CBD oil is in your product so you don’t get tricked. These read-outs from third-party labs are objective and impartial.

Tips on Shopping

Man Shopping for CBD in WA

To buy CBD oil in Perth, consider what strength and type of CBD product you need.

It’s an important consideration, as you can’t buy all strengths or formulations in every location. Restrictions apply to CBD products in Western Australia, which you should know.

The three main places to shop for CBD oil in Perth are pharmacies, cannabis dispensaries, and online stores. There are nuances and distinctions between each of these.

  • Shopping for CBD online has become very popular in Western Australia. This is because of its ease, cost savings and straightforward product comparison ability. Many in Perth buy CBD oil online and get it shipped to them as it saves the hassle of going into a physical store. The big downside is that many shops sell substandard or fake products. It can be challenging to find the real deal. Vetting the product you’re purchasing is essential.
  • Pharmacies can sell you many CBD oils over the counter in Perth. This can be done without a prescription. You only need an ID to do so. But you won’t be able to get high-strength CBD oil this way (it still needs a prescription). Your product choice is also limited to CBD oils only in pharmacies. Other products like CBD gummies, sublingual capsules or edibles are unavailable at these locations.
  • Cannabis Dispensaries in Perth are a good option for those looking for more specialised advice from experts in cannabis medications. You’ll need a prescription for CBD oil to buy it in these shops. Yet, they can be advantageous compared to pharmacies. That’s because they specialise in CBD and cannabis products. Their depth of expertise is much greater than those of pharmacists.
Speak to your Doctor
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No matter where you buy from, keep in mind that high-strength CBD oil requires a doctor’s prescription to purchase.

But even if you’re considering low-dose CBD products, checking in with your GP is the first step you should be taking. Everyone has unique health circumstances and needs. CBD oil won’t be the right choice for everyone. It also poses health risks if combined with existing medications. Asking your doctor in Perth whether it’s right for you and getting advice on usage risks is essential.

Budget and Plan

CBD Products in WA

Budget can also be a significant factor in shopping for CBD oil in Perth. These products can be very expensive in Western Australia. Premium offerings can cost you well over a hundred dollars.

Pharmacies and Cannabis Dispensaries sell very high-quality, well-regulated and quality-assured products. But they can also be highly-priced and potentially out of your budget. This particularly applies if you buy a lot of CBD oil over time. For example, if you need a new bottle of CBD oil every few weeks for your arthritis. Your wallet will take a beating from buying pharmacy-sold CBD products.

Sitting down and getting your needs straight is the first step to planning your CBD oil purchase. From there, you’ll be able to find the right shop in Perth that offers what you want.

Not every store will stock all types of CBD products. Many won’t even sell them at all. This depends on whether the shop participates in the cannabis medicine Special Access Scheme. This can vary store by store. You should always check before visiting.


Although CBD oil is legal in Perth, there are controls around what you can specifically buy.

It’s not as straightforward as walking into a pharmacy or dispensary and asking for CBD gummies. 

Providers in Western Australia can only sell CBD oil currently. Formulations are also strictly controlled.

CBD in Perth Pharmacy

No product can contain more than 0.3% THC, which means it’s produced from regulated industrial hemp. THC gets you high and has addiction risks. It’s entirely different to CBD. It also can cause psychosis, meaning medications that contain it are prescription-only and more selectively used.

CBD products you buy without a prescription have a limit on their total CBD quantity. They can only contain 30 days of dosages per CBD dropper bottle. Plus, they can’t have more than 150mg of CBD equivalent dose per day in them. Quantities above this require a doctor’s prescription to obtain.

Many doctors in Perth are reluctant to prescribe CBD products due to their association with cannabis. Some also don’t understand their benefits or may believe their efficacy hasn’t been proven. As such, searching for a doctor who can prescribe high-strength CBD oil may be difficult. Even when you get your script, buying these products is expensive. Stock availability in pharmacies also tends to be low.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Western Australia?

Is CBD Legal in Western Australia

If you’re wondering about the legality of CBD oil in Western Australia, there’s good news. Regulations regarding CBD products apply from a federal level in Australia. These regulations were updated in 2021. Changes were made to increase the availability of CBD oil and enable its purchase without needing a doctor’s prescription. These rules apply to Perth and Western Australia.

As mentioned, your product choice is limited to oils only (unless you buy online). Similarly, high-strength CBD oils containing 3000mg, 6000mg of CBD or more are off the table until you get a prescription. This applies to anywhere you shop in WA.

Buy High Strength CBD Oil in Perth

So, if you want to buy CBD gummies in Perth, your only real option is to head online. But overseas stores aren’t reliable. They’re risky as customs could confiscate your products if you buy from overseas. Shopping from online stores in Australia is safer. Still, ensure you’re careful about checking reviews and lab certificates.

Remember that any CBD oil or other product containing more than 0.3% THC in WA is prescription-only. These are viewed as medical cannabis products that are more stringently regulated. Be careful when shopping to avoid purchasing THC products. They can get you in trouble if you don’t have a prescription. Additionally, many will cause you to fail drug tests if you are a driver or get tested by your employer. In contrast, CBD won’t cause a positive result on these tests. It’s not intoxicating and doesn’t form part of testing regimes.

Why Do People in Perth Use CBD Oil?

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Due to its multi-targeted mechanisms of action in the body and brain, CBD oil has a considerable number of distinct benefits.

As such, people in Perth use it for a surprisingly large number of different reasons. The safety and non-intoxicating nature of the product underscores these reasons.

  • Many take it during the day for their stress or focus.
  • In others, it’s a valuable sleeping aid to help prevent insomnia.
  • Athletic types look to CBD creams for assistance with joints or muscle aches.
  • Some women use it for their period pain to help manage discomfort.

Its uses are nearly endless.

Top Uses
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Some of the top ways people use CBD oil in Perth are:

  • Mental energy: many Western Australians use CBD products to improve their mood, concentration and overall mental energy. Adding a few CBD oil drops to your morning coffee or breakfast can help boost your attentiveness and working memory by supporting cognitive processes. In the brain, CBD acts on cannabinoid receptors that manage learning, focus and memory. Elevating their function and reinforcing homeostasis means potent benefits for reducing brain fog and mental fatigue. Often, students use it to enable longer, more productive study. Knowledge workers love it for mental clarity and anti-stress effects.
  • Anxiety: being anxious or chronically stressed is becoming more common in places like Perth. Cost of living, financial hardships and stressful work all contribute to mental distress. It’s no wonder that more people use CBD gummies or oils for stress to help them relax better and take the edge off the day. CBD helps to lower anxiety while easing the mind. It has anxiolytic or anxiety-alleviating effects through its activation of the endocannabinoid system, which influences the stress response. Making this response less sensitive and downregulating its activity using CBD gummies is a great way to manage stress better.
  • Arthritis: for seniors in Perth, a big draw of CBD oil is its anti-inflammatory, arthritis-mitigating benefits. It is absorbed by cannabinoid receptors found in joints like the knees. After these receptors absorb it, they trigger the production of endocannabinoids in the region. Endocannabinoids help combat arthritis symptoms because they reduce inflammation and help with the pain. In particular, they’re good at blocking nerve pain, which occurs with arthritis due to the joint damage it causes. CBD oil isn’t a cure here, but it helps to manage joint stiffness and achy sensations.
  • Sleep is often overlooked, but sleep health is the most critical factor in overall mental and physical well-being. In Perth, many people already use CBD oil to bolster their sleep health and enhance circadian rhythm regulation. It works through endocannabinoid activity in the brain’s hypothalamus, which controls sleep phases. Improving the consistency and quality of sleep, particularly the REM phase, is an excellent benefit. Try taking CBD gummies about an hour before bedtime and see what difference it makes. Most report improved sleep depth and more REM sleep after using it for a few weeks.


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The growing number of people seeking to buy CBD oil in Perth isn’t surprising.

Western Australians are drawn to these products despite their often high prices. That’s because of their profound benefits to overall mental and physical well-being. People in Perth already love CBD products to help with anxiety, sleep, arthritis, mental energy and inflammation. These items are all-natural, vegan, safe, and easy to use. They’re the ideal addition to any health-conscious person’s daily wellness repertoire.

What’s surprising is how challenging it can be to shop for high-quality CBD products in WA at a price that isn’t inflated.

CBD oil is legal across Western Australia, including in Perth. But in many places, it’s severely overpriced. You can shop for it today in pharmacies, cannabis dispensaries, online CBD stores and elsewhere. This isn’t difficult. The hard part is finding something quality at a reasonable price. Doing so can take a bit of time and searching.

CBD Cream

Start with figuring out the product you need. Research different CBD formulations, strengths and product types. Factor in your budget. After this, decide where to shop for your CBD oil in Perth.

Online shopping is the best method for the majority of people. This is due to its strong time efficiency, cost savings, and excellent product selection. Comparing, contrasting and assessing products online is also much more straightforward. You have all the information you need on demand. In addition, the lab reports that verify a product’s purity and authenticity should be available online. Always seek this before shopping for CBD oil in Perth. It’s a vital precaution to prevent purchasing a fake item.


How do I buy CBD gummies in Perth?

To buy CBD gummies in Perth, you should first confirm the strength of CBD you need. This will help you gauge whether a doctor’s prescription is required, which is the case for high-strength CBD products. Low-strength products have wider availability and can be bought in many places. In Perth, there are two main shopping channels to get CBD gummies, each with advantages.
Cannabis dispensaries in Perth frequently sell CBD gummies as part of their product range. These usually need a prescription to purchase in these shops.
Online Retailers: There are online platforms that sell and deliver CBD gummies to Perth. These platforms might be in Australia or overseas (such as the US). It’s not recommended to buy CBD gummies, though, from overseas, as customs can take your shipment. Online shops usually have a more extensive product range, lower prices and are more convenient. However, they are less regulated. Quality can be an issue. Ensure you obtain third-party lab testing results for CBD gummy products before purchasing.

Can I order CBD products from Perth?

Yes, you can order CBD products online to your address in Perth. Most sellers will offer express shipping to ensure your items get to you quickly and without hiccups. Buying CBD gummies or oil online this way saves you time and cost. It’s much more convenient for busy people. Comparing and assessing cost and product quality is much more straightforward using this method. When ordering online, ensure you vet your supplier and do your research. Get a lab analysis to confirm quality and check shipping policies to ensure delivery can be made to Perth. You should also note any shipping policies or refund rules if your order is lost during delivery.

Where can I buy CBD oil over the counter in Western Australia?

Many pharmacies can sell you CBD oil over the counter in WA. You should confirm beforehand if this is the case by calling in. Only some pharmacies in Perth or WA will sell CBD oil. It requires a special license to offer. This license is expensive and adds effort for pharmacists to obtain. This makes it somewhat uncommon. Once you find the right pharmacy, confirm stock availability and whether they have the particular product you’re after. Doing this will mean avoiding disappointment in your shopping experience, which can happen if they are sold out.

What is CBD?

Cannabis sativa is a plant that produces many naturally occurring chemicals. It’s most famous for a specific class of phytochemicals (phyto meaning ‘from plants’) renowned for their therapeutic and recovery-promoting effects.
These are the cannabinoids, bioactive compounds occurring only in this particular plant. Not all of them get you ‘high’ or cause shifts in consciousness when consumed. While the THC cannabinoid will cause you to become filled with euphoria and often paranoia, cannabinoids like CBD are only therapeutic.
CBD is one of the most abundant cannabinoids that hemp naturally contains. It can provide substantial, unique health benefits. These range from everyday mental focus to helping mitigate certain conditions directly, such as anxiety.
When you consume it, the body absorbs it through its cannabinoid receptors. These receptors enable the body to use the cannabinoid. Due to cannabinoid receptors being located in both the brain and body, CBD can help improve health across various bodily systems.

Is CBD safe?

CBD is very safe. Even using CBD in large amounts daily is unlikely to cause any side effects. It’s not addictive, won’t cause intoxication and is well tolerated by almost everyone. Taking CBD is also straightforward, contributing to its appeal in Western Australia.

What’s the best way to take CBD?

In its pure form, CBD is a powder. This means it’s readily diffused into all exciting and tasty forms of ingestible products. For example, it’s often mixed into candy, gummies, chocolate, or drinks to make it delicious. But CBD oil is a simple, convenient way to take it for most people. A few CBD drops per day is all you need to start benefitting from its potent vitality-increasing properties.

Is CBD legal in Perth?

CBD is legal in Perth, but several restrictions apply to products available. Limits exist on the amount of THC that can be contained in CBD oil. 0.3% of THC is the maximum concentration they can contain. Above the level means the product is considered cannabis oil, which is a separate, controlled medicine. There are also constraints on the types of products you can buy, which are limited to CBD oils. Ointments, sprays, CBD gummies and other types of products aren’t available in retail shops. You can also only purchase low-dose CBD oil without a prescription in Perth. Low-dose products contain 150mg of CBD or less per day. A prescription is needed for high-strength oil.