Where to Buy CBD Oil and CBD Gummies in Melbourne VIC

CBD Oil Melbourne

If you want to know how to buy CBD oil in Melbourne, it pays to do your research. 

In Victoria, CBD oil is legal. But there are several things to understand and be aware of before you shop for it.

Many people are already doing so today. The growth of CBD oil stores around Melbourne has been staggering. 

Everyone is taking advantage of this natural extract from hemp. There are a wide variety of health-related reasons to do so.

  • Some residents of Melbourne buy CBD oil for daily mental energy, focus and mood. 
  • Athletes like those who play AFL value it for reducing inflammation, mitigating muscle aches, and improving sleep for sports recovery.
  • Seniors often find CBD cream very valuable for its ability to mitigate arthritis symptoms and help with back strain.

The growing popularity and use of CBD products in VIC is evident.

Buy CBD Oil Melbourne

This growth in popularity is partly due to the wide range of available CBD product types, flavours, formulas, and sizes. The choices and flexibility in options are attractive.

Today in Melbourne, you can shop for CBD gummies, tinctures, capsules, ointments, and even CBD creams. 

However, most people opt for oil because of its ease of use. It’s the most straightforward to take. Droppers make measuring each dose by the drop simple. Travelling with CBD oil is also easy because of its small size and transportability.

You have a few options to consider if you’re looking to buy CBD oil in Melbourne.

  • Finding a local retail CBD product store can be an excellent way to obtain it.
  • Shopping for CBD oil online in Melbourne is also viable. This method lets you get your preferred product shipped straight to your mailbox.
  • Other outlets, like cannabis dispensaries or CBD pharmacies in VIC, may be able to sell it to you (depending on their stock and the product strength you need).

But before you buy, it’s vital first to understand the legality and risks involved.

This guide will help you find the best CBD oil stores in Melbourne to find high-quality products. We’ll cover each of the main ways to buy these products and helpful tips on shopping.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Melbourne

Pharmacy in Victoria

Today, there are many locations where you can purchase CBD oil in Melbourne.

Each location or type of store will have certain advantages and disadvantages. Personal preferences often dictate your choice of where you shop. 

The good news is products like CBD gummies are widely available across Victoria. Demand for them has grown substantially because of their powerful well-being benefits. 

However, finding the right product and ensuring it’s in stock can pose challenges.

Not all retail stores, like pharmacies or cannabis dispensaries in Melbourne, will sell CBD oil. They may also not have the specific formulation or product type you’re seeking.

The first step to buying CBD oil in Melbourne is researching what product you specifically want. Online product reviews and customer testimonials are good points of reference to help gauge an individual product’s quality. But the choice of flavour, size, strength and formulation is really your own.

Once you’ve identified your desired product, there are a few places to look for it in the city.

This can include pharmacies, certain health stores, online CBD shops or cannabis dispensaries.

Keep in mind that only pharmacies and cannabis dispensaries will be able to sell you high-strength CBD oil in Melbourne. This is a restriction that applies across Australia (including in Victoria). Low-strength products are more widely available outside of these channels.

Best Retail CBD Oil Stores

CBD Store in Melbourne

Shopping for CBD oil in Melbourne from a retail provider can be an excellent way to purchase it in a more guided setting.

Retail shops have attendants who can assist you with product information, recommendations, advice and pricing breakdowns. 

They may even enable you to sample products before you buy in some locations. Testing a product and viewing its labelling in person can help assess quality.

Calling a store or checking their products online before you visit is prudent to ensure they have what you need. 

Some of the best CBD oil stores in Melbourne include:

  • The Hemp Superstore in Fitzroy
  • Cannvalate Medical Cannabis in South Yarra
  • Astrid Dispensary in South Yarra
  • Can Do Organics in Port Melbourne
  • The Chill Pill Company in Glen Waverley

Alternatively, look for a pharmacy in Melbourne where you can buy CBD oil. Wellness and supplement shops also frequently offer CB2 oil, hemp oil and CBD products.

Remember that many retail shops only offer a narrow selection of CBD product types, strengths or formulations.

For instance, CBD gummies or ointments might be unavailable. This is why checking availability before visiting a retail store is important to avoid disappointment.

Best Online Shops for CBD Products

Shopping for CBD Oil Online

The drawbacks of shopping for CBD oil in Victoria from retail stores are often substantial.

In particular, they’re often overpriced or excessively costly.

These stores must cover their staffing, electricity, rent and cleaning costs. Each item will be factored into their product prices, costing them higher than online stores.

Plus, many won’t have a wide range of CBD products on the shelf. Most in-person shops will only offer tincture products in specific formulations.

An alternative to shopping in retail is buying CBD oil online in Melbourne from an e-commerce store. It’s a more convenient, low-cost way to shop quickly without the hassle of visiting a shop in person. Check stores like Neurogan or Pure Jane for an online shopping experience.

Which Store to Pick

Retail shops’ inconveniences, costs and restrictions make them hard to recommend. In most cases, it’s better to choose an online store.

Searching for CBD oil online provides access to a much broader product variety.

In addition, you can save substantially on the cost of these products, which can be significant.

Comparing individual products online and checking customer reviews is much more straightforward than in retail stores.

Doing so can mean you find higher quality products more aligned to your specific requirements. Websites will also provide certificates of analysis for their CBD oil. This ensures you obtain quality assurance, giving you peace of mind about the product’s standard. Making better decisions with all the information at hand can be much easier. 

The main downside of buying online is poor product quality from subpar online stores.

Often, CBD oil sold from these shops is fake, contains no cannabinoids or is diluted with fillers or additives. Or worse, many poor-quality products can contain solvents, pesticides, artificial flavours or heavy metals. Each can be toxic to your health, exacerbate allergies and cause side effects. Avoiding these products at all costs is essential.

Only buy CBD gummies or oils from online sellers you can trust. Seek out CO2-extracted products that third-party labs have verified as pure. CO2 extraction offers better extract strength, purity and overall effectiveness. Don’t prioritise price over quality here. Cheaper products are often made using solvent extraction and aren’t assured to be pure, which can risk your health.

Shopping Tips

Woman Shopping for CBD in Melbourne

If you’re looking for CBD oil in Melbourne, the good news is that finding it is easy. But when you shop for it, there are a few things to understand about the restrictions involved.

Although you can now buy CBD oil in Victoria at pharmacies, cannabis dispensaries and online, each option has drawbacks.

  • CBD Oil in Pharmacies: is more expensive and has fewer product options available but provides peace of mind from higher quality control. Pharmacists can also guide you on product choices or recommendations to help mitigate particular health conditions.
  • Online Stores: enable greater convenience and lower costs when you purchase CBD oil in Melbourne. On the other hand, purchasing from them can be risky. Many sellers are lacking in trustworthiness or offer low-quality products. Shopping online from overseas can also mean getting your delivery gets confiscated by customs.
  • Cannabis Dispensaries: shopping at a cannabis dispensary is similar to purchasing at a pharmacy. These stores focus on prescription medications and tend to be higher priced. Dispensaries have the advantage of being specialists in cannabis medications and CBD products. This makes them well-positioned to offer unique expertise. They’ll help you learn about differing product types or strains while avoiding low-quality products.

Before shopping, check in with your doctor on whether CBD oil is right for you. It’s not always helpful or safe for all people. Particular risks can be involved for those with underlying health conditions or who are using medications like blood thinners.

Restrictions to Know

Some rules and restrictions apply to shopping for CBD oil in Victoria.

These products must contain less than 0.3% THC, which is the psychoactive cannabinoid from cannabis. This indicates the product was extracted from industrial hemp. These plants can only contain trace quantities of THC under Australian regulation. Only industrial hemp-derived CBD oil is legal currently in VIC. Products extracted from medical cannabis contain THC and are tightly restricted.

There’s a good reason for these controls.

Unlike CBD, THC is intoxicating and can cause mental harm or psychosis. This makes it much more risky to consume. You should avoid it where possible unless it has been prescribed to you by a doctor for a condition like chronic pain.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Victoria?

Is CBD Legal in Victoria

CBD oil is legal in Victoria, but there are restrictions on the types of products available and where they can be purchased.

In Australia, the TGA updated the scheduling of CBD oil in 2021 to open up availability to more people.

You can now purchase it in Victoria without a prescription (over the counter) in pharmacies. However, it can only be bought in this manner in ‘low-dose’ formulations. 

Low-dose CBD oil has caps on the quantity of the cannabinoid that can be contained in a single dropper bottle.

These formulations can’t contain more than 150mg of CBD per day of dosage. Oil containing more than this can only be bought after getting a prescription from a doctor. High-potency products are controlled more strictly.

It’s important to note that CBD oil isn’t always available in shops. Whether it’s stocked will vary based on the individual business’ decision to participate in the Special Access Scheme in Australia. Confirm with your local pharmacy in Melbourne on whether they stock CBD oil before you shop with them. This precaution helps to avoid wasting your time in visiting an out-of-stock location.

Remember, you can’t buy CBD oil that contains THC. These products are considered ‘cannabis oil’, which is a cannabis medication that requires a prescription to buy. Keep this in mind, as it can be easy to confuse CBD oil with cannabis oil. Your product should have less than 0.3% THC, as stated in its lab analysis.

Why Shop for CBD Oil in Melbourne?

Using CBD in Melbourne

People in Melbourne shop for CBD oil for many different reasons.

Fundamentally, they’re drawn to the product’s advantages as a natural health aid that helps with all ailments without causing intoxication.

Melburnians are health-conscious and sport-loving. They correspondingly seek out tools to promote their athletic performance, mental state and physical condition.

Top Reasons

Here are some of the top reasons why people in Melbourne use CBD oil:

  • General well-being: CBD products are a great addition to someone’s repertoire for daily health. As Melburnians value their health plus look for better ways to recover and rejuvenate, they’ve gravitated towards CBD oil as a natural support for their everyday well-being. Many take it in the morning to boost their focus and energy for work or study. Other people enjoy it for afternoon relaxation and heightened mood. The compound works via the body’s natural endocannabinoid system to offer a holistic complement of beneficial effects across the immune, cardiovascular, nervous and endocrine systems.
  • Stress and anxiety: Life in big cities like Melbourne can be stress-inducing. For many people, the frenetic nature of everyday life in Australia even leads to anxiety. Through its capacity to promote relaxation and lower anxiety, CBD gummies and oils help with calmness. These products support calmness, ease, and a relaxed state of mind. CBD is anxiolytic and downregulates the stress response through cannabinoid receptor activity in the brain. Taking it for work or stressful periods helps mitigate some of the impact stressors can cause. 
  • Athletic recovery: CBD cream is frequently used to help soothe the scrapes, aches and inflammation accompanying athletic pursuits. Sports like cricket or AFL can be taxing on the body. Many athletes desire natural methods to help them mitigate strains and joint pain from exercise. Creams or ointments infused with CBD can help with discomfort and lower the inflammatory response to manage body aches better.
  • Sleep: Many find CBD oil helps them get to sleep, plus helps them stay asleep longer. It has properties that enhance circadian rhythm regulation, boosting sleep quality. The relaxing effects it has are helpful for nighttime stress relief. Taking it an hour or two before bed is often excellent in facilitating the transition into a deep, restful sleep state. Some people even use CBD oil for insomnia, although it doesn’t always appear effective for everyone in helping with these conditions.


Happy Woman Running

Increasingly, people want to buy CBD oil in Melbourne to take advantage of its full spectrum of benefits for their vitality.

It’s a natural extract from hemp that helps with anxiety, inflammation, stress and sleep. Many in Victoria use CBD gummies or oil to help with concentration, recovery and holistic health.

However, sourcing the right product to meet your needs can be challenging.

There is a vast range of options to navigate. Taking time and researching before purchasing a CBD oil in Melbourne is wise.

Once you’ve nailed down what you want, determine where you’d like to buy it. As CBD oil is legal in Victoria, you can legally shop for it in several places.

This includes pharmacies, online stores, cannabis dispensaries or even wellness shops. There are pros and cons in each case. For most people, online shopping will be best because of its low cost and superior product selection.

Whichever method you choose, remember to seek out quality, CO2-extracted CBD oil. Substandard products can harm your health.


How does CBD work?

CBD works with the endocannabinoid system in the body. It stimulates stress-relieving, inflammation-fighting and sleep-enhancing benefits via this system. Endocannabinoids are released by the endocannabinoid system when CBD is absorbed via the cannabinoid receptors. Endocannabinoids are the reason cannabinoids have health benefits.
Anandamide and other endocannabinoids are highly therapeutic and help with inflammation, pain, sleep and even anxiety. Outside of cannabinoids, this extract contains a variety of helpful nutrients. Fatty acids in it, like omega-6 and omega-3, help support healthy brain function, heart health and immune function. These healthy fats are crucial to supporting and enhancing the neurons that make up the brain. They’re also critical if you’re active or lead a busy, energy-expending lifestyle and must ensure your body is in top condition.

How do I get CBD Gummies in Melbourne?

There are a few ways to get CBD gummies in Melbourne. Firstly, you can buy them online, which enables you to get CBD gummies sent straight to you via mail. It’s a good option for those who want their product quickly and don’t need help from a retail attendant. Shopping online means a broader product selection and the ability to buy from overseas. However, it is less regulated, and product quality can sometimes be questionable. Always look for reviews and lab certificates if you’re shopping for CBD gummies online.

Does Chemist Warehouse dispense CBD oil in Victoria?

Chemist Warehouse is a popular chain of chemists in Victoria, many of which will offer CBD oil. Not all do, however. Each store location is an individual franchise. This means a given store will decide whether it will provide CBD products. 
You’ll need to confirm availability with your local pharmacy if you want to buy CBD oil over the counter. Note that most won’t supply alternative product types, such as CBD edibles or gummies.

Is CBD available in Victoria?

CBD is available in Victoria and can be bought in most cities and towns, including regional areas like Geelong, Ballarat, and Bendigo. It’s been legal in Victoria since it was rescheduled in 2021 by the TGA. CBD is widely used for health and therapeutic purposes.

Can I order CBD products from Victoria?

Ordering CBD products online from the US, UK or other countries and shipping them to a Victorian address is possible but has risks. These products are controlled and can’t be imported. Your order could be seized at the border when delivered from overseas. You risk losing your money if you buy from an international store. Shopping for CBD oil locally at a store in Australia is safer to avoid these problems.

Will CBD help anxiety and depression?

Many cannabinoids like CBG and CBD have demonstrated anti-depressant and anxiolytic properties in clinical studies. CBD, in particular, is potent for improving mood and lowering anxiety because of its serotonergic effects and ability to stimulate relaxation via the brain’s CB1 cannabinoid receptors. 
Most users report substantially lower stress and anxiety after using it.
Still, it tends to be more mild and shouldn’t be treated as a replacement for these treatments. If you want to try CBD for mental illnesses, it’s always advisable to confirm with your psychiatrist first what the best treatment path is for your situation. Its effectiveness can vary between individuals for these conditions.

What is in CBD oil?

While the main active ingredient of CBD oil is the cannabinoid CBD, it also contains some other healthy phytonutrients that are derived from hemp.
Like other plants, hemp contains some beneficial vitamins and antioxidants. Many are similar to those found in fruits like blueberries and many vegetables. In addition, it contains Omega 3 and 6, found only in certain seeds like flax and chia. 
Omegas help enhance brain and heart health, plus cardiovascular performance. Other antioxidants in CBD oil include vitamin E, terpenes, chlorophyll, and flavonoids. Each offers its own potent metabolic, hormonal and cardiovascular benefits. When combined into a single source, you have the ideal recovery tool that can be added to coffee, food, or on its own.
The healthy fats like GLA in the product are also great for various topical uses. It can be applied to the hair and skin to help promote moisture and sebum balance. These plant nutrients promote rejuvenation and skin moisture and mitigate inflammatory skin conditions. 

What is CBD oil?

Found in the hemp (or ‘cannabis sativa’) plant, CBD is a naturally occurring cannabinoid.
These are unique, bioactive chemicals that the plant produces. Many have therapeutic properties that can aid with well-being and health outcomes. Most consume CBD in a liquid extract form called ‘CBD oil’. It’s a natural, golden, plant-based oil that is easy to take. Consume a few drops or place them under your tongue for fast absorption.