Where to Buy CBD in Adelaide: Hemp Oil & Gummies in SA

Where to Buy CBD in Adelaide

Adelaide is the capital of South Australia and is renowned for its vibrant mix of cultural and outdoor activities. South Australians are increasingly becoming well known for their health consciousness with a focus on active living and sports. People in Adelaide love to hike in the Adelaide hills, walk through Adelaide Park Lands or play AFL in one of the city’s many sports fields. With this prioritisation of health, well-being and performance, many Adelaidians look to CBD as a natural support to keep them running at their best. CBD is a natural extract from the hemp plant that can aid with various health areas. Many use it to better manage stress or mental energy, helping them stay productive. For others, its ability to combat arthritis, anxiety, sleep and inflammation aids in mitigating symptoms of common chronic health conditions. Buying CBD in Adelaide is now possible after laws were changed in 2021 to legalise this product. But some restrictions still exist around when and how you can buy CBD, plus the types of products available in South Australia. Let’s look at these so you can stay informed during your purchase experience.

Why Do People in Adelaide Use CBD?

Why People in Adelaide Use CBD

Taking CBD activates your body’s endocannabinoid system and stimulates this system to release potent endocannabinoid compounds. These compounds provide most of the product’s effects, like lowering anxiety or counteracting pain symptoms. Because the endocannabinoid system influences many bodily functions like sleep, immunity, mood, metabolism and memory, the potential benefits of CBD are extensive. Correspondingly, people using CBD in Adelaide take it for many reasons. 

For instance, athletes and sportspeople playing cricket or AFL turn to CBD for its sleep benefits and ability to help with recovery while soothing muscle aches. Office workers find the stress-alleviating and concentration-enhancing properties of the cannabinoids beneficial for day-to-day mental energy. Those who are suffering from conditions such as anxiety or insomnia frequently employ CBD as a countermeasure in mitigating symptoms and helping them with everyday quality of life. It can be used morning, day or night, depending on your needs and how you want to apply it. Many take it before bed to promote sleep length and quality. 

South Australians are known to be big lovers of hiking, cycling and running. Many use CBD to support athletic endeavours and fitness aims. Whether adding it to a morning smoothie or taking a few drops of CBD oil before work, its flexibility is a significant selling point for those busy and short on time. CBD can be a great way to help you calm down and relax after a stressful day. Many use it during the day before stressful meetings or focus-intensive work. In Adelaide, most people already take vitamins or supplements for their daily well-being, such as multivitamins, creatine, ashwagandha or melatonin. CBD is now becoming part of the everyday health regime of many in the city who are already familiar with natural health products and their vast potential to enhance holistic well-being.

Can I Buy CBD in Adelaide and South Australia?

Can I Buy CBD in Adelaide?

There are now several ways to purchase CBD products in Adelaide. The main decision you need to make is whether you want to buy low or high-strength CBD oil. Each has a differing method of access in Australia. Low-strength products don’t need a prescription to purchase, while high-dose formulations will require one. Similarly, any product with more than 0.3% THC needs a medical script to buy. Once you’ve confirmed this, there are a few key places to shop for CBD in Adelaide.

Some people prefer shopping for CBD products in-store because it gives them a more tangible experience. They can see the product visually, review its labelling or packaging, understand its ingredients, and review pricing. Shopping for CBD in person also means you can seek guidance from the store attendant or pharmacist on finding the best product for your needs. You can now shop for CBD in many pharmacies, dispensaries, and specialist hemp stores in Adelaide. 

Buying CBD online in South Australia is another avenue to acquire it. Shopping for CBD from e-commerce retailers is more convenient and often lower in cost, but has higher risks of poor product quality. On the other hand, it enables access to a wider variety of product types and strengths, in addition to buying from overseas stores that can provide high-quality CBD products. Importing from overseas to Adelaide isn’t legal, though, and could mean your product is confiscated, so purchasing domestically is more sensible for most.

Is CBD Legal in South Australia?

In South Australia, CBD has been legal since 2016 as a medicine via prescription. The TGA relaxed laws regarding access to CBD in 2021, allowing individuals to purchase low-strength CBD without a prescription. High-strength products remain more heavily controlled and require sign-off from a GP to acquire. 

For low-strength CBD oil, a maximum of 150mg of equivalent CBD dose is allowed per bottle in addition to a cap of 30 days of doses. In addition, these products can’t contain THC. Under regulation, they must have up to 0.3% concentration of THC, meaning they are derived from industrial hemp plants. You can only buy oil products through this avenue. Other ingestion options like CBD gummies, balms or vapes are not permitted. Low-dose CBD can be purchased in pharmacies, online, and in cannabis dispensaries in South Australia. 

Getting ahold of high-strength CBD oil that is stronger than 150mg of dose per day will mean you need to acquire a prescription from your local doctor. They’ll need to confirm you have tried other treatment options for your condition. This type of CBD can also only be prescribed for a narrow range of specific health problems, which are pre-defined by the TGA. Obtaining medicines with THC follows a similar access approach, with approval from a doctor who has a cannabis medication license as a prerequisite.

Where to Buy CBD in Adelaide

Where to Buy CBD in Adelaide

If you’re seeking CBD oil or other products in Adelaide or South Australia, there are a range of different places you can now buy it. Firstly, pharmacies are a great place to source reputable CBD oil and offer verified, high-quality products that their pharmacists can offer guidance on. If you want a low-strength CBD formulation, you won’t need a prescription to buy from pharmacies over-the-counter. You should be able to find CBD at Chemist Warehouse in Port Adelaide or other nearby locations.

Be aware that many pharmacies won’t offer any form of CBD as they may not be partaking in Australia’s Special Access Scheme for cannabis medications. This is a license needed to sell CBD and other medicines derived from cannabis. It might take some research and searching around your local pharmacies to find one that does stock CBD oil. You can also try other retail stores, such as hemp shops, cannabis dispensaries, or supplement stores in Adelaide. Some top-rated shops to buy CBD in Adelaide are Happy Herbs in the CBD and True Hemp Culture in Port Adelaide. Stores specialising in hemp products are great because of their expertise and comprehensive selection of products. They usually have a more extensive range of CBD products like gummies, balms, capsules, sprays, or edibles. If you can’t find what you want or are looking to shop for less expensive products, buying CBD online might be a better bet. Many online CBD shops will ship directly to addresses in Adelaide. It can help minimise the hassle and stress of retail shopping, plus save you money.


Where to buy CBD in Adelaide?

You have a few different options to buy CBD in Adelaide. Many pharmacies like Chemist Warehouse offer CBD that can be purchased over the counter in low-dose formulations containing 150mg of CBD per day or less. High-strength products require a prescription from your GP to buy. Another option is shopping for CBD in specialty hemp, supplement, or wellness stores. Many like Happy Herbs in Adelaide will stock great CBD products and have the advantage of being specialists with deep product knowledge. Finally, buying CBD online in Australia or overseas shops is a perfect way to benefit from online stores’ cost savings and convenience. Most will ship to your door by express post.

Is CBD oil available over the counter in Adelaide?

Over-the-counter CBD oil can be purchased without a prescription in pharmacies. CBD is categorised as one of these medications in Australia since it was rescheduled in 2021 to improve availability. Check with your local pharmacy whether they stock it, as not all chemists in Adelaide sell CBD. You should also know that high-strength products containing more than 150mg of CBD dose per day are still restricted. Speak to your GP if you desire a higher dosage of CBD per day than what can be bought over the counter.

Does Chemist Warehouse dispense CBD oil?

Many Chemist Warehouse locations stock CBD oil, but not all will. It requires a specialist cannabis medicine license that can be obtained by pharmacies participating in Australia’s Special Access Scheme. Not all pharmacists join in this scheme for a range of reasons. Because Chemist Warehouse is a franchise, each location is an independent business with individual licenses, meaning they won’t all participate.

Is CBD legal in SA?

CBD is legal under certain conditions in South Australia (SA) and the rest of Australia. First, only low-dose CBD can be sold without prescriptions. THC can’t be above 0.3% concentration in any CBD product unless prescribed by a doctor. This limits and controls any potential adverse neurological effects from their consumption. Restrictions also apply to the types of CBD products available. Only CBD oil can be bought in pharmacies and other stores without a prescription. Pharmacies won’t stock products like gummies, creams, CBD edibles or tablets.

Is CBD safe?

CBD is entirely safe and non-addictive. It’s been legal in Australia for many years. Yet only in recent times has availability expanded to non-prescription products. It can now be purchased in pharmacies and other stores without a prescription. But doing so is only possible for low-dose products. High-dose CBD oil requires a script to buy under TGA guidelines.
Notably, CBD has no psychoactive effects. This distinguishes it from THC, which is infamous for the ‘high’ it causes. This distinction is essential as CBD has no risk for those with mental issues, unlike THC. It also means it is safe for those who need to drive or operate machines as it won’t cause you to fail drug tests. Few people experience side effects from using CBD, even when taking high dosages.


People in Adelaide increasingly use CBD as a means to substantially boost their health and help in the management of chronic conditions like anxiety. CBD is a potent but natural hemp extract that can improve mood and mental energy, enhance sleep, mitigate stress, and support pain reduction. Adelaidians take CBD to promote calmness, balance their mental state, lower pain symptoms, reinforce their sleep health and combat inflammation. CBD is legal in South Australia, but some restrictions apply to the types of products available and their strength. You can purchase low-dose CBD products in pharmacies, cannabis dispensaries and other stores in Adelaide without a prescription. But for more powerful CBD oil or products containing THC, a doctor’s approval and script are needed.