Where to Buy CBD Oil and CBD Gummies in Sydney NSW

CBD Gummies in Sydney

If you’re looking to buy CBD oil in Sydney, there are many places you can do so today. 

But before venturing out to search for locations to shop CBD oil near you, it’s vital to prepare ahead of time.

Although CBD oil was made legal across Australia (including in NSW), other products like CBD gummies or CBD cream have constraints on their accessibility.

Yet more significant numbers of people are looking for these natural, health-promoting products because of their powerful advantages for overall well-being.

Woman Shopping for CBD Oil

These advantages are as varied as they are deep. 

For instance:

  • Some use CBD cream to help with flaky, dry skin or psoriasis. It has soothing, moisturising capacities and aids with skin inflammation.
  • Many enjoy CBD gummies for sleep as a means to obtain better rest. The cannabinoid can help with circadian regulation, enabling higher-quality, deeper sleep.
  • Others use CBD products for weight loss or blood pressure issues. The endocannabinoid system these products activate influences cardiovascular and metabolic pathways. These effects help stimulate body fat oxidation and lower appetite over time.

However, obtaining this natural hemp extract’s rich, helpful effects requires first getting the best quality products. 

Those that are poorly produced or fake won’t do much. They might even harm you. Many are contaminated with toxins or artificial additives or are deceptively labelled.

Regardless of where you purchase, you must ensure you’re obtaining authentic, lab-tested, organically sourced CBD oil.

Tinctures or oils aren’t preferable for everyone, though. The choice of CBD-infused products today is immense and varied. All manner of CBD gummies, edibles, ointments, skincare products, and sprays can be found on shelves in modern times.

A few places are viable locations to buy CBD oil in Sydney.

  • Some pharmacies in Sydney and dispensaries enable you to shop for it. These providers sell low-dose CBD oil over the counter or high-strength formulas with a prescription.
  • Online shops are a good source of CBD gummies, creams and tinctures for those in Sydney. They’re the most convenient shopping method.
  • You might also seek specialist CBD stores in Sydney or supplement shops that provide hemp products to obtain what you’re looking for. 

Depending on the type of CBD product you desire, how strong you want it and your preferred formulation, there can be limitations on what you can purchase.

Understanding these limitations and the rules for buying CBD oil in Sydney is essential.

Our review here will give you the information you need to shop for the best CBD products in NSW safely, smartly and cost-efficiently. Let’s take a look at how to source extracts like CBD gummies in NSW while maximising quality and minimising cost.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Sydney

CBD Oil Drops

Finding a place to buy CBD oil in Sydney may seem straightforward. 

There are indeed many locations you can do so today in NSW. However, the quality of each store can vary substantially. Not all are equipped to provide you with the best experience or product standard you deserve.

The fast adoption of CBD gummies and similar hemp extracts has resulted in many shoddy providers cropping up. 

Product availability is a crucial issue beyond just the quality of what you’re purchasing. Specific purchase channels like pharmacies can only provide you with particular types of CBD oil. These come in pre-approved strengths, formulations and product sizes. Frequently, this is too limiting for those with specific tastes or who demand more superb formulation choices.

Before looking up where to shop for CBD oil in Sydney, you should know what you want to purchase. Understanding the options available and which suits your needs is likely the most crucial factor for success. Getting the wrong item will mean you flounder, even if you buy it from a great CBD store. 

You’ll need to figure out this part yourself. Doing some reflection and searching is necessary. Everyone has a different goal in using CBD oil. Additionally, the variations in strengths, flavours and formulas make exploring various options necessary.

After this, you can start looking for a place to get CBD products in Sydney. Most commonly, people source these either online, in certain pharmacies, within cannabis dispensaries or from specialty hemp shops. Which of these you buy from matters. Not all will have a complete selection of CBD oil, CBD gummies or other offerings. For instance, pharmacies can only sell CBD oil. Dispensaries mostly require prescriptions from a doctor to purchase. There are also some distinctions in the strengths of CBD available in each place. Let’s break down the options here.

Best Retail Shops

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While it’s old-school in modern times, going into a physical brick-and-mortar store is a preferred approach for many who look to buy CBD oil in Sydney.

A key advantage of retail is physically viewing individual product options. Online images of CBD oil can often be misleading or give the wrong impression of quality.

Seeing a product’s information, labelling, package and ingredient list, in-store offers a greater sense of trust in many instances. Stores can also be an excellent place to explore and discover new CBD products in a comfortable setting. For example, these shops may offer CBD creams, edibles, sprays, drinks or other novel concoctions that aren’t easily found online.

Speaking to the shop owner in person similarly helps with understanding product choices. Many pharmacies or CBD oil store owners are well-versed in these extracts and can help guide you on the pros and cons of various products. They can give tips on what to look for, how to take CBD and match a product to your preferences.

A common pitfall of those shopping for CBD oil in Sydney from retail is not confirming with a particular store on their stock and range. Each store varies on these items. They might not have the product you want. Or they could offer it but be out of stock. Double-check this before you go in to avoid wasting time.

Where are the best CBD oil shops in Sydney? These are some of them:

  • Happy Herbs in Newtown
  • Plus Hemp in Queens Park
  • Hemp Oz in Sydney CBD
  • Hemp Gallery in French’s Forest
  • CBD Pharmacies in Sydney CBD

While specialised CBD stores are often a good bet due to their deep expertise, pharmacies or general supplement stores are often more suitable for CBD oil. There’s no single answer on which specific store type is the ‘best’. Often, it’s a matter of what products each store has available, their prices and the quality of their in-store experience. Keep in mind pharmacies and cannabis dispensaries generally have the highest cost for products because of their overheads.

Remember, you don’t need to buy immediately in a retail store. It can pay dividends to check alternative CBD oil options online to compare prices or find better deals. Checking around and weighing up different offerings 

Top Online Stores for CBD Products

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Consumers have primarily shifted towards buying health products like CBD oil online today. 

It’s not surprising, given the range of frustrating drawbacks of the retail shopping experience.

Buying CBD oil online in Sydney is an excellent way to save time, effort and money. It’s far more convenient and means you can order from the comfort of your home.

Retail CBD product prices are far higher on average. Stores like pharmacies have much more significant costs, which they must factor into their CBD oil prices. Factors like store employees, shop rent, cleaning and electricity drive these prices.

In addition, it’s not guaranteed the store staff will know about the products you’re looking at. Casual employees in pharmacies, for instance, frequently are misinformed or ignorant about CBD oil. Or worse, they could give you the wrong advice and lead you astray.

Hitting the internet and comparing products from provider’s websites directly circumvents these problems. It’s much easier to weigh up different CBD oils or CBD gummies when you have their pricing, ingredients, strength and formulation information at your fingertips.

Usually, you can find a range of promotional offers for CBD gummies or other CBD products online, too. There are frequent discounts, black friday sales and a greater variety of payment methods to enjoy. Often, you can buy CBD oil with Afterpay, ZipPay or other pay-over-time services online.

A caveat here is you’ll want to avoid buying CBD oil online in Sydney from shops located internationally. Importing this product is not permitted in Australia. Shipments are seized or confiscated frequently. Be very careful to avoid losing your product and wasting money. Stick to buying domestically. Try ‘The Chill Pill Company’ or ‘Little Health Company’ if you’re looking for an excellent local CBD oil store. Double check a provider will ship to your address in Sydney before you purchase, as well as confirm their shipping and return policies.

Which Shop to Use

Shopping for CBD Products in Sydney

Because of the extensive number of CBD oil shops in Sydney and Australia today, picking a good one isn’t always easy.

Some rules of thumb can be helpful to follow when deciding on a store.

Going for an online seller is recommended because of convenience, cost and product selection advantages. 

Beyond this, there are a few other factors to consider.

Reviews and testimonials are a good indicator of a store’s reputation or quality. A large body of prior customer reviews and ratings signals that a store has a positive track record. It’s possible to fake reviews, though, so be wary. 

Another way to check a store’s quality is to understand their certifications. For example, whether they are GMP-certified, organic certified or have awards. Most high-quality CBD stores will only use organic hemp for their extracts. Additionally, they always rely on CO2 extraction for their products because of their higher safety and quality. Look for this in a provider’s product information.

You must also seek third-party laboratory results on the provider’s website. It’s the only accurate way to verify whether a provider sells real or fake CBD oil. Unfortunately, many weak, diluted or completely counterfeit products are on the market. This is especially true of the online market.

The specific shop you use is less important than vetting a high-quality, authentic and trustworthy provider. 

Shopping Advice

CBD Tincture Bottle

Learning the rules and restrictions for buying CBD oil in Sydney is essential. 

You can’t just walk into any store and expect to buy a product like high-strength CBD gummies. 

Controls affect where you can shop, plus what you can specifically buy without a prescription.

Consider the following channels and their differences:

  • Online CBD Stores: buying CBD oil online in Sydney is the most popular way to shop today. Online e-commerce stores have the best balance of price, product choice, quality, convenience and supporting information. As such, it’s not a big surprise that most people look to get their products online instead of in person. The primary downside of online stores is that there are a vast number. This means a percentage of them will be substandard or sell fake items.
  • Over-the-Counter CBD Oil in Pharmacies: getting your CBD product from a licensed pharmacist means tight quality control but much greater cost. A significant drawback of these stores is that they only offer very controlled varieties of CBD oil. These must be approved for sale by the government. In addition, many won’t stock CBD products at all, which can cause problems in getting ahold of what you need.
  • Dispensaries: most cities in Australia now have cannabis dispensaries where you can shop for CBD oil. This includes Sydney. But like pharmacies, dispensaries are stringently controlled. They won’t be able to sell you CBD oil over the counter like a pharmacy. Instead, they specialise in prescription offerings. Most commonly, these are also dispensaries for medical cannabis. Due to this, they can have some great expertise and information on cannabis extracts. But it also means they tend to place less value and importance on CBD oil.

Whichever shop type you prefer to explore, it’s vital to confirm with your physician before shopping for CBD oil. Using CBD products if you’re already taking any prescription medicine, in particular, can pose risks. This is vital to check with a medical practitioner before you take anything new.

Restrictions to Understand

Woman Purchas CBD Cream Online

While CBD is legal now in Australia, including in Sydney, there are specific rules you need to follow when purchasing it. 

For example, CBD products are mandated to contain 0.3% THC concentration or less, reflecting a product was sourced from industrial hemp. This is a variety of hemp bred to have low THC quantities for commercial and medicinal applications. Buying high-strength CBD or products containing more significant amounts of THC can only be done by first obtaining a doctor’s prescription. THC is different to CBD because it can intoxicate you and impact your driving abilities.

These high-THC products are considered cannabis oil, which is a controlled ‘cannabis medication’. Cannabis medications are extracted from high-THC cannabis plants, as opposed to industrial hemp (used for CBD products). When shopping, check that your product has less than 0.3% THC from its laboratory analysis. Purchasing the wrong thing could land you in hot water, so precautions must be taken here.

These differences are strictly regulated as THC is intoxicating and illegal to use without a doctor’s prescription. It’s much less safe compared to CBD because of its psychoactivity. In addition, it can cause addiction, which isn’t true of CBD products. Medical cannabis is primarily prescribed for particular conditions like nausea, chronic pain or insomnia. In contrast, CBD is legal and doesn’t need a prescription to buy in small amounts (as low-dose products).

Is CBD Oil Legal in NSW?

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Under current regulation, CBD oil is legal across NSW. However, this doesn’t mean you can shop for it anywhere and buy anything you want.

Access is still controlled when it comes to both low and high-strength CBD products. Each of these categories has a differing method of obtainment.

Low-dose CBD oil in Sydney is more accessible than high-strength varieties. You can purchase low-strength formulated products over the counter in pharmacies or other shops. ‘Low-dose’ means a product containing 150mg of CBD daily or less. These are additionally capped at 30 days of dosages. In other words, their maximum CBD content is limited to 4500mg per bottle.

In most cases, this is adequate. 

High-strength CBD oil is rarely needed unless treating a particular medical condition (in which case it must come from a doctor’s prescription).

For more potent formulations, speak to your GP. They’ll need to assess whether your condition is viable for a prescription. You might opt for a cannabis telehealth doctor, many of which can be found online. Getting an e-script from these practitioners can be relatively straightforward. It also helps with the problem of many GPs not being licensed to prescribe cannabis medications. Doing so requires a particular tier of medical licensing.

Your condition must also be covered in the list of pre-approved conditions which the TGA allows cannabis medications (like high-strength CBD oil) to be prescribed for. You must also have tried other treatment options before exploring CBD products.

Products from the prescription pathway can contain much more CBD. In some cases, it is above 6000mg per bottle. After obtaining a script, you can fill it at a participating pharmacy.

Only some pharmacies or retail stores will sell CBD oil in Sydney. More often, they won’t. These shops rarely provide this product because of the stigma attached to it and the licensing needed. With this in mind, you should check a list of participating providers or a directory for CBD oil before shopping. Call your local pharmacy first to confirm the specific product you need is available.

Why Shop for CBD Oil in Sydney?

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Indeed, CBD oil stores are now prevalent in Sydney. 

This popularity stems from the product’s ability to be applied for many health purposes.

All the while, it’s immensely safe, non-addictive and can be used each day.

Sydneysiders aren’t strangers to natural health products or supplementation. The vast majority already take daily remedies for their health or well-being. For example, fish oil, magnesium, protein powders, or superfood greens inhabit the pantries of many people in the city. 

What magnifies these dynamics is Sydney’s outdoors and exercise-focused culture. Everyone is training for their next marathon or personal record in an athletic pursuit. It makes sense that people naturally look for the next top method to amplify their recovery, performance and mental balance.

Top Reasons

So, what are the most prominent uses of CBD oil for people in Sydney? Here are some which are very common:

  • Focus and mood: Sydneysiders have been drawn to CBD products’ capacity to assist with daily mood, mental energy and focus. For instance, CBD oil is commonly used in morning coffees to help invigorate the mind and bring about mental acuity. Cannabinoids in these products provide mentally calming, grounding effects. This is ideal for people who stay composed during the day and maintain concentration naturally.
  • Sports performance: like many Australian cities, Sydney is home to many sports enthusiasts. Whether they’re surfing at Bondi, playing AFL in Centennial Park or running at Paramatta Park, getting active is a big part of daily life. Every athlete knows the importance of recovery. Most will already be using natural supplements like fish oil or protein powders. CBD products have become synonymous with sports recovery because they promote better sleep, reduce soreness and aid with joint aches. It’s a big reason athletic Sydneysiders are purchasing CBD gummies today.
  • Inflammation: A significant reason for using CBD oil amongst everyday Sydneysiders is its potent inflammation-lowering capacities. Inflammation is a natural process in the body. But too much of it isn’t. When it gets out of control, it can cause many chronic health problems like atherosclerosis or irritable bowel syndrome. Excessive inflammatory activity can also mean irritated joints, worsening arthritis, or skin problems like psoriasis. Combatting these problems through anti-inflammatory products like CBD oil is a great way to keep inflammation under control. Doing so means greater overall well-being and lower irritation in the body.
  • Skin health: living in Sydney means being outdoors a lot. Skin can easily get damaged by the sun or dry out at the beach or park. Topical CBD ointments or oils are popular ways to rejuvenate dry skin—the anti-inflammatory cannabinoids in the oil work with receptors deep inside the skin’s layers. Activating them provides replenishing, soothing endocannabinoid compounds to the skin area. These effects are great at protecting and calming irritable skin types.


CBD Cream Product

If you want to buy CBD oil in Sydney today, it’s easy to do so. Countless people are already seeking this unique, natural extract from the hemp plant to help boost their well-being.

Its popularity is due to the full spectrum of health purposes that CBD products can be used for. Products like CBD gummies are multi-targeted in their effects because they work with the body’s endocannabinoid system. They can help mitigate stress, calm anxiety, relieve pain, or even assist with better sleep. Many use them to get deeper, focused work done in the day. People in Sydney often use it just for a mental energy boost and for hemp’s potent phytonutrients.

Although CBD oil has been legalised in NSW, getting good products isn’t always easy.

Many in the market are subpar, fake or sold without the proper labels. They could mislead you about their quality and CBD content or even have detrimental substances in them like THC.

Doing substantial research is essential when buying CBD oil in Sydney. It’s necessary to ensure you’re getting what you think you are.

Beyond this, you’ll need to consider the right product to look for ahead of time. Many varieties of CBD gummies, oils and creams are available today in Australia.

Once you’ve done so, pick a place to shop. There are no right or wrong answers here, only trade-offs.

You might prefer retail stores like pharmacies or cannabis dispensaries because of their simplicity and in-person support. For others, looking for a hemp or wellness shop in Sydney makes sense to get more specialist knowledge about hemp products. More commonly, though, buying CBD oil online is the way to go. It’s immensely convenient, saves money, and gives you the most choice. Plus, comparing different options and their quality is much more seamless.

Always remember that regardless of where you shop, the quality of your CBD product is paramount. Getting caught out and buying a poorly made oil will lead to adverse outcomes. Ensure you get a lab certificate for what you buy, check it’s extracted with CO2 and confirm its organic origins.


Pile of CBD Gummies
Can you buy CBD gummies in Sydney?

Most locations in Sydney won’t sell CBD gummies. For instance, pharmacies can only offer CBD oil varieties under current guidelines. To get other edible products, you’ll need to shop online. This is advantageous as you can get CBD gummies sent to you and won’t need to look in a physical store, which might not even have stock. It also means you can look through reviews, ratings and product information ahead of time to inform your purchase. If you’re buying CBD gummies in Sydney this way, get a third-party lab report on the product to verify authenticity. Generally, it’s better to also shop from domestic shops in Australia as overseas CBD stores can be riskier to buy from.

Can you get CBD in Sydney?

You can get CBD products in retail and online stores in Sydney and other parts of NSW and Australia. The availability and types of CBD products can differ depending on their source, strength and intended use. Low-strength products are widely available in pharmacies, health stores and cannabis dispensaries in Sydney. High-strength CBD oil requires a prescription from a GP to obtain.

How do I get CBD oil in NSW?

In NSW, CBD oil is available through a few different channels. You can buy high-strength CBD by getting a prescription from your GP. The prescription will be specifically tailored to your health condition and the dosages you’ll correspondingly require. Chemists can sell you low-potency products over the counter without a prescription. These are capped at 150mg of CBD daily and 30 days of doses per product maximum. You can also buy these online and in many health or supplement shops. High-strength CBD oil requires a prescription from a GP to obtain. Similarly, products with THC in quantities over 0.3% can’t be purchased without consulting your doctor for a prescription first. These cannabis medications have a higher risk of side effects, can cause mental illness and are only targeted at certain conditions like chronic pain or migraines.

Can you get CBD over the counter in Sydney?

Yes, CBD oil can be bought in Sydney over-the-counter now in pharmacies. Many chains, such as Chemist Warehouse, will stock it in low-dose formulas to help people with sleep or inflammation. Buying in pharmacies costs more than buying CBD products sourced online, though. Additionally, you can only purchase low-strength CBD over the counter.

Does Chemist Warehouse in Sydney dispense CBD oil?

Chemist Warehouse is a major chain of pharmacies in Sydney. Because it is a franchise, each location is its own business. Not all Chemist Warehouse locations will offer CBD oil or cannabis medicines. These require a specialised license to sell. Many stores opt not to acquire these licenses. This can be due to the cost involved, plus the effort and time investments needed. You’ll need to check with your local chemist on CBD availability and the types of CBD products they specifically offer in Sydney.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a nutrient-rich, healthy-promoting extract that is derived from cannabis sativa. Unlike products containing THC, it isn’t intoxicating and won’t get you high. CBD products are used for many purposes, such as mitigating arthritis, reducing anxiety, or lowering pain. A ‘full-spectrum’ CBD oil is less refined, containing more raw hemp plant matter and nutrients. These nutrients include antioxidants, lignans, terpenes and vitamins. Terpenes are naturally occurring scent chemicals in cannabis that improve the absorption of cannabinoids in the body plus have their own therapeutic benefits. Like cannabinoids, they help improve inflammation, stress and anxiety symptoms.

How does CBD work?

CBD is a cannabinoid which can activate your endocannabinoid system. This natural bodily system is present in all mammals, like humans. Cannabinoids can trigger this system’s CB1 and CB2 receptors, which are enzyme-signalling receptors throughout the body. They can be found in the brain, central nervous system, gut, spleen, and other organs. By activating these receptors, the body produces potent enzymes called endocannabinoids. Endocannabinoids are powerful for health and well-being. They have been shown to have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anxiety-lowering benefits. Plus, they help with mood and promote better sleep depth.