CBD Oil and Gummies Hobart: Best CBD Shops in TAS (Buy Now)

CBD Oil in Hobart

Hobart is the largest city in Tasmania and serves as the state capital, forming a hub for its administrative, artistic and economic activities. It lies between the Derwent River and Hobart Harbour, facing towards the Southern Ocean. Like most Tasmanians, people in the city are healthy and active. They enjoy walking throughout the city’s harbour parks and playing sports like AFL plus soccer. This dynamic and health-focussed lifestyle has driven substantial interest in CBD. Like other health supplements such as fish oil, CBD is an all-natural extract from the hemp plant. It has potent abilities to help improve sleep, reduce pain or inflammation, assist with calmness, and reduce stress. The great news is that it was recently legalised in Australia, including Tasmania. It’s now available in many locations, including pharmacies and online shops. Let’s look at where and how you can buy CBD in Hobart, including different product options and methods to get hold of it.

Why is CBD Oil Popular in Hobart?

Hobart and Tasmania

Individuals in Hobart lead active and healthy lifestyles, which has organically drawn them to CBD over time because of its potent health benefits. Many in Tasmania already use plant-based supplements like Ashwagandha or vegan protein powders. In each case, they want to improve their overall well-being. For example, Ashwagandha is known to help with stress management. CBD plays a similar role in the supplementation regimes of Tasmanians, assisting its users in getting better sleep, recovering with ease, mitigating pain or lowering anxiety.

In particular, CBD is frequently used to help with specific health conditions. For example, it can assist with many types of arthritis because of its analgesic and anti-inflammatory potency. CBD soothes the inflammation caused by arthritis while helping to combat the pain it causes in the nerve paths. It also helps to calm the mind through the brain’s CB1 receptors. Cannabinoids like CBD are known for their ‘anxiolytic’ or anxiety-reducing capabilities, helping to alleviate issues like racing thoughts, chronic stress or feelings of panic. It can even help with gut health, inflammation and more. In addition to CBD, the oil contains an array of healthy nutrients like lignans, gamma linoleic acid and omega-3 fatty acids, which benefit cardiovascular health. It’s also packed with beneficial antioxidants from hemp, like chlorophyll, flavonoids and terpenes, which help protect the cells from aging and damage.

Can I Buy CBD in Hobart and Tasmania?

CBD Products in Tasmania

CBD is legal now in Australia and can easily be purchased in Hobart or Tasmania. This applies whether you live in regional areas like Strahan or cities like Launceston. You have a few options when shopping for CBD products like gummies or oils. One method to explore is buying in retail stores such as health supplement stores, vegan or well-being shops, or pharmacies. Many will stock a comprehensive selection of CBD-infused products at low strength. If you’re looking for something more powerful, such as a high-strength full-spectrum CBD oil, you’ll need to explore obtaining a prescription from your GP.

Is CBD Legal in Tasmania?

In Tasmania, CBD is regulated by the TGA, which controls how different medicines can be supplied to consumers. Historically, most cannabis medicines were entirely illegal and inaccessible, but this has dramatically changed over time because of the potent therapeutic properties these medicines offer. In particular, CBD was recognised for its high levels of safety. Organisations, including the WHO and TGA, cleared it for having low side effect risks, a well-tolerated and non-toxic metabolic profile, plus being entirely non-addictive. Additionally, CBD helps with conditions like arthritis or anxiety in a broad array of people, which resulted in it being fully legalised in 2021. High-strength products, though, contain CBD oils that contain more than 150mg of CBD dose equivalent per day, but they are still restricted.

Where to Buy CBD in Hobart

CBD Gummies in Hobart

Locations to shop for CBD in Hobart are varied. Firstly, you can look at pharmacies that may supply cannabis medicines such as CBD. They’ll need to be part of the Special Access Scheme in Australia and licensed to offer these products. It can be difficult and costly, however, to obtain these licenses for pharmacists, meaning many will opt not to sell CBD. Depending on your location, you may encounter availability problems in Tasmanian pharmacies. Checking with your local pharmacy on CBD stockings is essential. Chemist Warehouse in Hobart often supplies CBD, but supplies can vary.

You may also look at shopping online. CBD stores online are remarkable for their product selection, quality and variety. They are often located overseas, such as in the US, where a more comprehensive array of product types, such as CBD gummies, are available. In Australia, most products are restricted to CBD oil or tinctures because of their more easily controlled and measured dosages. Checking with health supplement stores or vegan shops in Hobart is also a good option, with many providing CBD products or hemp oil. Hemp products are growing in popularity in Tasmania, so if you don’t find them today, it’s a good idea to check in the future as availability increases.

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How Does CBD Work?

CBD works by activating the body’s natural endocannabinoid system, producing potent anti-inflammatory, anxiety-alleviating chemicals called endocannabinoids. The system comprises receptors across the body, known as CB1 and CB2 receptors. They’re present even in areas like the spleen and knee joints. Because of this distribution, it can offer therapeutic and anti-inflammatory effects across the whole body. It is well known by biologists and represents a pathway towards better health for most people. As a support system of the body, the endocannabinoid pathways can help with mood, energy, sleep and more. Even the skin and hair can reap tremendous benefits from the system’s receptors when CBD is applied topically.

Can you get CBD over the counter in Tasmania?

Buying CBD in many stores, including chemists, is possible in Tasmania. Chemists can now supply low-strength CBD for over-the-counter purchases, meaning you don’t need a prescription to buy it. However, the potency of the product has a ceiling of 150mg of CBD per day. High-strength products containing 200mg or more of CBD per day need a prescription from your doctor to purchase. There are also some restrictions around the types of products available to chemists. Primarily, they’re limited to CBD oil and tinctures. Vapes, gummies, edibles and other product forms can only be purchased online.

Will CBD get me high?

CBD is not psychoactive or psychotropic, so it won’t stimulate euphoria or a ‘high’ in the mind when consumed. It isn’t intoxicating and is safe to drive on without causing risks. THC is another cannabinoid from hemp which can cause this, though. If your product contains THC, it has the risk of causing more significant side effects or getting you high. But pure, THC-free CBD products won’t get you high or cause issues with mental health. CBD is very safe and can be used daily. It was cleared by the World Health Organization in 2017 after a broad review to assess its safety profile. They found it had no addictive properties and very minimal side effects. 

How should I take CBD?

CBD has become the go-to supplement in Tasmania for those looking to maximise their performance and can be added to coffee, food and more. We prefer adding CBD to smoothies to boost our daily nutritional balance and gut flora. We’re also significant users of CBD balms or creams, which help keep our skin fresh and rejuvenated daily. Strenuous exercise like this over time can result in degradation of the body and joints, which needs to be offset through stretching and supplementation. Reducing inflammation ensures the body stays in shape and retains joint health. Using CBD cream on the joint is an excellent way to assist with this, helping prevent aches and stiffness. There isn’t a hard and fast ‘best’ way to take CBD. Try a few methods and product types to see what you prefer.

Why would I use CBD?

CBD is renowned for its medicinal effects through the endocannabinoid system, which is present in all mammals. This bodily system has links to the immune system, gut, brain and more. It assists in maintaining homeostasis and well-being. It’s why CBD can assist with reducing inflammation in the joints as well as helping the immune system stay strong. It’s no wonder people from all around Hobart are using it. They’re getting the inflammation reduction, calmness and energy they need to ensure total body health. Plus, full-spectrum CBD oil contains healthy minor cannabinoids like CBN, CBC and CBG, which further assist with problems like anxiety.

What chemist sells CBD oil in Hobart?

You’ll need to check in with your local chemist in Tasmania to see if they offer CBD oil or other products. It’s not available at every single pharmacy in Australia and will vary based on location. Some pharmacies avoid selling CBD because they don’t have the proper licensing or don’t view it as a suitable or profitable medicine offering. Your doctor or GP can also assist you in finding a pharmacy supplier of CBD if you opt for the prescription route to purchase CBD.

Is CBD oil available in Tasmania?

CBD oil can be purchased in Tasmania after the TGA rescheduled it in 2021 and opened availability for over-the-counter purchasing. In addition, it can be prescribed by medical practitioners across Tasmania. Availability can be a challenge in Hobart and Launceston, making online shopping for CBD another option for many. Buying online has some risks, such as fewer protections and controls around product quality, but it enables a more extensive variety of higher-strength CBD oils to be purchased. You’ll need to decide for yourself which method you want to use to shop for CBD.

What nutrition benefits does hemp oil have?

Hemp contains many healthy plant nutrients, also included in its oil. It is rich in Alpha linoleic and gamma linoleic acid, improving brain health and heart longevity. Similarly, it contains rare omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that are antioxidative and reduce inflammation. Further, long-chain fatty acids also assist with heart health and are needed for hormone balance and blood pressure. Try hemp oil today for its excellent mix of terpenes, plant nutrients, fibre, vitamins and minerals that assist with overall health.


Hobart is the largest city in Tasmania and the state capital, known for its active and healthy lifestyle. A growing demand for CBD has been seen amongst health-conscious people seeking to improve their well-being. CBD is a natural extract from the hemp plant and has potent abilities to help improve sleep, reduce pain or inflammation, assist with calmness, and reduce stress. It is frequently used to help with specific health conditions and is legal in Australia, including Tasmania. You can buy CBD in Hobart and Tasmania in retail stores or online. High-strength products containing more than 150mg of CBD dose equivalent per day are still restricted.