CBD Oil for Period Pain: Does it Reduce PMS Aches and Cramps?

CBD Oil for Period Pain in Australia

Some women in Australia find that using CBD oil for period pain helps provide a degree of relief. It’s not fully clear the extent to which CBD can help with menstrual cramps, however.

CBD oil is known for its effectiveness in reducing inflammation and chronic pain. It’s become very popular in Australia now because of its potential to enhance well-being.

CBD oil for menstrual cramps Australia

These effects suggest it could help with the discomfort and irritation that period pain causes. Using CBD oil for menstrual aches could even be a helpful alternative to NSAIDs like ibuprofen in specific scenarios.

Woman with Menstrual Cramps

It’s good news for women who are seeking relief. More than 80% of women are expected to get period pain at some point in their lifetime. Yet traditional anti-inflammatories or painkillers are generally side effect-prone over long periods of use.

Woman with period pain using CBD oil

Let’s take a look at the best CBD oil for period pain in Australia and its benefits for menstrual cramps. We’ll also cover whether it’s a suitable alternative to NSAIDs, how to use it and why you might consider it. 

Does CBD Oil Help With Period Pain?

Woman using CBD Oil for PMS

Recently, the use of CBD oil for period pain in Australia has come into the spotlight. This has primarily resulted from increased reports from women who have benefitted from using it. Anecdotes from many individuals suggest it can assist with period pain, menstrual cramps and even PMS symptoms.

This broadly aligns with what we know about CBD’s effects. It has profound anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving (analgesic) qualities that help calm pain symptoms.

CBD oil for PMS

Studies have backed these effects. Specifically, the cannabinoid can alter the nociceptor or pain-sensing sensitivity in the nerves. Unfortunately, it’s not entirely accurate to attribute pain relief solely to CBD. Most studies on the benefits of CBD for period pain combined CBD with THC in their tests. THC is another key cannabinoid that is often combined with CBD because of its synergies in alleviating pain symptoms.

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This fact muddies the water. Cannabis medications, on the whole, are potent at reducing pain. Particularly forms of nerve, chronic or inflammatory pain. This is good news for if you have frustrating menstrual pains. As it’s primarily a form of inflammation, pain relief from CBD and THC will typically work. These cannabinoids work through the endocannabinoid system or ECS.

Drop of CBD

Influencing this system helps to reduce the discomfort and inflammation associated with period cramps. It’s often the case, though, that results vary between individuals. Using CBD oil for period pain tends to be less reliable than pharmaceutical interventions like NSAIDs or painkillers. The trade-off is that it has fewer long-term risks of side effects or health complications. Let’s take a look at why more women consider CBD to be a suitable replacement for NSAIDs like ibuprofen.

Can it Replace NSAIDs?

Drop of CBD Oil

For many women in Australia, using painkillers or NSAID anti-inflammatories is a necessary evil when combatting period pain. Menstrual discomfort or period pain can be very severe. In extreme cases, it can be debilitating or impact life quality. Doctors often call for prescription medications to help with symptoms.

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Over-the-counter anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen are frequently employed for this purpose. They block particular enzymes responsible for inflammation. This reduces excessive inflammatory activity in the uterus lining, contributing to cramping. NSAIDs are effective in lowering inflammation-related pain. But they are also dangerous if misused.

They can cause stomach ulcers, kidney damage or cardiovascular problems if taken for too long. Studies have confirmed and verified such health risks. Permanent organ damage is undoubtedly not a mild side effect by any means. NSAIDs have to be very conservatively used. They aren’t viable long-term methods to reduce pain or inflammation. In contrast, CBD oil often can be. 

Cramping in Uterus

CBD oil is often viewed as an alternative to NSAIDs as it suppresses inflammation in similar ways. Like NSAIDs, it lowers the body’s production of inflammatory prostaglandins, making it potent as an anti-inflammatory for menstrual cramps. But keep in mind that it’s less powerful. You shouldn’t self-diagnose or dose yourself with CBD oil until you speak to your doctor. It can’t replace a doctor’s diagnosis and prescription. It’s also best used in combination with other interventions or therapies for menstrual cramps.

CBD Oil Product in a Forest

An example is doing light exercise alongside CBD use for period pain. The effectiveness of this was demonstrated in a 2019 study. It found that low-intensity exercises, such as stretching and yoga, significantly reduced menstruation discomfort. These techniques, in combination with CBD oil, are natural ways to mitigate menstrual cramp pain. An added advantage of CBD oil is that it helps reduce stress and lowers anxiety. These complementary mental benefits can soothe anxiousness relating to period pain. It’s handy if this pain has become a source of mental distress.

Can CBD Reduce Menstrual Cramps?

CBD Cream for Period Pain

Menstrual cramps are usually the primary cause of period pain. Some women in Australia endorse CBD oil as a natural treatment for menstrual cramp symptoms. However, the research that supports such claims is limited. A recent review found that there is insufficient data to attribute CBD as an effective agent for pain management.

Selection of CBD Tinctures for PMS

This attribution is particularly a problem due to trials on using CBD for menstrual pain never tested it in isolation. Let’s review some of the research on CBD oil for menstrual cramps.

A 2021 survey on cannabis medications for menstrual cramps found that 23% of respondents used cannabis for pain. All of them reported that it helped with uncomfortable menstrual cramping sensations while helping soothe mood. Yet this self-medicating involved both CBD and THC together.

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Another study found women with endometriosis rated cannabis medications as the most efficient pain reliever when compared to physical interventions like stretching or light exercise. This study grouped CBD oil for period pain along with other medicines. Unfortunately, comparisons of CBD oil and other medication types weren’t made. As such, it was hard to understand whether CBD oil offered genuine assistance with menstrual cramping. 

Sleek CBD oil for Menstrual Cramps Australia

A separate review explored the use of tampons soaked in CBD as a treatment method for period pain. This experiment gauged the effectiveness of CBD as an analgesic agent for menstrual cramps over multiple menstruation cycles. It worked. For most women in the trial, pain sensations were reduced substantially. However, these types of menstrual products containing CBD are not yet available commercially. Further work is needed to prove these effects and bring this medication to market.

What’s the Best CBD Oil for Period Pain in Australia?

Best CBD Oil for Period Pain Australia

There are a few things to remember when shopping for the best CBD oil for period pain in Australia. Not all CBD products are made equal. Particularly when it comes to helping with forms of pain. Potency, CBD content, formulation and the source of the extract are vital considerations. Each person has their own needs when it comes to the ‘best’ CBD oil for period pain. For instance, some individuals see immense benefits from relatively low dosages of full-spectrum products. Others may need high-strength CBD isolate oil to see any difference in their menstrual cramp discomfort.

For most, full-spectrum CBD oil will be the best formulation to use when it comes to period pain. There are a few reasons for this. The main one is that it enables you to obtain the ‘entourage effect’ from the synergistic interactions between terpenes and CBD. Terpenes like myrcene are also often anti-inflammatory and analgesic in themselves. Consuming them is a great way to amplify the pain-reducing benefits of CBD and help calm menstrual inflammation. The other option is isolate CBD products, which don’t have terpenes or minor cannabinoids. A benefit these formulations offer is very high purity and strength. They contain no THC, which can pose risks for specific individuals who have predispositions to mental harm.

CBD Tinctures for PMS

In Australia, most CBD oil products for period pain will be low strength. This is because high-strength products require a doctor’s prescription. The strength of CBD can be a factor in how well it works for your menstrual cramps. If you need a more potent product, check in with your doctor. An excellent way to confirm your CBD oil’s strength is by getting a certificate of analysis or COA. This is an objective laboratory report on a product’s cannabinoid content, strength and purity. These reports help you find the best CBD oil without nasties in it. 

Some CBD oils are infused with helpful natural anti-inflammatory agents like ginger or turmeric, which may enhance the product’s effectiveness in managing period pain. We recommend choosing a high-quality brand like Black Sheep Farms or Endoca in Australia for some of the best CBD oils for menstrual cramps. Going with a well-known provider is an excellent way to avoid poor-quality products, as they have verified reviews that back up their authenticity.


Old Woman Using CBD for PMS

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) is a common condition that affects many menstruating women. It refers to a range of physical, emotional, and psychological symptoms before a period. Symptoms can vary in severity and can include bloating, cramps, anxiety, headaches, mood shifts and fatigue. This can be disruptive, painful or uncomfortable, making treatment necessary. Some women use CBD for PMS to help with these problems.

Limited research has been conducted on the efficacy of CBD for PMS. Early indicators are that it can help. A 2019 study showed that CBD, along with other cannabinoids, may reduce inflammatory markers associated with PMS in the uterus. This worked to alleviate cramping and hormonal issues like nipple tenderness. However, the mental effects of CBD in calming the mind may prove even more valuable for this condition.

Woman Using CBD Cream for Menstrual Cramps

PMS can cause anxiety or even painful migraines. Counteracting these adverse health impacts of PMS on the brain is an area where CBD is better suited. It works to balance neurotransmitter levels and reinforce neural homeostasis. Recent research has identified such mechanisms. It showed CBD can interact with serotonin receptors to reduce instances of migraines from PMS. Since menstrual cramps can cause headaches or migraines, CBD may help alleviate this symptom.

Another smaller study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology in 2020 found that CBD can assist with balancing mood swings and hormonal fluctuations associated with PMS. In turn, this can help improve overall mental state whilst reducing anxiety. This is good news for those who suffer from the mental strain that PMS can cause.

How Does CBD Oil Work for Menstrual Pain?

Drop of CBD for Menstrual Pain

Limited research has been conducted on the effectiveness of CBD for menstrual pain. As such, it’s hard to know whether it’s a potent remedy. We know that studies have proven its efficacy in limiting the severity of chronic or inflammatory pain. These studies demonstrated CBD’s ability to modulate the endocannabinoid system, which has implications for dampening the pain response. This effect was corroborated in a recent trial involving cannabis medications. It showed CBD isolate to treat menstrual pain did not always reduce the pain quantity, but it did alleviate the intensity of pain for some patients. 

A separate survey found that CBD can be effective in relieving some types of chronic pain. It appeared especially good at dampening nerve pain and pain caused by inflammatory conditions like arthritis. However, this study also found that most doctors weren’t yet able to recommend or prescribe CBD for pain. It’s not viewed currently as a viable pain therapy.

What Causes Period Pain and Menstrual Cramps?

Menstrual Cramps

Dysmenorrhea, commonly known as period pain, refers to the cramping and discomfort experienced by women before or during their menstrual cycle. This pain is caused by inflammation in the uterus lining, triggered by the release of pro-inflammatory enzymes called prostaglandins. These enzymes cause the uterus to contract, leading to painful muscle cramps. The severity of period pain varies between people. Some women don’t get many symptoms. Others may be bedridden for days due to the pain they experience, such as with endometriosis. It’s estimated that up to 20% of women suffer from moderate to severe period pain each month.

Choosing a Product

Woman with CBD Pain Cream

There are many CBD products in Australia for period pain available now. You don’t need to stick to CBD oil if it’s not for you. CBD comes in many forms, such as capsules, topical creams, lotions, pills, and vapes. Topically applied CBD for menstrual cramps is often an excellent way to target uterus inflammation. Thankfully, these products also usually contain no synthetic or pharmaceutical ingredients. It’s a big reason they’re chosen over comparable pharmaceutical products.

A big problem in buying CBD oil for period pain is a lack of quality control. Poor quality is primarily a risk for online products. Unregulated CBD is unreliable and unsafe. You have to do your research to ensure a product complies with THC restrictions, which is the primary psychoactive component in marijuana. 

CBD Product for Period Cramps

The ingredients should be organic, CO2 extracted, and adequately labelled when selecting CBD products. Verify that they are free of pesticides and look for organic-certified CBD oils. Get a lab report to verify cannabinoid content. Choose products in Australia that indicate the CBD dosage and select products the manufacturer has recommended.

How to Use CBD Oil for Period Pain

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Using CBD for menstrual cramps or period pain is simple. You first need to choose a product based on your preferences and taste. Each will have pros and cons. For instance, CBD oils can be taken orally and taste musky. They are easy to dose, digested slowly and offer long-lasting CBD release. But many people hate the grassy taste of oil.

Try a CBD balm as a topical agent. It’s slower to work as it has to be absorbed via the skin. This means much of the CBD does not reach cannabinoid receptors. However, it can be helpful for menstrual pain, as it can be applied around the uterus area. Capsules and gummies are also good options for those who dislike CBD oil’s taste. Both methods allow for easy and accurate dosing. Choose the method that suits your needs and taste preferences. 

CBD Tincture for Period Pain

When you take CBD oil for menstrual cramps, it’s good practice to take it daily. Even if you aren’t feeling pain, maintaining daily use delivers the best effects for most pain types. Using it only when pain is felt is usually far too late. By then, the effects of CBD will be less helpful. Taking a proactive approach helps mitigate period pain symptoms before they occur. Always remember that CBD isn’t a pain cure. If you have intense pain, speak to your doctor. CBD oil may help with some degree of pain sensations or their severity. But it isn’t going to stop the pain altogether.

Different people also feel or experience CBD products differently. Some people don’t find CBD oil doesn’t work much at all, even at high doses. Factors like your genes, diet and health status affect how CBD works for you. Whether it can benefit your period pain may be up for question. Often, you can’t know until you try it. The best idea is to check with your doctor on a good approach. Trying it and seeing if it helps can be a way to gauge its effectiveness.


Smiling Pain-Free Woman

The use of CBD oil in Australia for period pain is growing in popularity among women. It helps reduce the inflammatory response underlying menstrual cramps, which is due to prostaglandin-induced irritation of the uterus lining. Additionally, CBD may offer benefits for dampening pain sensations due to the painful cramping or headaches that can accompany PMS. For some, it is a valuable alternative to NSAIDs or opiate pain relievers and has soothing effects without causing adverse health outcomes.

But despite its promise, most studies have not entirely confirmed the efficacy of CBD for menstrual cramps. It is recommended that CBD is most effective when used in combination with THC for period pain relief. CBD and THC together appear more potent at alleviating pain than either cannabinoid alone. Don’t try CBD oil for period pain until you confirm it’s safe with your doctor.


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Where can I buy CBD oil for Period Pain in Australia?

If you’re looking to buy CBD oil for period pain relief in Australia, it’s helpful to know where to look. One place to buy these products is in pharmacies. With a prescription, you can purchase low-dose CBD oil over the counter or high-strength products. Pharmacies sell quality-assured, controlled products that will be pure, effective and meet regulatory standards. But on the other hand, they’re costly. This also applies to cannabis dispensaries in Australia. They’re limited in what they can sell you without a prescription. Additionally, their product markups are usually very large, making them costly.
You may want to explore shopping online or in other wellness retail shops. Buying CBD oil online enables greater access to quality products at low prices. These stores offer a better range of CBD offerings and can ship to your address in Australia. Many will also provide CBD gummies, creams, and other valuable items for menstrual cramp pain. When selecting a provider to buy from, look for solid reviews, lab testing results and endorsements from genuine customers.


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