Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is full spectrum hemp oil?

A critical & enriching essential oil that can be extracted from the hemp plant – ‘full spectrum’ denotes an oil taken from the entire plant including stem, buds, leaves and seeds which makes it a ‘whole plant’ extract to maximise beneficial nutrient and Phyto-nutrient content. How is the extraction done? We avoid using solvents or alcohol in extraction and opt for CO2 extraction which keeps the final product pure and maximises quality. It also helps to retain the comprehensive range of plant compounds present in the extract from terpenes, phytosterols, flavonoids, chlorophyll and cannaflavins to elevated levels of healthy fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. Being entirely from plant sources the oil is also completely natural and

Many of these Phyto-compounds are highly antioxidative, meaning they can assist with metabolic health and reducing the effects of damaging free radicals which age the body and impact our cells. Indeed, many of the incredible plant compounds found in hemp are able to act on our endocannabinoid system in the body, a network of enzymes and receptors throughout our CNS and organs – including the stomach and skin – that is able to release strong chemicals that have a large number of energies, mood and health boosting effects. Wanting to learn more about this mechanism and the benefits it delivers? Find out more here. You might also see hemp oil called hemp extract or hemp extract oil – these are really one and the same, just different semantics to describe the extracted form of the final natural product.

2. Does full spectrum hemp oil get you high?

No. Hemp oil doesn’t contain any THC and resultingly, has no psychoactive or psychotropic effects. This is great as it removes the risk associated with THC for those with underlying mental conditions, as well as dangers for those who are drug tested in certain professions, removing any intoxication risks. We use a quality assured extraction process to ensure maximum removal of THC molecules from the final product and prevent any issues from residual.

3. How strong is your hemp oil?

We use MCT oil as our stabiliser and carrier for our hemp extract oils – they’re all carefully formulated to be the same strength. We don’t view the complexities of multiple strengths at different prices and formulations as necessary – our oils are high efficacy, just pick your size and enjoy the difference to your health.

4. Does your oil contain THC?

No – it contains 0% THC, and we use a specialised, robust extraction method to ensure this. Ensure you’re getting the right type and quality of extract and buy from us – we avoid any complications associated with THC. Our hemp plants are also specially bred from ‘industrial hemp’ cultivars that contain no THC – this is the same type of plant used to produce hemp fibres in clothes, rope, concrete and other commercial applications – in addition to being amazingly healthy when enriched and extracted into products like hemp protein and oil! Please note we don’t offer any product with THC or condone this.

5. Can I use your hemp oil if I’m drug tested for work or vehicle use?

We’ve never encountered a case of a customer failing a test due to our extract containing next to no THC. However, it may be possible based on individual metabolisms and how the body consumes and converts hemp oil. This would also likely need a consistently high dosage to even make a difference however similar to consuming poppy seeds and screening for opioids – the risk is extremely low. As always check with your doctor before using any new health food including hemp oil.

6. How are your prices so good?

Our philosophy is to enrich and empower the health of all Australians – we want our products to be readily accessed and purchased by everyone and don’t want price to be the reason someone can’t benefit from this amazing product. As an all-Australian family business, we operate on the basis of trust and reliability. We are a local set up that doesn’t want to incur or pass on expensive international freight, customs and tax costs to our customers like you, meaning we can help you get savings on this everyday product no matter your budget or needs.

7. What should I be taking full spectrum hemp oil for?

Your reasons are entirely personal but there are a huge number of key health benefits available to you by taking up hemp extract into your daily routine. Find out more here about these. They range from improve nutritional quality through added phytonutrient, vitamin, mineral and antioxidant content, boosted energy and mood, enhanced homeostasis and balance in the body, help with stress, sleep, sex life and more. We personally use our hemp oil daily both in the morning in coffee as an added health and nutrition hit as well as at night to help us relax and ease into a deep, restful sleep. We’re always surprised at how rejuvenated and recovered we feel, even after heavy training or high workload days.

Depending on your needs you may opt for low or high dosage protocols, we recommend starting off low and testing out your tolerance and effects before upping dose each day. Antioxidants like flavonoids as well as the Phyto-cannabinoids in hemp are able to help the immune system function and benefit the body by protecting against sickness while boosting up your day-to-day energy levels and metabolism. Our oils are 100% pure and natural without any pesticides, chemicals or additives. It’s quality you can trust and a great way to get a complete source of plant proteins and fats.

8. How pure are your oils?

All our oils are completely unadulterated, containing the full complex of whole plant materials. We use a highly effective, quality assured extraction process to enhance purity to the best of our ability and leverage cutting edge science and tools to manage each phase of this process closely. Our farmed crops come at the highest of horticultural standards, meaning the ingredients we’re putting into our extracts are already very high purity level. Grown in the verdant tablelands of Northern NSW, the hemp farmed for our oils is all Australian and completely natural, biodynamic and pesticide free. Soils in this region are largely volcanic meaning they contain huge amounts of minerals and are idyllic for farming the best and most bountiful crops. We also ensure our bottling process is tightly controlled and assured to keep every drop of our powerful, nutritious extract inside and shielded from oxygen and the outside world to prevent any contamination.

9. How much should I take?

Dosage varies depending on your needs, individual preference, physiology and biochemistry. Everyone’s body is different and metabolisms hemp oil’s compounds differently. Our extracts are very well tolerated, and we receive almost no issues at all reported about any irritation or adverse reaction. However as with any health product and new nutritional source, we recommend consulting with your physician first and also adopting a slow and cautious dose regime. It may be best to start slow and eventually begin to ‘load’ your dosage daily to ensure your body is receiving the maximum benefits and effects of hemp oil’s nutrients which typically only come at higher dosages and usage frequencies. Beware however of interactions and risks associated with using oil with other supplements or medicines – it is typically processed by the liver and as such can mean other compounds entering the body which are also cleared through this organ can be impacted or affected by the oil itself. Some also report minor issues with nausea or dry mouth when using hemp extract frequently.

10. Does hemp oil work when used externally?

It can be applied directly to the skin as a moisturising agent – like other healthy, plant-based oils such as argan oil, it’s combination of long chain fatty acids, GLA, ALA and minerals brings moisture and vibrancy back to the skin. Antioxidants in hemp also help to protect the skin and may assist in reversing aging of skin cells (or keratinocytes) and the epidermis through supporting the skin’s natural enzymes and sebaceous content.

11. What should I look out for when buying?

Price shouldn’t be your key concern – as with any product you pay for quality and cheap products will reflect their price in how they’ve been prepared, formulated and packaged. Ensure you opt for a reliable manufacturer like Bondi Hemp Oil who can provide you with the best possible optimised formulation, so results are truly delivered. Always ensure your product is natural and doesn’t have any additives of contamination. In particular we also recommend avoiding products from China due to contamination risk (EU, Australian and US products are generally fairly high quality). Check labelling and ensure you have the ingredients you purchased, as well as avoiding any dilution. We recommend full spectrum hemp extract over isolates as it contains the whole plant body of organic materials which will benefit your body more deeply through terpenes and the entourage effect.

12. What’s the endocannabinoid system and why does it matter?

Discovered by researchers in the 1980s, it’s a network of receptors and enzymes that work throughout the human body across many organs. This includes the skin, gut, spleen and CNS which encompasses the spine and brain. It may also have interactions with the immune system and upcoming research areas like gut flora health. To put it simply, the ECS helps us maintain homeostatic balance and metabolic function. It releases strong antioxidative enzymes and nutrients via the CB1 and CB2 receptors located throughout the body when full spectrum hemp oil is consumed, helping relax the body, reduce stress, aid with recovery and replenish vital nutrients through the nutritional and terpene content of the oil. In many people this helps boost and manage energy and balance, may assist with immunity, sleep and other areas all vital to wellbeing.

13. Is hemp oil different to cannabis oil?

Many get confused between cannabis or THC oil and hemp or hemp seed oils. It’s an easy mix-up to make, given both the products are sourced from similar looking plants (cannabis and hemp) and look, taste and smell almost the same. But it’s very important to distinguish the two. They’re not interchangeable products and have differing interactions with the body, effects and benefits. 

We’re going to provide you the details on what the differences between CBD oil and Hemp oil are so you can get the best experience and benefits for your wellbeing and health, recognise them, and tell the difference, as well as potential pitfalls there are to look out for in distinguishing them. Make sure you’re informed – you’re taking a stab in the dark guess on whether you’re buying hemp oil versus CBD oil if you don’t know what to look for, which means you might end up with something you don’t want or need, wasting money and time!

The first thing to understand about both products is they are sourced from different cultivars or subspecies the exact same plant. Both come from a natural plant found around the world known as cannabis sativa. The cannabis plant actually has two variants or subspecies which have different characteristics and properties. One of these is psychoactive which contains THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The other (which we use) is industrial hemp and doesn’t contain THC. It doesn’t have any psychoactive or psychotropic effects on the brain’s chemistry (which is good), making it very low risk for use. 

Hemp extract being 0% THC is great news as it means they’re much safer for anyone who’s had mental illness issues or simply don’t want to get the high associated with psychoactive properties that can be very harmful. Hemp is used for a huge range of practical uses including for its hyper strong fibres in clothes, building products (it can be mixed with cement to make it fortified), baskets and other hand goods or textiles. The big thing about hemp is that it contains a strong mix of nutrients, vitamins, phytocompounds, terpenes, phytosterols and fats that mean it’s extremely healthy when refined for consumption.

14. How is your hemp oil made?

We use a unique and scientifically designed process which is quality controlled end to end. After growing, harvesting and drying, we extract the rich oil from our completely natural and biodynamic hemp plants. CO2 extraction is used to draw and distil oil from the stems, buds and leaves of the plant. Our extract is ‘whole plant’ meaning we use each part of the entire plant to get the complete and comprehensive nutrient and Phyto-nutrient profile inherent across all components (as opposed to only using, for example, seeds which contain certain and more restricted nutrients). As we mentioned, the hemp oil we produce won’t get you high, contains no THC but DOES contain a bountiful number of terpenes, Phyto cannabinoids, flavonoids, vitamins and other helpful nutrients are also present in this natural product. Each drop of our uniquely formulated oils is crafted from the best ingredients, with extraction executed to the highest of standards and continuously, rigorously improved based on science.

15. What is carrier oil and why do you use it?

Carrier oil is typically an inert but healthy plant-based oil, used to blend with hemp extract to suspend and balance the hemp extract and provide better storage, as well as absorption and uptake in the body. It effectively helps to ‘transport’ the hemp extract (and is blended with it), also helping control dosage while providing added benefits – healthy long chain fatty acids, nutrients and natural whole proteins. Usually carrier oils are MCT (medium chain triglyceride – this is what we use), olive oil or coconut oil. 

16. How should I store my oil?

Please store it in a cool, dark place, out of direct sunlight. Sun and heat will erode the oil’s quality and decompose it which you want to avoid. A pantry, cupboard or drawer out of the way of the sun and heat is good option. You don’t need to refrigerate or cool it, but you may want to if you enjoy chilled oil – this can be a good method for those mixing with hot coffee (to cool it down) or shakes, smoothies and so on.

Each of our bottles will contain a dropper you can use for application or dosing – ensure this is kept clean and in the bottle to prevent contaminants or bacteria entering the oil. You should also avoid licking or touching the dropper end to your tongue or mouth due to the bacteria contained in the mouth region. After use we recommend cleaning and disinfecting the dropper with a baby wipe or other form of disinfectant to remove contaminants and avoid issues with cleanliness.

17. How can hemp extract be taken?

There are a huge number of methods available for consumption, including oil drops, sublingual strips, vaporisers, via edibles and food-based goods, inhalation and more. Different methods of consumption will see effects and activation in the body at different rates or speeds – inhalation being the fastest typically. Consumption orally is processed via the liver like many foods, taking longer to absorb, often up to several hours.

18. Are there any side effects?

Generally, no. We very rarely hear of any negative or adverse reactions with hemp extract however some may report dry or cotton mouth, dizziness and nausea at very high doses. We recommend avoiding the product if you are taking any medication as the liver can’t process both simultaneously which can lead to adverse reactions in combination.

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